9 ideas for arranging a children’s area in the garden

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In this article, we will offer ideas that will allow you to equip a children’s area in your garden or on a house plot, in which your child will be happy to spend time in the warm season, play, chat with friends and be creative..

On the eve of the warm season, all parents begin to think about how exactly their child will spend the holidays. It is clear that sitting at home when the sun is shining outside and young grass is already breaking through is simply stupid. But try to tear your child away from the computer or tablet! The situation when you have to literally kick a child out into the street is now familiar to many parents. For your young “computer genius” to want to leave the house himself, he should be interested, that is, create an unusual corner where he will be interested.

If you are the happy owner of a private house with a plot of land, we offer you some ideas that will allow you to create a children’s area for play, creativity and communication. We have already written about how to choose a playground for a summer residence, so here you will not find banal proposals to build a sandbox or buy a ready-made slide.

We will not talk in detail about the independent creation of game shells – we think you have already considered all such options. We tried to collect more original ideas for arranging a children’s area, which will not require significant investments – just a little imagination and attention to the needs of your child.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Of course, you can not waste time and effort and just buy such a children’s play complex. But, firstly, this is an option for the smallest, and secondly, it can quickly bore a child. We want to develop his creativity and imagination, right? So let your children’s corner be original!

Young Artist’s Corner

All kids adore drawing with chalk. But not all parents are ready to allow this in an apartment or house. Place or hang a regular chalkboard or plexiglass board on the site – let your child draw with crayons for fun. Alternatively, a flat garage wall or a concrete fence can become such an easel. You can also asphalt a piece of the yard. From the point of view of drawing classics, paving slabs are not a very suitable option. By the way, you can simply wash off such drawings with a hose. Convenient, isn’t it?

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the gardenIt is very convenient to draw with crayons on such a board. Believe me, this is much more exciting activity than going down the hill for the 20th time. And such a corner of the artist will take up little space.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Drawing on the pavement is much more convenient than painting on paving slabs. Let at least one corner of your yard be covered


The backyard pool is not an option for everyone. Moreover, we are considering the possibility not to plunge into a hot day, but to entertain the child, moreover, very desirable, without the participation of adults. In this case, it is a small, shallow stream on the site that will be the best option. Here it will be possible to launch ships or chips, throw stones, build crossings – but you never know what to do! It is better to cover the banks of such a man-made stream with pebbles – here’s another entertainment for you.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden The stream can be like this – clearly created by the hands of a landscape designer, with rapids and a waterfall

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Or like that – with overgrown banks and comfortable flat pebbles

Watching running water is an exciting activity in itself. The main thing is that the stream is shallow enough, and the banks are as safe as possible for the child.

Toy car track

If your family has boys, then the house is definitely full of cars. Why not transfer at least some of this wealth to the streets in the spring! You just have to provide the toy transport with an appropriate “junction”. Narrow tile or concrete paths are fine. Let the track lead nowhere, but be a ring road that surrounds a football lawn, a swing, or the whole house. You can also build a real track with well-cut planks, with ascents, obstacles and parking..

In general, in this case, you should approach the arrangement of paths not from the point of view of landscape design, but convenience and safety for children.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden This section, thanks to an extensive network of tracks, has turned into a large racing track. Here you can also ride a tricycle, and there is a place to ride cars, and arrange a real competition with friends

Hut or wigwam

One of the favorite activities for children is building houses. In the conditions of an apartment, sofa cushions and structures from chairs and sheets are easily transformed into huts. On the street, you will have to provide children with building materials and allocate a place for a hut, for example, under a tree or pergola. Or maybe you will teach your child to build a real wigwam from thin poles, boards and an old bedspread? Then let them rebuild themselves, embodying any projects, equipping and decorating the “interior”.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden In this case, the hut turned out to be stationary. Such a frame can be covered with branches.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden How much does it take to build a hut on the site – a large blanket, rope and pegs to secure the edges

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden The beauty of such wigwams is that they can be built very quickly, anywhere on the site, at absolutely no cost, and they will bring much more joy to the child than a purchased plastic house

Tree house

This, of course, is no longer a hut, the child himself will not be able to build such a structure among the branches. Dad will have to get out the hammer and nails, stock up on boards and take care of a reliable ladder. But how much pride your children will have – we have a real tree house! We have already talked about how to build a tree house with your own hands..

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden To build such a tree house, of course, will take a lot of effort. But joint work “on the project” will already bring a lot of joy to your children, and the “airy” house will become their favorite place to play

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden What will your tree house be like – a fabulous “hut on chicken legs”, an ordinary hut, a cozy nest or just such a nice dwelling with a real balcony – it’s up to you. The main thing is that the house is safe

Lawn for playing football, basketball or just running barefoot

If you want your child to move more and spend time actively, be sure to allocate a place on the site where flowers or vegetables will not grow, but a comfortable green lawn will appear. Here it will be possible to install a football goal (or at least indicate its presence using a structure made of sticks), hang a basketball basket and set up a bench for spectators. Even if your child is not fond of football, just the opportunity to run for pleasure barefoot on soft grass is not enough!

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden The desire of the owners of the site to use the territory to the maximum is understandable – to plant it with beds, fruit trees, to break flower beds. But your children are unlikely to appreciate all this beauty if they do not have a place to just run with the ball and literally stand on their heads!

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden How do you like this option – an inflatable football field? Installed in just a few minutes, dimensions – 620×366 cm, gate – 71 cm, costs about $ 60

7. Obstacle course – hemp

If you got rid of a large tree that occupied a solid piece of the site, do not rush to turn the remaining logs and hemp into firewood for the fireplace. From such stumps, you can build a real obstacle course, turn a large block into a table, and smaller round blocks into chairs. Stumps can be painted and turned into one of the site decorations.

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Do you want to raise your child as a real master? A hammer, nails and a suitable stump will allow him to practice, of course, at first, under the supervision of his parents

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Three in one – and a sandbox fence, a comfortable seating position, and a real “springboard” for jumping on stumps

Outdoor creativity table under a canopy

On warm May days, even lessons can be done outdoors. You will need a comfortable table and bench, preferably set in a shady corner. If you have not found such a place on the site, you will have to take care of the presence of an awning or a simple beach umbrella for protection from the sun. And in summer, your children can draw here, play with the constructor, chat with friends or have breakfast in the fresh air..

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Recently, such sensory tables have been very popular, while sitting at which a child can play with water, sand, small objects, draw, etc. Experts in early development are confident that this improves fine motor skills and helps babies to acquire new skills

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden Such a game table in the form of a pirate ship costs about 6 thousand rubles. Of course, you can save money and build a children’s table with benches with your own hands.

Campfire site – scout camp

Admit it honestly, did you like to burn bonfires as a child? We are sure that you never missed such an opportunity, of course, if your parents allowed it. So why not set up a real scout camp on the site, with a mandatory campfire site. Just lay out the area under the fireplace with boulders and prepare firewood so that the children can arrange a real party for themselves in the evening – bake potatoes or fry sausages. Of course, such activities should be monitored and made the campfire as safe as possible for children..

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden In such a corner of the site, not only children, but also adults will be happy to spend time. Admiring the play of flames on a warm summer evening – what could be more pleasant!

9 ideas for arranging a children's area in the garden A real relaxation area with a metal structure for a fire, comfortable benches with soft bedding and a picnic table. Garlands of lamps and bright flags complement the landscape design

Think of yourself as a child, or just imagine in the place of your child. This will help you choose the idea for arranging a children’s area that is most suitable for your racer, young fairy, pioneer, sailor, builder, artist, football player or Robinson..

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