The most popular materials for construction and facing steps of the porch

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The steps of the porch are an important part of the entire entrance group of any private house. The steps leading to the house should be beautiful, safe and durable. Our advice site decided to collect for you in one article all the most popular materials with which you can revet the steps of the porch and build them.

Beautiful wooden porch

Entrance lobby made of wood


It can be used for the construction of the entire structure, a great option for the porch of a wooden house. The portal has already provided a photo selection on this topic. In addition, steps created on a metal or concrete frame can be simply finished with a wooden board. Experts call this combination successful. The main thing is that the wood is protected with antiseptics, varnish, because it will be used outdoors. By the way, it is quite simple to repair wooden steps, as well as to replace – an additional plus.

Metal porch

Iron porch


Metal steps are most often made in the form of a mesh. So the garbage will not linger, and it is very difficult to slip. If the metal on the steps is solid, it must be corrugated to minimize the risk of injury. We admit that other parts of the entrance group are usually metal, forged, such as a canopy, railings and stair balusters. But a completely metal staircase to the house also has a right to exist. And will last a very long time.

Clinker porch

Clinker tiles on the porch

Clinker tiles

It can be from 0.9 to 1.3 centimeters thick, of different sizes. The traditional color is red-brown, but clinker tiles can be found in gray, beige, white and black. Beautiful and durable material. For facing the edge of the steps, as in the case of the window sill, a special rounded tile is created..

Porch made of porcelain stoneware

Porch made of porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware (gres tiles)

Gres tile is the second name of porcelain stoneware. This tile is available in thickness from 0.9 to 1.2 centimeters. When buying a set for facing a porch, do not forget about special tiles for risers and treads, corners and baseboards. Usually, the treads are equipped with drips so that water does not flow. Anti-slip grooves along the edges of the steps are also important. A porch made of porcelain stoneware is a great option for both a classic mansion and a modern cottage.

Important! Of course, natural stone – granite and marble – will also be a good and durable material for facing a porch with steps. However, natural stone is always very expensive, so it cannot be called a popular choice..

Decking deck porch

Porch and terrace made of WPC board

Decking, composite board (WPC)

Modern, beautiful, durable and at the same time not too expensive material. We have already written how to build a deck from a decking. For porch steps, composite, corrugated board is ideal.

Concrete porch

Concrete entrance lobby


It’s just that a porch made of unlined concrete is not often left. This material usually serves only as a base, a finishing finish is laid on top, any of the ones listed above. However, if the concrete is coated with a special varnish, the porch and steps will last much longer without repair. And they will look quite presentable, allowing the owners to save on finishing.

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