The most secluded homes on earth

House in the mountains of Austria

This small log house acts as a winter house and is located not so far from the noisy European cities – in Austria, in the mountainous region of Kaprun. It is almost impossible to get here during snowfalls, but what nature is around!

Holiday home

And this is Russia, Karelia. The house is intended for a secluded holiday surrounded by nature, located 48 kilometers from Petrozavodsk, not far from the village of Konchezero. The house, despite its seclusion, has everything for a comfortable stay.

House on Vestmannaeyar Island

Vestmannaeyar Island, Iceland

Vestmannaeyar Island, Iceland. Probably the most remote house on Earth from civilization, the only one on its island. No roads, no people, just the sound of the ocean. This house now attracts fans of “green tourism” who want to get away from the city stress and bustle as much as possible..

Lonely hut in Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Even in densely populated Germany, you can find a corner ideal for introverts who avoid communication. Note the unusual architecture of this lodge in Oberwiesenthal. He’s not just solitary, he’s also very original.

House located in Holiday Park Zelenkovac, Bosnia

Bosnia, Zelenkovac. The house is simply lost among a dense forest, hiding from prying eyes behind centuries-old trees. The building is fully consistent with such an environment – rather gloomy, old, wooden, but quite suitable for life.

Tintaldra, Australia

In Australia, with its uninhabited spaces, there are many houses, whose residents can only reach their neighbors by car. This is Tintaldra, a small house in the middle of a desert area and also has original architecture..

Secluded lodge in Kulusuk, East Greenland

Eastern part of Greenland, Kulusuk. Imagine that from the window of your house you can observe not passing cars, but floating icebergs. By the way, Kulusuk is not at all a gloomy “hole”, 310 people live here and there is even an international airport that receives tourists, on which the economy of the village largely depends..

Just Room Enough Island in Canada, the size of a house

These are 1000 islands in Canada. There are a lot of small private buildings, which are located like this – on a separate island.

Small house on a tiny island, Canada

Another example of a Canadian house on a tiny island. Such houses are often used for the purpose of renting them out to tourists, in the summer, as a place of rest, for fishing. But there are buildings that are inhabited all year round.

House among tea plantations in India

House in Munnar, India. The region is a popular tourist destination with tea plantations growing on the slopes. Such houses surrounded by trees are not uncommon in Munnar..

Lonely house on the river in Tara National Park, Serbia

Serbia, Tara National Park, an island in the middle of the Drina River. The house is tiny, but very popular among tourists. After the journalists first showed pictures of an unusual structure, miraculously entrenched on a rock, a real pilgrimage began to him. We are sure that the owners did not crave such popularity at all, because the house is clearly designed for secluded living.

Lake Eribole Cottage, Scottish Highlands

The harsh nature of the Scottish Highlands can be beautiful too. Like this secluded stone house on the shores of Lake Eribol.

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