DIY flower bed fences

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An original fence will help to give sophistication and elegance to a flower garden on a personal plot. In addition, you can build it with your own hands from improvised material, or by investing insignificant funds to purchase the necessary elements.

DIY flower bed fences

Purpose of fences

Fences for flower beds, first of all, emphasize the beauty and grace of correctly selected flowers for a flower bed and in the power to connect all the links of your flower beds in one chain. When creating a fence, it is necessary to take into account their main purposes..

DIY flower bed fences

In the event that you just need to separate your flower garden from the path, then for this you just need to install a light and low fence. Wooden or plastic fences with a height of 40-50 cm will perfectly cope with this role, which will protect your flowers from pets or small children..

The next type of fencing for flower beds is a protective plastic tape. The tape well prevents the spread of plant roots outside the flower garden. To do this, bury it 2/3 deep into the soil. In addition, you will get a beautiful aesthetic look.

DIY flower bed fences

Plastic fences

The easiest method for decorating a flower garden is to use a plastic fence in a variety of colors. Their main advantage is that they are mobile, easily change their shape and dismantle. Therefore, if in a year or two you decide to change the shape of your flower garden, then you will be able to easily dismantle it and give it a new shape..

DIY flower bed fences

Modern materials are frost-resistant and are not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Plastic fences look very beautiful and give the flower garden an original and sophisticated look.

Chock border

In recent years, summer residents often use wooden chocks to decorate a flower garden. To create a fence, you will need to prepare round logs of the same height. In order to correctly calculate the height of the fence, it is necessary to take into account the fact that when installing the chocks, they will need to be dug into the soil to a depth of 20 cm. First, clean the cut pieces of bark. Then gently treat each log with an antiseptic. Cut 20 cm wide strips of roofing felt and wrap them around the bottom of each log. Dig a trench 20 cm deep along the edge of the flower garden and install the prepared chocks in an even row. The final stage of installing a fence made of chocks is tamping the soil. The chocks can be coated with a special varnish or painted with paint – the choice is yours.

DIY flower bed fences

Original options for wattle fence

In order to build a beautiful wattle fence for a backyard flower garden, willow branches are most often used. In early spring, harvest willow trees and carefully peel them off. The branches can be soaked overnight in a deep bowl of water, or you can use them to create wattle fence right away. In order for you to manage to create an elegant willow wattle, you need to adhere to some rules..

DIY flower bed fences

First, drive in beautiful pegs around the perimeter of the flower garden, which will serve as a support. The pegs must be of the same height and thickness. It is recommended to treat them with an antiseptic, and wrap the lower part with roofing material.

Place the pegs at a close distance from each other and start weaving from the edge of the flower garden that is not visible from the front side. You need to braid the pegs using the alternation method – one willow branch braids the peg from the front side, the other from the back. Nail the ends of the branches to the pegs with small carnations..

DIY flower bed fences

Each next row of the wattle fence must be gently tapped with a wooden mallet, trying to press it as tightly as possible against the previous row. At the end, paint the willow wattle with colorless varnish and enjoy the result of your work.

Bottle fences

At first glance, this may seem ridiculous to you, but in fact, a bottle guard is not only the cheapest option, but also the original one. For its construction, you can use empty plastic bottles of different colors or glass.

DIY flower bed fences

It is recommended to select plastic bottles with a flower-shaped bottom. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can cut off the neck of the bottle and paint the inside with any color of paint. The advantage of such a fence is that plastic bottles can perfectly tolerate moisture and low temperatures. In addition, in the event that any element of your fence deteriorates or deforms, you can easily replace it with a new one. The prepared elements for the “bottle” fence must be dug into the soil with the bottom up.

With the help of bottles, you can build a smooth fence, or you can dig in bottles to different depths, thereby forming interesting design solutions.

DIY flower bed fences

No less interesting is a fence for a flower garden made of glass bottles. But before you start digging them into the ground, designers recommend filling them with sand or gravel. Colored balls or other decorative elements can be lowered to the bottom of the bottle, which will make the fence more graceful and aesthetically beautiful. Despite the fact that glass is considered a fragile material, a glass bottle fence can serve you for a long time..

Luminous fences made of fluorescent stones

You will get a modern, beautiful, elegant and more expensive fence for your garden flower garden if you use luminescent stones for its construction. Today such stones can be easily bought in any hypermarket or ordered in an online store. But, if you buy fluorescent paint, then you can significantly save on costs. In this case, you will only have to prepare the stones of the original shape. Lay out a beautiful fence of stones and apply paint on them, which tends to accumulate the energy of the sun throughout the day, and in the evening to shine in all its beauty near your flower garden.

DIY flower bed fences

Such a flower garden can not only emphasize the overall design on your site, but also create a special mystery and comfort.

Alternatively, you can use plaster of Paris, which includes luminous elements, and create any shape with your own hands, while implementing your design solution..

Stone fence for flower beds

For fencing your flower garden, we suggest considering the option of a stone fence. To implement such an idea on your site, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • rubble
  • sand
  • cement

DIY flower bed fences

Dig a shallow trench along the contour of the flower garden. The bottom of the trench must be covered with rubble, thereby forming a kind of sand cushion. Prepare the cement mortar and start laying the prepared stones, carefully fixing each with a mortar. Let the fence dry well, then paint the stones with a special varnish.

DIY flower bed fences

You can build a beautiful fence for a flower bed with your own hands. To do this, you do not need to procure expensive items and hire craftsmen. Moreover, you can experiment, implement your ideas, skillfully combine several types of materials and, as a result, get a fence that will be unique in its kind. And even if you do not succeed in creating everything that was conceived the first time, you can always correct your shortcomings yourself.

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