All ways to get rid of mosquitoes on the site

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As soon as it gets warm outside, they appear – mosquitoes squeaking bloodsuckers. And if in the house you can fight them by simply installing mosquito nets on all doors and windows, then the problem is acute on the site. Our site of tips has studied all the ways to combat mosquitoes in the country and in the garden.

Mosquitoes on the site

Method one – folk

The easiest and most affordable option for all summer residents. The portal has already written which plants scare away harmful insects, including mosquitoes. Plant them near your home and seating area. Among such useful plants are garden lilacs, mint and lemon balm, basil, rosemary, indoor geranium, which can and should be taken outside in summer. Juniper twigs, lemon, vinegar, cinnamon, vanilla, eucalyptus oil also help.

What do all these folk remedies for mosquitoes have in common? Strong, pronounced aroma. It simply masks the smell of a person and insects do not notice it..

Lavender at the site repels mosquitoes

A plus– cheap, affordable, safe, no chemicals.

Minus– for a long time, all these folk remedies will not scare away mosquitoes. They will still remain somewhere nearby and in about half an hour they will be able to find their victim – a human.

Method two – repellents

They are presented in huge quantities in stores, the price is affordable. Sold in the form of a spray, gel, aerosol, cream, which must be applied to the skin not covered with clothing. The vast majority of mosquito repellents contain DEET, that is, diethyltoluamide, which at the same time discourages mosquitoes from smelling, because of which they cannot find a victim, and scares them away from humans.

Mosquito repellent spray

pros– easy to buy, generally available. Validity period – two to three hours.

Minus– mosquitoes, again, will remain and will wait until the repellant stops acting to pounce on a person. In addition, this is chemistry, can cause allergies, penetrates the body through the skin, you need to buy special products for children and prevent them from getting on the mucous membranes.

Method three – scarers, fumigators

Devices that repel mosquitoes with an insecticide, most commonly alletrin. You insert a bottle of liquid or a plate into the fumigator, the device heats up, the insecticide begins to evaporate. Everything is simple and affordable. Repellers can operate from the mains, batteries, rechargeable batteries and even a portable gas canister. For the street, of course, you should choose a device that does not need to be connected to the network.

Mosquito fumigators

pros– for people and animals, the concentration of the insecticide is safe, it repels only insects. The range is up to 5 meters, that is, you can turn on the device on the terrace and sit quietly with your family in the fresh air. Validity period – as long as the device is turned on, the plate or liquid from the bottle evaporates.

Minuses– all the insecticide from the plate or bottle evaporated, the fumigator was turned off – the mosquitoes immediately returned, hungry and angry. However, all the same, such repellents are much more effective than folk remedies and repellents..

Important! The effectiveness of ultrasonic mosquito repellents has not been scientifically proven. In addition, such devices can negatively affect pets..

Method four – treatment of the site with insecticides

This is already a cardinal method! You need to order the service of specialists who will come with protective suits and special equipment. First of all, areas where mosquitoes breed, such as pipes, ditches, water reservoirs, are treated. Then the whole site.

Professional treatment of the site from mosquitoes

pros– the method is effective, the mosquito population on the site will be destroyed.

Minuses– the service costs significantly more than buying a fumigator. But this is not the most important thing – treating the site with insecticides will disrupt the natural balance, destroy beneficial insects, and can negatively affect the health of pets.

Important! Some people think that UV lamps on the site will help get rid of mosquitoes. Allegedly, insects fly into the light and die from a weak electric shock, safe for humans. In fact, mosquitoes are not attracted by the light; they fly towards the smell of human sweat. So the UV lamp is beautiful, but useless against mosquitoes.

Method five – mosquito killers

Real killers of harmful insects. Such devices can operate on conventional gas from cylinders – propane, or use carbon dioxide traps. The second type of devices will have to be connected to the mains, and if insects hit, a quiet crackling will be constantly heard. Therefore, propane mosquito killers are in great demand, because the cylinder is then easy to fill and there is no unpleasant crackle.

Carbon dioxide mosquito killer

The exterminators attract mosquitoes with light, warmth, and simulated sweat odors. The insect is sure that there is a man in front of him and confidently flies into the trap, instantly dying there.

Electric mosquito exterminator

pros– a very effective way to completely get rid of mosquitoes, safe for humans and pets. The range is 50 acres, that is, a large area is protected. The device is able to work without interruptions, a cylinder of carbon dioxide or propane will definitely be enough for the entire summer season.

Minus– price. Mosquito killers cost from 40 to 100 thousand rubles, which is not affordable for all site owners.

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