Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

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As soon as the snow melted, many homeowners and summer residents rush to the garden to urgently put things in order. We understand that you missed work at your favorite site, but you should not rush! Our tips site will give you four reasons to delay cleaning your garden.

Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

Reason one – the cold can return

Spring weather is often unpredictable. That is +20 ° C and it seems that it is time to take out boxes with seedlings, then -5 ° C and again there is snow on the ground. You need to wait for steady heat to clean.

If you manage to remove dry plants and foliage from last year, and again frost and snow hit, the soil will remain unprotected. As well as plants that had time to hatch a little. In addition, by cutting perennials before frosts, you can leave water access inside the hollow stems, where it will freeze and damage them..

Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

The second reason is that the soil has not yet dried out

If you walk around the garden, stepping on wet soil, you will compact it even more. This is not good for the soil structure. Wet soil is very difficult to cultivate, so there is no need to rush it. Even if weeds begin to break through on your site after a spring shower, wait. The sun should dry the earth well before you start actively gardening..

Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

The third reason is the protection of insects

Remember the portal gave you five reasons not to clean the fallen leaves in the garden? Including for the protection of insects and earthworms. So, all these spiders, moths, butterflies, certain species of wild bees, all kinds of larvae still sleep under the leaves, as well as in dry stems of plants. Do not interfere with nature, let them wake up and leave the winter refuge before your general cleaning in the garden.

Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

The fourth reason is helping the birds

Now birds are actively building nests. And they collect all the stalks, sticks that are found in the gardens. Leave them building material, do not rush to clean.

Four reasons not to rush spring gardening

When to start cleaning the garden? Of course, a lot depends on the weather. Spring can be both early and late. Therefore, no one will tell you the exact date, you need to be guided by the weather conditions. On average, in the southern regions of Russia, it is better to wait until mid-March with harvesting in the garden, in the central regions – until early April, and in more northern regions, spring work can begin by mid-May. And there is nothing wrong with that. Think about the fact that your hasty actions on the site will harm nature and the garden itself.

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