How to assemble a log house

Log house – this is a spatial supporting structure from stacked “crowns”. The crown, in turn, is a rectangular (sometimes not a right angle for laying logs is used) structure, consisting of perpendicularly laid logs and fastened together by so-called “lock joints”.

This article is about the construction of log walls and is intended for people who are interested in wood construction. This part of it is devoted to log cabins and wooden houses built during the construction of walls from logs. Let’s make a reservation right away. Now there are 2 main types of log house construction. The meaning of these directions is a different approach to the preparation and stacking of logs. Next, you will find out how exactly the technological cycle of these two areas differs, what are the features in the approach to design and what should be the actions of a potential customer when choosing one or another technology for building a log house.

The first and mandatory is to carefully study the material on the construction of your chosen technology. If you correctly set the tasks for the design and construction of the house, then later there will be no reason to regret the steps not taken or the wrong decisions. Home is a serious matter. Here we will talk about the thickness of the walls, design features, the choice of material and give a lot of advice, providing them with beautiful illustrations..

So, 2 approaches, 2 technologies for manufacturing and assembling log cabins: a classic log house and modern technologies, manufacturing log cabins from rounded logs.

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Walls start to be cut from freshly cut logs, having a humidity of 85-90%. Such logs are easier to handle and less prone to deformation in the assembled state when shrinking. It must also be remembered that logs dried up to 15% moisture reduce their size longitudinally by 0.1%, transversely by 3-6%.

To reduce shrinkage cracks, an artificial crack is cut from the lower side of the log..
During shrinkage and operation, the walls of log houses shrink 1:20 – 1:30 from the initial height of the log house. Therefore, when cutting a wooden blockhouse above the window and door frames, gaps of 10 cm are left.
The seams between the logs are caulked 2 times. First time after building a house. The second one after one – one and a half.

Logs for log cabins should be 20 to 26 cm in diameter. They are cut from the bottom by one edging. In order for the log to fit tightly and stably on the foundation, the width of the lower edging should be at least 15 cm. The first crown is laid in a level, all subsequent ones are laid in a groove that is chosen from the lower side of each log. For insulation, thermal insulation is placed in the grooves: tow, felt, dry moss.

Wall cutting begins with the laying of the first (flap) crown of the thickest logs, hewn into 2 edges: one from the bottom side, the other from the inside. The logs on the transverse and longitudinal walls are displaced relative to each other by half their height, and the first crown on the opposite walls is laid on backing boards or on a base of different height.

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