Porch of a wooden house: photo selection

A simple but cute option for building a porch. Note how conveniently the steps are carved and the railings are perfectly combined with the log walls. To add shine and prolong the life, the tree should be opened with varnish for outdoor use..

The wood goes well with forged elements, and the railings can be placed against the wall so that the passage to the door is wider and more convenient.

Steps made of halves of a log are an excellent option for a log house. Note that there are notches on the edge of the steps to prevent slipping on the sanded wood..

You can create amazing creations with wood carving. This porch has become a real exhibition of the master’s work, immediately attracting attention with original details.

Even ordinary branches, rather thick rods, can be used as balusters on a wooden porch. Natural curves, uncovered wood texture in themselves will become a decoration of the stairs.

The porch always has a practical function, providing a convenient entrance to the house, becoming a place where you can leave shoes and various things needed on the farm. In this case, the porch also became a small open terrace..

Decking board, decking is a modern, practical and durable material for building a porch into a house. Externally, the WPC board is similar to wood, therefore it is combined with the facade finish.

On a wide, spacious porch-terrace, it is advisable to equip two stairs so that you can climb from both sides. We also note the balusters-branches, which have become a very original detail..

When building the porch of a wooden house, one should not forget about such an important detail as a visor. It is usually made from the same material as the roof, however there are many options..

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The owners of this house preferred to install a reliable metal door, but made sure that its color was as close as possible to the light shade of the wood. So the door is less knocked out of the overall harmonious wooden ensemble of the porch.

In such a fabulous mansion-house, the porch should match it – with openwork carved details, log railings and steps.

A pergola over a wooden porch is a good solution. Such a canopy looks easy and attractive, although it will not protect it from rain.

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