Fashionable garden furniture: the latest trends

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Fashion trends exist in a wide variety of areas. Garden furniture is no exception. Although it seems that nothing particularly new in the field of arranging a recreation area on the site can be invented, the designers tirelessly offer various new items. Let’s figure out what is fashionable now among garden furniture.

The first trend – bright colors

The muted greens and browns that were popular before have clearly lost ground. Nowadays, garden furniture should not blend in with the surrounding landscape. On the contrary, it becomes the brightest spot of landscape design, standing out against the background of the greenery of the lawn or garden. If the furniture itself is not too bright in color, we recommend adding colors using pillows, soft mattresses, bedding, and other textile elements. When painting wooden garden furniture, we strongly advise you to choose a paint that has an ultraviolet filter, does not fade in the sun..

The second trend – form

The most fashionable trend is strict form garden furniture. Cube-shaped tables, rectangular sofas and armchairs look very modern and stylish. The second trend, on the contrary, implies rounded, flowing shapes. Both directions, it would seem, contradict each other, but they allow the owners of the plots to make a choice.

The third trend – forged furniture

This trend can be confidently called an enduring classic. Forged, metal, resistant to all weather conditions, reliable, durable, delicate, elegant, very beautiful garden furniture remains at the peak of popularity for many years. If you want to buy garden furniture for ages, the forged option will be the best choice..

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