“ALUTECH”: how to choose roller shutters for windows for home and summer cottages

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Today in our review we will focus on peace, tranquility and comfort. In order to bring these three components into daily life, it is often necessary to think about additional safety barriers. We will tell you about the benefits of installing roller shutters and how to choose the system that suits you..

Alutech: how to choose window shutters for home and summer cottages


In modern design and construction practice, roller shutters are gradually becoming an everyday attribute of various types of residential buildings. Competent designers understand that a product that has a whole set of positive properties for a very reasonable price is guaranteed to bring benefits to the customer. Why exactly ALUTECH?

There are two main arguments: more than 20 years of experience in the production of roller shutter systems and the status of a leader in the CIS market and a leading supplier in Western Europe. It is impossible to maintain such a strong position without adequate product quality. But it is the quality factor and durability of roller shutters that determine the feasibility of their acquisition..

Outdoor roller shutters

For this reason, the choice of roller shutters should start with the manufacturer, which not only inspires complete confidence, but is also able to offer the best price-quality ratio. If ALUTECH products are selected, the customer receives not only the entire presented model range, but also the services of measurers, consultants and managers for individual orders.

In the spirit of the energy-saving era

Heating bills in winter and air conditioning in summer are growing from year to year. Modern building insulation systems are very well developed, but windows still remain a gap in thermal protection: up to 25% of heat loss occurs through them. The best that the PVC window industry can offer in this regard is insulating glass units with selective glass and inert gas filling. However, the cost of such a window will be 1.5-1.7 times more expensive than usual.

The price difference between a specialized energy-saving window and a conventional plastic window is comparable to the cost of roller shutters of the same size. In this case, the effect of an additional external barrier will be higher, at least due to the possibility of free regulation of the room illumination by sunlight. For example, open roller shutters on a winter day allow maximum solar energy into the house, and when closed, they reliably prevent heat loss through the windows..

Energy efficiency roller shutters - savings on heating

You can independently verify the energy efficiency of ALUTECH roller shutters by familiarizing yourself with the convenient energy saving calculator on the ALUTECH website. The real economic benefit from using roller shutters is expressed in figures from 1,000 kWh for a house with a total glazing area of ​​15 m2 provided that there are two-chamber energy-saving windows in the openings. For ordinary double-glazed windows, this figure will be almost three times higher – the payback of roller shutters will not keep you waiting.

Energy saving calculator

Roller shutters – confident rebuff to squall wind

Modern roller shutters must not only protect windows from impacts, but also be stable enough to withstand wind loads. This is especially true for buildings located in the coastal strip and the Far Eastern regions..

Map of wind regions SNIP 2.01.7 Classes of resistance to wind loads

According to SNIP 2.01.07, seven wind regions with a maximum air speed of 17 to 38 m / s can be distinguished on the territory of Russia. Roller shutters have a high wind capacity, and the discrepancy between their structural strength and wind loads can make the product not only useless, but even dangerous to life and health. Therefore, to use ALUTECH roller shutters in different climatic conditions, the manufacturer determines not only the required profile rigidity, but also the permissible opening dimensions for each type of roller shutter.

Roller shutter test bench

The ALUTECH product range includes 15 types of roller shutter profiles, each of which is designed for a certain wind load within the permissible width of the overlapping opening. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a system whose strength and reliability characteristics will optimally correspond to the conditions of future operation..

You will not have to study the regulatory documentation on your own: it is enough to indicate the location of the object and the dimensions of the openings, after which the company’s consultants will offer the best option for the profile. Compliance of ALUTECH products with the required wind resistance is confirmed by special tests: the manufacturer has its own test bench (the only one in the CIS), on which each type of roller shutter system is tested for wind resistance at different blade widths and wind strength.

Comfort in the details

The choice in favor of using roller shutters is largely determined by their manufacturability, ease of use and thoughtfulness of the design from the point of view of the life of the residents. It would seem that the issue of comfortable operation of roller shutters has long been resolved, but a good manufacturer always has something to say in this regard..

Roller shutters with electric drive

The problem of joint use of roller shutters and mosquito nets, which are traditionally equipped with most plastic windows, remained unresolved for a long time. In addition to the fact that the window with the grid and roller shutters looks quite cumbersome, there were difficulties with installing the grid for the summer and removing it with the arrival of cold weather.

Anti-mosquito systems

One of ALUTECH’s developments is the PC + AMC system, which combines both a roller shutter and an insect screen that can be quickly raised or lowered. The implementation of such a solution became possible thanks to the modernization of the roller shutter design: the rail has two guide grooves, and an additional one is installed next to the main shaft, onto which the netting is wound. At the same time, the dimensions and appearance of the box and the guide system remained the same.

Roller shutter system with mosquito net

The mosquito net can be installed in openings up to 1.6 and up to 2.2 meters high, depending on the shaft size. The actuation mechanism is manual, while the installation of the grid practically does not affect the possibility of using one or another roller shutter control system. The key benefit of a roll-up mosquito net is that it has no gaps or gaps, while conventional insect protection for plastic windows has only four attachment points and does not fit snugly in the middle of the frame..

Guaranteed aesthetics

Today, almost every developer has access to a full range of materials and technologies for facade finishing. Therefore, the appearance of a private house can vary from pretentious pompous to discreet minimalism. It is not surprising that roller shutter customers are so worried about maintaining the harmony and aesthetics of their facades..

Roller shutters Alutech

Concerns in this regard are absolutely in vain: you can be sure that ALUTECH roller shutters will successfully fit into the architectural appearance of your house. This is possible thanks to a wide palette of colors and a variety of protective boxes (round, semicircular, 20- and 45-degree, built-in), which not only organically complement the building, but also make its facade more original.

Roller shutters Alutech

The final chord in the unique decorative design will be played by the exclusive colors of the ALUTECH roller shutter systems. You can choose from over 30 different colors (from soft pastels to provocatively bright), or combine them into combinations that suit you best. It is important that the color of the curtain is carefully duplicated in other structural elements of the roller shutter: protective box, guide rails, end profiles – nothing will disturb the harmony of style.

At the same time, you can be sure that ALUTECH roller shutters will continue to delight the eye with their pristine colors even after many years. Roller shutters “ALUTECH” retain their color in the sun and do not deform due to temperature and humidity changes. Moreover, they work reliably in coastal areas, regardless of salt and air humidity. This fact was confirmed by special tests for the durability of the paint coating and the corresponding quality certificates – Qualicoat and Seaside (Switzerland).

By creating high-quality roller shutters over the years, ALUTECH has become the market leader in roller shutter systems. Choosing roller shutters from a trusted manufacturer for your windows, you increase the personal comfort and coziness of your home.


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