Attic– a room under the roof, or, simply, an attic. Such rooms, due to their unusual shape, repeating the shape of the roof, have a certain aura of romance that attracts creative personalities, or children who love everything non-standard and unusual..

Arrangement of the atticcan, of course, be produced in an already finished house, but it is better to put this into the project, because there are several important points here. So, for example, attics can fully correspond to the size of the house, or they can go beyond its boundaries. This is achieved by removing the attic room, which is supported on a beam, brought out of the ceiling, or on additional supports in the form of columns and walls. The silhouette of the attic can be triangular or broken, symmetrical or not, occupy the entire width of the house or only half of it. To prevent the attic from “pressing” on your shoulders, the ceiling height in the highest place should reach two and a half meters. The walls of the attic can be inclined or straight, depending on your desire, but we must not forget that in the first case, the furniture will have to be made to order. If the attic is included in the project of the house, then they do not suit it right away, but give the foundation and walls time to settle. The only work that is done in the attic at this stage is waterproofing. The style of the attic should match the overall style of your home, the same goes for the materials used in the decoration..

It is believed that the attic is the most illuminated place in the house. For this to correspond to reality, it is necessary to correctly calculate the lighting. For this calculation, the ratio of the glazing area to the attic floor area is taken into account. It should be remembered that a person sitting in this room must see through an open window at least fifteen percent of what is behind it. The most important thing in lighting an attic is, of course, the window, which can be located at the end or directly in the roof. The second allows you to let in much more light than the first, but when installing it, it is worth remembering the mandatory protection from the sun, which can be achieved with the help of blinds or curtains. The window area must be at least ten percent of the total attic area. It is advisable to make windows for attics on factory equipment, since they are much more susceptible to external factors due to their non-standard shape, especially stringent requirements are imposed on their tightness. Dormers are produced in standard sizes, but they are not made to order. To determine the required window size, take into account the slope of the roof – the smaller it is, the higher the window you need.

The height of the window should provide a good view of both seated and standing persons. The rafters should be at least five centimeters wider than the window frame. For the manufacture of skylights, wood is usually used – the strong structure of wood provides good thermal insulation, and the style, you see, is in perfect harmony with the spirit of romanticism. Usually, glued pine is used for the manufacture of wooden frames, which is covered with a special protective compound. Outside, the window elements are protected by an aluminum profile with a special coating that protects it from the external environment. All external trims must match perfectly with the roof covering. To facilitate the task of selecting such elements, the industry produces lining of painted aluminum, which can be matched to the color with maximum accuracy. The exception is the copper roof, to which copper linings are produced.

Attic– an ideal place for work, rest and privacy. By equipping such a corner in your home, you will provide yourself and your family with additional space, which you will definitely find use..

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