DIY manual garden drill

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For drilling a well or earthwork, a drill can be an indispensable tool. From our article you will learn how to make a drill with your own hands. We will consider the main options for its manufacture, features of the workflow. There will also be practical recommendations and advice..

DIY manual garden drill

You can drill a large number of holes for planting shrubs or trees, or for installing fence posts, as well as drilling a water well using an earthmoving drill. In the household, this tool can come to your aid repeatedly. How to make a drill with your own hands, let’s take a closer look.

To make a drill, we need the following tools:

  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill with a set of drills for metal.

The drill design is extremely simple, it consists of:

  • barbells
  • pens
  • knives

Consider the manufacture of all components and start with the simplest.

Making a rod

A barbell is a metal rod or tube to which knives and a handle are attached. Depending on the purpose for which you need a drill, you need to select the material for making the rod.

If you plan to use a drill to dig holes for seedlings or fence posts, then trimming a pipe or metal rod from the floor to your chest (1-1.2 m) will be sufficient.

DIY manual garden drill

If a drill is needed to make a well, the rod will need to be upgraded. This is due to the fact that drilling must be carried out at great depths, so the system must be made with the possibility of extension. Here are some options for how you can do this:

  • cut the threads on the rod sections and splice them, if necessary, using the couplings. To prevent unauthorized unwinding, it is necessary to fix the connection with cotter pins;
  • at one end of the rod, you can weld a nut, for example, 20M, and to the other rod, a bolt 20M. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of fixing the threaded connection;
  • take small pieces of pipe slightly larger than the rod and weld them on one edge. A new rod is inserted into them and a through hole is drilled for a bolt connection..

This way you can prepare the required number of connecting sections..

The drill should enter the soil easily, so the bottom should be sharp. A more advanced version can be made by welding an old drill onto the bottom of the rod..

Handle and its features

To make a handle, you need a piece of pipe about 40 cm long.Choose a diameter so that when you grip it with your hand, you can comfortably hold it.

Before attaching the handle, squeeze the top of the bar in a vise to make it oval. Weld the handle perpendicular to the rod.

DIY manual garden drill


The most important part in the storm is the knives. Their design will determine with what labor costs you can make holes in the ground. The material from which they will be made must be hard and resilient.

Option 1. Sheet metal

The simplest drill knife can be made from a sheet of iron. To do this, you need to draw a circle on paper to fit the disk for a knife. Cut it out with scissors. The resulting template is applied to a metal plate and outlined with a marker.

Now you need to cut the outlined circle out of the metal. You can do this with a grinder and then process the edges. Do not forget to make a hole for the rod in the central part..

DIY manual garden drill

So, the blank for the knife is cut out. In the next step, on the prepared workpiece, you need to outline a sector and cut it out. Sharpen the cutting surface and fold it down (about 30-40 °).

It remains to weld the made knife to the bar. From the bottom edge of the product, you need to retreat about 10 cm.

Option 2. From a circular saw blade

A more advanced model can be made from an old circular saw blade. To do this, it must be cut in half and the halves must be welded to the bar at an angle of 30–40 ° relative to each other. Please note that the teeth should be located in the direction of rotation of the drill. Such an improved unit will even allow you to cut small-diameter roots.

DIY manual garden drill

Did you know that a drill can be improved? To do this, you need to take a disk of small diameter, also cut it in half. Sharpen the edges and weld them parallel to the knife blades below the bar. This device is called a ripper and allows you to crush dense soil. Another smaller ripper can be made and set even lower.

Option 3. Spiral drill

Making a spiral drill on your own is more difficult. However, you can look for items suitable for this purpose at metal collection points. For example, a fishing auger or auger from agricultural machinery of a suitable diameter may be suitable. It is only necessary to cut it to the required length, sharpen the edges and weld it to the bar. Spiral drill can be used when plugging water well.

DIY manual garden drill

Option 4. Spoon drill

The spoon drill is designed primarily for drilling wells under water with the simultaneous installation of a casing. To make it, you need to take a piece of pipe (approximately 70–100 cm) and make a slot along its length. An old drill bit can be welded in at the bottom. The peculiarities of the drill-spoon is that its attachment of the upper part to the bar is offset from the axis by about 10-15 mm. In this case, the welded drill and the rod are coaxial. Thus, when drilling, the borehole diameter will be greater than the diameter of the drill itself..

DIY manual garden drill

It remains to sharpen the cutting edge along the rotation. The cut soil will remain inside the cylinder cavity and the drill must be periodically freed from the rock.

Hand drills can be used to drill holes in loose rocks, but this tool is not suitable in rocky terrain. Of all these options, a spiral drill can handle small stones..

So, we have considered four different options for products that you can make yourself. The first two are more suitable for digging holes for posts and seedlings, the last two are more “specialized” for drilling water wells. Which option suits you best – choose for yourself.

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