Choosing the most comfortable hammock – what to look for

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Once upon a time there were Indians in South America. And life was not easy for them – they wanted to sleep peacefully, but all the time something was interfering – either the snake crawls into bed, then the stone presses with a sharp edge, then the sides hurt from the solid earth. And then the inhabitants of the jungle came up with a hammock – a unique bed that was hung between the trees and provided a calm, comfortable and safe sleep.

Choosing the most comfortable hammock

Following the Indians, the possibilities of such an invention were appreciated by sailors, who brought the hammock to Europe..

Today, the hammock invariably evokes associations with summer and summer cottages, lazy afternoons when the heat does not allow working in the garden and garden. What could be more pleasant than sitting comfortably on a slightly swaying bed, in the dense shade of a tree, with a book and a cold cocktail! And it is the hammock – light, mobile, but at the same time cozy and reliable – that allows you to create a corner for relaxation and sleep almost anywhere on the site.

It seems that nothing is easier than such a hanging bed, there is nothing special: fasteners, ropes, slats and fabric – hung up and lie down. In fact, you need to choose a hammock correctly, because how comfortable it will be to rest in it and how long it will last depends on its features and characteristics..

Let’s try to figure out the features of the choice and installation of this light hanging furniture, and also find out how much such a bed can cost for those who love not only to work in the country, but also to relax with comfort.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockA luxurious beach, a spreading palm tree, the sound of waves and a slightly swaying hammock – it seems that this is how you can spend the whole summer

What is the hammock made of – features of different materials

According to the material of manufacture, hammocks are usually divided into the following types.

Mesh hammock

The simplest option, which, unfortunately, is not very convenient to use. Firstly, a hammock in the form of a net with sufficiently large cells can withstand a weight of no more than 80–100 kilograms, so two adults who decide to sit side by side will simply tear it apart. In addition, the mesh cells can dig into the skin, therefore, to sleep comfortably, you will have to purchase a mattress with cotton or synthetic padding – relatively thin, but quite soft and dense.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockSuch large mesh cells can cause discomfort to a lying person, so you should think about buying a special mattress

Fabric hammock

These hanging beds are usually made from burlap or cotton. Burlap is a material, of course, durable, reliable, but at the same time prickly and tough, so it is inconvenient to sleep on such a hammock, not covered with another fabric. But cotton hammocks are considered one of the best – they are pleasant for the body, durable, beautiful, environmentally friendly, easily take the shape of a recumbent and therefore surprisingly comfortable. They can withstand a weight of up to 160 kilograms, so two people can lie on such a bed. The only drawback of a cotton hammock is that it is afraid of moisture, easily absorbs all drops of rain, and if it is not dried in time, mold may appear on the fabric. So in the event of a thunderstorm approaching, you should remove your favorite suspended resting place in advance and store it in a dry room. And one more thing – brightly colored cotton hammocks can fade in the sun, so the ideal place for them is in dense shade or under a canopy..

Choosing the most comfortable hammockA very soft and comfortable hammock made of fabric, most often cotton – a great option for relaxing

Synthetic hammock – polyester and nylon

These fabrics are generally similar, but nylon is slightly inferior to polyester in surface smoothness. The advantages of a hammock made of synthetic fabric include the fact that it is not afraid of water and after rain it is enough to simply wipe it or wait until it dries up itself – this happens very quickly in the summer breeze. In terms of endurance, a polyester hammock is slightly inferior to its cotton “colleague” – it can withstand a weight of no more than 120 kilograms, which is quite enough for one adult. Nylon hammocks are stiffer than those made from cotton.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockThe polyester hammock is not afraid of moisture, so it will calmly “survive” even a strong summer shower

Wicker wooden hammock

If there is a wicker chair or sofa, why not weave a hammock as well? Moreover, this is exactly what the inventors of such a bed usually did – the South American Indians, who made hammocks from strips of bark of tropical trees. Such hanging beds are durable, comfortable (of course, if the weave is small enough and of high quality) and very beautiful. How much weight a wicker hammock can withstand depends on the material chosen – for example, structures made of Brazil walnut fibers, which can withstand a weight of up to 180 kilograms, are appreciated. Of course, a hammock made of willow rods will not be so strong, but a rattan product can withstand a weight of up to 120-130 kilograms.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockA wooden wicker hammock looks somewhat exotic, but surprisingly comfortable, although it cannot take a body shape like a cotton hanging bed.

What other hammocks are there

In addition to the material of manufacture, it is customary to divide hammocks according to the method of attachment, as well as functional features. The two most common options are hammocks with and without two wooden slats. A hanging stock without slats costs a little less, although the cost depends mainly on the material used. The advantages of a hammock without slats include the following points:

  • such a model is very easy to transport, mesh fabric or cotton fabric literally fits into a pocket or small bag;
  • reasonable price affordable for most summer residents;
  • a hammock without slats looks like a real cradle and practically envelops the sleeping person, turning into a very cozy bed.

But more often than not, hammocks without slats are designed for one person. Hammocks with slats, which are characterized by a tighter panel, also have many fans. Therefore, when choosing a suitable model, it would be best to first try to lie down in a hammock and evaluate how comfortable it is for you..

A few more varieties of hammocks.


Of course, a hanging bed for a baby should be made of environmentally friendly material, be soft and comfortable, so a large net will not work in this case. Otherwise, such hammocks differ from adult models only in size and brighter, more cheerful colors..

Choosing the most comfortable hammockIt is convenient to rock even the smallest babies in a hammock, and outdoor recreation will become a real adventure for a little city dweller who has come to the country house


Designed for travelers who have to be content with a minimum of comfort. A tourist hammock with a mosquito net, a rain awning and a canopy can easily replace a tent, and take up much less space in your luggage. Most often, these hammocks are made of moisture-resistant polyester..

Choosing the most comfortable hammockA tourist hammock with a canopy and a mosquito net is a great option for the angler and hunter. True, such “fancy” models are not cheap

Hammock chair

It is clear that it is impossible to lie down in such a hammock – these are such small but very comfortable swings, which can also be made of different materials – cotton, mesh, polyester, wooden wicker.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockThe hammock chair can be hung anywhere – on the terrace or under a tree, in the gazebo or on the balcony. Just do not forget to clarify how much weight your hanging chair can support.

In addition, hammocks are divided into several types according to design features – with and without wooden slats, with one support point and with two, designed for one or more people, frame and suspended. Therefore, choosing the best suitable model, you should decide where it will be installed, whether you have suitable fasteners on the site or in the house, and so on..

Where to install and hang

The traditional way of placing a hammock is between two trees in the garden. You should choose reliable, mature trees with a diameter of at least 15 centimeters. The distance between such natural supports should be 20-30 centimeters longer than the selected model – usually about two meters. Hammock or rope hooks should be 1.4–1.75 meters high. However, if the hammock is too taut or sagging, raised too high or low, you can always adjust its position by changing the length of the lines.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockIn order not to injure the tree, the hammock is usually simply tied with ropes – no hooks are needed

If there are no two suitable trees on your site, you can choose a hammock on a ready-made frame that can be installed anywhere, or you can dig in two pillars – also with a diameter of at least 15 centimeters. The pillars are dug in to a depth of about 60–70 centimeters, for reliability they can be concreted. To make the hammock supports fit perfectly into the landscape design, they can be painted, decorated with hemp rope or decorated with carvings..

In addition, the hammock can be perfectly hung from the ceiling on the veranda, placed on the balcony or loggia, as well as indoors, having drilled reliable fasteners in the walls. If a full-fledged berth on the balcony or in the gazebo does not fit, you can always choose more compact models or a hammock chair.

As already mentioned, hammocks made of polyester or mesh are more suitable for use outdoors and in the garden – they do not fade, are not afraid of moisture and will dry out quickly after a summer shower. Cotton products are best placed on a terrace or veranda, under a secure canopy – otherwise, they will have to be removed every time before the rain..

Choosing the most comfortable hammockIn this country living room, a bright striped hammock has become another piece of furniture, although, you must admit, such furniture still looks more appropriate in the fresh air

Choosing the most comfortable hammockA very beautiful hammock with a long elegant lace along the bottom edge is located under a transparent canopy on wooden beams

Selection features

So, you firmly decided that this summer your summer cottage will be decorated with a comfortable and beautiful hammock. When going to the store for a hanging bed, there are several important points to keep in mind:

  1. Decide in advance where your hammock will be located. If you want to hang it in the garden and have already looked after two suitable trees – choose a model made of polyester or nylon, which is not afraid of moisture. Dreaming of a hammock by the pool – you need a frame structure that can be installed anywhere on the site. The hammock will hang on the terrace – a cotton model will do, which will be a wonderful decoration for the recreation area. Go fishing – take a tourist hammock, always with a mosquito net, otherwise the mosquitoes will simply not let you rest.
  2. If you have a large family, then you will have to “fight” for the right to lie on a single hammock! Better to get a hammock for two or even three people.
  3. Hammocks with slats are much more comfortable than models without them. The planks are traditionally made of various types of wood, their length should correspond to the width of the canvas of the suspended bed, and the thickness should ensure the safety of the lying one. In addition, hammocks with wooden slats are more durable – the fabric practically does not sag and will last longer. Yes, they cost significantly more, but saving on convenience means ruining your vacation.
  4. Be sure to check what maximum weight the model of the hammock you like can withstand, otherwise there is a risk for the whole company to simply collapse to the floor.
  5. Hammock loops can be round or flat, but in any case, they should be as strong and dense as possible. Remember, a flat cord is more pleasant to the body and will not crush during rest.
  6. The hammock should fit into the interior of your terrace or room – too exotic or bright colors of the canvas may look out of place.

Choosing the most comfortable hammockIn nature, surrounded by lush greenery, such a bright striped hammock fabric looks especially attractive. But on a terrace with wooden furniture and a plank floor, it is better to hang a model with a more restrained color or prefer a “wicker”

As for how resting in a hammock affects health, experts differ. Some people think that sleeping in a hanging bed for a long time cannot be, as it is harmful to the neck and spine. Others point out that a hammock with slats and a strong canvas is even useful because it fits perfectly to the shape of the body. In addition, gentle rocking helps to fall asleep even for those who suffer from insomnia. And did the Indians once complain of spinal curvature and neck pain?

In any case, a hammock is ideal as a place for a daytime rest in the fresh air, and a variety of models and proposals will allow you to choose a hanging bed for every taste and budget..

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