Blanket for a greenhouse: why you need it, how to make

In harsh climates, for example, in Siberia, simply a greenhouse is not enough to get a harvest of vegetables. Additional insulation is required, but not all site owners are ready to spend money on efficient heating of the greenhouse. A special blanket helps, the features of which will be described on our site of advice.

Blanket for a greenhouse: why you need it, how to make

Today, polycarbonate is most often used for arranging a greenhouse in a country house or a personal plot. The portal has already written how to build such a greenhouse. For the conditions of Siberia, Altai Territory and other Russian regions with a continental climate, experts advise using polycarbonate with a thickness of at least 6 millimeters. But even this may not be enough, because at night, even at the end of May, frosts are possible in these regions..

How does the blanket help? Allows you to minimize heat loss from the greenhouse at night. During the day, the polycarbonate greenhouse remains open, warming up in the sun. As soon as it gets dark, the owners throw a special blanket over the greenhouse, literally wrapping it up and keeping warm inside..

Important! The efficiency of using blankets for greenhouses has long been tested by farmers from China in their vegetarians. Now their experience has been appreciated by many Russian summer residents.

Blanket for a greenhouse: why you need it, how to make

According to experts, using a thermal blanket can reduce heat loss in the greenhouse at night by 80%. And if the greenhouse is equipped with electric heating, then the electricity consumption is reduced by about 50%. In addition, the thermal blanket in Siberia extends the life of the greenhouse by two to three months..

As you can see, this technology has many advantages. Today you can buy ready-made thermal blankets for greenhouses. They are sewn from two layers of street textiles with a warm cotton layer in the middle. Outdoor fabrics are water-repellent and are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. The three-layer construction of the thermal blanket allows you to reliably keep warm inside the greenhouse.

You can, of course, make a blanket for a greenhouse with your own hands. For example, use two outer layers of foil roll insulation with a thickness of up to 4 millimeters and fiberglass between them. Insulation should be used with foil facing out. Such a thermal blanket will be no less effective than a factory-made one..

Important! If you use dark agrofibre for the outer layer of the thermal blanket, you can also cover the greenhouse with it during the day, when it is cool, but the sun is shining. The dark coating will attract the sun’s rays and it will be warmer inside the greenhouse.

Blanket for a greenhouse: why you need it, how to make

If the greenhouse is large, then the thermal screen will turn out to be quite heavy and it can be difficult to lower it. Home craftsmen adapt to this, in particular, they make electric drives from gearboxes so that the blanket drops automatically, without effort on the part of the owners. You can use a winch. Practice shows that a thermal blanket is an excellent solution for those who want to get early harvests of vegetables in a harsh climate..

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