8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope

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In this article, we will offer you ideas to help you equip a site that has a noticeable slope. We hope that our tips will help you turn the presence of a slope from a disadvantage into an advantage of the site, its zest and the most noticeable element of landscape design..

Usually flat relief is positioned as the main advantage of the local area. In fact, on such an allotment it is easier to carry out construction, carry out the arrangement of landscape design, you can choose any project you like.

However, if your piece of land has a noticeable slope, you should not give up and assume that nothing can be done about it. There are several options for turning the slope into the most beautiful piece of clothing. The most interesting of them we will offer you in this article..

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope When equipping a site with a slope, one should not forget about convenient travel routes. If the slope is very noticeable, of course, you cannot do without ladders and steps

1. Deck

Above the slope, you can build a real deck with decking. This deck will offer a beautiful view, and the deck itself will be an ideal place to relax in the fresh air. Most often, such sites are set up near the house, however, they can be built in any part of the garden that differs in slope..

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope The deck can be supported by pillars or a solid concrete foundation. A terrace board is used, which perfectly withstands all temperature changes and is not afraid of moisture

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope The deck overlooking the site will of course be fitted with garden furniture to transform the outdoor area into a cozy outdoor dining area for family dinners.

2. Alpine slide

This element of landscape design traditionally rises above the site, and when arranging an alpine slide, you usually have to make an embankment. So why not use the natural slope, which will be the ideal location for such a “stone flower bed”.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope To create an alpine slide, flowers are used that feel good on rocky soil and slopes, and strengthen the earth. This arrangement will emphasize the “rocky flowerbed”, highlighting it from the surrounding space

3. Terracing

Have you ever seen paddy fields located on the slopes on separate steps? The same method can be used in the country. Experts advise to create three or four terraces on sites with a height difference of about three meters. For their arrangement, retaining walls made of concrete, reinforced mesh, stones or boards are used..

Each such terrace can have its own function – on one there will be beds with vegetables, on the second – shrubs, on the third – a flower bed. These will be distinct separate zones with their own boundaries, united, for example, by an inclined path, stone or wooden steps. Terracing is done across the slope.

The disadvantage of terracing is that the retaining walls themselves will take up a lot of space, so there will be less land left for flower beds and beds..

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Experts advise building the outer side of each terrace with a slope towards the slope in order to ensure a natural flow of water during heavy rains.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Metal plates can also serve as retaining walls. In this case, professionals advise adding natural materials and elements, for example, large boulders, which will soften the coldness of the metal.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Gabions can be used as a retaining wall in an area with a slope

4. Stream and waterfall

If your site has a slope, this is a great opportunity to create an artificial stream or waterfall. To do this, you do not have to equip the embankment and worry about the flow of water, everything will happen naturally. The water cascade can also decorate the retaining wall supporting one of the terraces.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope The slope is already there, it remains to take care of the bed of the future stream and think exactly where your future river will flow

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope A cascade stream on a slope, surrounded by lush thickets of juniper, looks very natural, it seems created by nature itself

5. Vertical garden

On a slope site, the most visible part will, of course, be the top wall or fence. Special attention should be paid to its design, for example, to create a beautiful vertical garden..

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Along the most noticeable, located at the top of the site wall, you can arrange tall plants in flowerpots or pots. You can use vertical gardening techniques on the wall itself. Climbing plants such as maiden grapes, honeysuckle, ivy or vici grapes are ideal

6. Observation deck with a bench

A slope site usually does not offer a place to rest – only terraces and connecting paths with steps. Select one terrace for a small seating area – plant a tree there, and install a bench in its shade. You will end up with a beautiful observation deck, where it will be so nice to sit with a book or just admire your lush garden. Of course, for arranging the viewing area, it is better to choose one of the upper terraces to provide a beautiful view..

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Find a place on the site for a sofa swing or an ordinary bench and you will get an excellent relaxation corner with a view of the entire lower part of the site

7. Ornamental garden

A plot, even with a strong slope, is not a reason to give up growing herbs, spices and vegetables. True, you will have to take additional care of the arrangement of the beds. High beds in special flowerpots are perfect.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope This site has a strong slope, but this did not prevent the owners from equipping a vegetable garden, which looks attractive and will bring a good harvest.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope In the cramped space between the two retaining walls made of stone, in any case, there will be enough space for cabbage and greenery

8. “Wild” slope

It is not at all necessary to bring your site with a strong slope in perfect order. It is quite possible to leave it in its natural state, providing only a convenient descent and ascent in the form of steps or stairs. And on the sides of the path, let such plants that do not require constant care grow, such as crocuses, botanical tulips, mint and lemon balm, bells, St. John’s wort, Ayuga.

By the way, all ground cover plants perfectly strengthen the slopes. In addition, for this purpose, you can plant sea buckthorn, brooms, rose hips, lilacs, cotoneaster, Japanese quince – all these shrubs do not require special care and feel great on an inclined surface, holding the soil with their roots.

8 ideas for decorating a plot with a slope Who said that a site on a slope must be decorated with regular flower beds with their clear boundaries, have a “sleek” civilized look? Are natural slopes with their wildflowers and shrubs less attractive??

In conclusion, we note that landscape design specialists are confident that it is easier to arrange a plot with a slope when the house is on a hill. However, if there is no other way out and the cottage had to be located at the very bottom of the slope, do not despair – many of our tips can be used for such a location, which is considered the most unprofitable.

In general, many professionals are convinced that even terrain is too boring, but the natural slope can be used “to the fullest”, turning it into an unusually beautiful place. Try it, perhaps after the completion of the work, you will also be convinced of their correctness!

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