Architectural supervision of a project in construction – what is it and why is it needed

Architectural supervision of the project in construction

Of course, if we are talking about a typical project of a house found by future owners on the Internet and slightly modified with the help of publicly available free programs, we will not talk about any author’s supervision. The entire implementation of the selected project and communication with contractors falls on the owner.

Architectural supervision is a process when the author of a detailed plan of the future house himself monitors its implementation, controlling all important stages. It is in the interests of the creator, of course, that his project, his brainchild, be implemented as clearly as possible, literally to every line.

Architectural supervision of the project in construction

What includes the field supervision over the implementation of the construction project and home decoration:

  1. Inspection of the construction site. It is needed in order, if necessary, to clarify some details of the project and check the results of the work that has begun. The number of scheduled visits can be agreed upon by an agreement between the owner and the project developer.
  2. Random check of the quality of the work performed. It is clear that the architect, unlike the workers, will not be on the construction site all the time. However, he can come to check the quality of the foundation, inspect the layout, the location of the rooms, the width of the doorways, and make sure that the walls are insulated according to the project. In fact, after each stage of construction work, the project creator must accept them, check compliance with the plan.
  3. Checking the selected materials. For example, the designer has foreseen that the “hog” tile will be laid on the kitchen apron. The owners strongly supported this idea. However, the contractors did not buy the necessary material, they are not available, the price is too expensive – the reasons may be different. In this case, it is the author of the project that either helps to find the desired type of finish, or promptly makes changes to the project, replacing the tile with another option..
  4. Checking materials can be replaced by purchasing them. A designer or an architect, not trusting either the owner or the contractor, finds the right tile, paint of the required shade, specific wallpaper and flooring. The author of the project will never follow the lead of the seller, who assures that this paint is of the same quality and color as necessary.
  5. Checking the correctness of the laying of communications and the location of such important elements as sockets and switches.
  6. Making ongoing changes to the project, which may be related to the changed preferences of the owner, who also visited the construction site, the lack of the necessary materials, financial situation, and so on.
  7. Consulting the construction team on all issues, resolving possible disputes in the process of building a house.
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Architectural supervision of the project in construction

We admit that in our country homeowners refuse designer supervision quite often. It seems to them that if the project meets all the basic principles of rational house planning, is spelled out in detail and carefully, there will be no problems with implementation..

In fact, the human factor comes into play here. The selected construction team can take the submitted project simply as a rough guide to action and move along the “path of least resistance” in the process. Negligence, the desire to finish the construction as soon as possible and get paid, the lack of desire to search for this particular insulation – such moments are not uncommon, they can eventually change the project beyond recognition.

Architectural supervision of the project in construction

Realizing the risks of inaccurate project implementation, many designers and architects initially insist on architectural supervision..

Important! When contacting an architectural or design bureau, immediately clarify whether their contract for the provision of design services includes architectural supervision. Often this is a prerequisite that affects the cost of the order..

It is, of course, for the future homeowner himself to decide whether he needs architectural supervision. It should be understood that control by the author of the project will save you from many worries. You don’t have to visit the construction site every day, control all stages, run through furniture stores in search of the right sofa or special wallpaper for the nursery. You will have a guarantee that the project agreed with you will also be clearly implemented, in all details and the smallest nuances.

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Architectural supervision of the project in construction

Let us state that architectural supervision acts as a guarantee that your project will be implemented with maximum accuracy, and, if necessary, will be promptly changed. In the absence of oversight by the author, a situation may arise where the result is disappointing. However, many scrupulous and meticulous homeowners who have a lot of time can follow the construction process as carefully, albeit less professionally, as the architect himself..

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