Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

In the ranking of small agricultural and garden equipment, riders occupy a special place. This is not to say that they are very popular, but they are in stable demand among land owners. Our tips site will tell you what a garden rider is, how to choose one for personal use.

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

The garden rider is a cross between a mini tractor and a regular lawn mower. It is a self-propelled unit on wheels that includes steering, a robust steel frame with an engine on it and a continuously variable transmission. Pneumatic wheels, providing high cross-country ability on uneven terrain, maximum speed – 11 kilometers per hour.

On the working panel, in front of the seat for the rider’s driver, there are control levers, and at the back there is a container for collecting grass cut by sharp knives, which are located in the interbase space.

Important! The cutting height of the grass can be adjusted hydraulically or mechanically, depending on the model of the garden rider.

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

All models of garden riders are rear-wheel drive for increased maneuverability. The power of the units is from 4 to 20 horsepower, more is not needed to perform work in the garden and on the site.

Important! Riders’ grass collector has a hydraulic cylinder that allows automatic unloading.

Garden riders are often referred to simply as mini-tractors, because their work is not limited to lawn care..

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

With a wide range of attachments, garden riders can handle the following jobs:

  • Lawn mowing;
  • Mowing weeds and thin bushes;
  • Cleaning the area from leaves and other debris;
  • Mulching;
  • Transportation of not too heavy loads on the site;
  • Clearing the area from snow;
  • Soil loosening.

All garden riders are divided into the following types:

  • Household. Designed for plots of no more than 4 thousand square meters. Popular with summer residents and owners of cottages with spacious lawns around. The functionality is limited to garbage collection and mowing, the power does not exceed 7 horsepower, and the capture width is 90 centimeters;
  • Semi-professional. More powerful – up to 10 horsepower, working width – up to 100 centimeters. Harrows, cutters and seeders can be used as attachments. Such riders are popular with owners of large gardens with numerous beds;
  • Professional. Most often used by public utilities for work in city parks and squares. The grip width reaches 120 centimeters, the power is up to 20 horsepower. This is already a real mini-tractor of the middle class with numerous attachments, for example, for snow removal and street sweeping..

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

All garden riders are divided into battery and gasoline by engine type. Gasoline ones have higher power, they are more mobile and productive. Rechargeable batteries are quieter, there are no harmful emissions, but they work for a limited time on a charge. Overall, both options are quite popular with homeowners..

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

Riders who occupy a niche between conventional lawn mowers and powerful mini tractors have a number of advantages:

  • Versatility, the ability to perform various works on the site;
  • Maneuverability and compactness. The rider will not take up a lot of space in the shed or garage, deftly goes around bushes and trees, maneuvers between the beds. It can be deployed practically in one place;
  • Converts grass and thin branches into a fine substrate, which can then be used to fertilize the site;
  • It will not be difficult to get spare parts for repair, manufacturers give guarantees for the service life and provide service.

Garden riders: types, features of choice and use

The most popular brands of garden riders in our country are Swedish Husqvarna, Japanese Makita, Hungarian MTD Smart. The price is quite high – from 100 thousand rubles to 600 thousand rubles. In addition, the technique is quite complicated, you will most likely not be able to repair it yourself..

However, in any case, the garden rider will be an excellent assistant for the owners of vast personal plots and vegetable gardens. This is not just a benzotrimmer, the choice of which the portal devoted a separate article to. This multifunctional equipment greatly facilitates the maintenance of the garden and the site as a whole..

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