Garden var: home recipes and scope

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Let’s talk about such an indispensable tool in tree care as garden pitch, how and from what it can be made with your own hands, and how to use it. There are a lot of crop protection products on the market for damage and pruning, but gardeners still prefer garden brew.

Garden var: home recipes and scope

Experts strongly advise garden varnish to be used in the following cases:

  1. After pruning trees, especially if it was done incorrectly, inaccurately.
  2. After grafting new shoots.
  3. If the tree has been damaged, for example, by hares or rodents.
  4. To combat tree diseases, pests.

Processing a cut of a tree with a garden pitch

If trees are treated with garden pitch in autumn, they will be protected from temperature extremes, respectively – from the appearance of frost cracks. And if in the spring – trees will receive protection from the development of various diseases, high humidity and sun.

Processing frost with garden pitch

Of course, buying a ready-made garden pitch is not difficult. A jar with a volume of 130 grams costs about 80-100 rubles, not too expensive. However, many gardeners prefer to save money and make a garden pitch with their own hands. In addition, many confidently argue that homemade var is better, more effective..

For example, if a purchased garden varnish contains chemical elements, it can burn the wood in hot weather. Excess moisture in the composition can lead to rotting of the tree. Sometimes purchased garden pitch is difficult to apply: it is either too liquid, or dried out, petrified.

Garden varnish recipe number 1

Popular garden var based on beeswax. You will need four parts wax, one part rosin, one part linseed oil, and two tablespoons of charcoal. Beeswax is heated in a water bath, rosin is added to it, and then linseed oil. Add charcoal after the composition is removed from the fire. During the cooking process, everything is thoroughly mixed so that the mixture becomes homogeneous.


Important! Do-it-yourself garden pitch is recommended to be used warm until it has frozen. After that, you will have to warm it up so that it is convenient to apply it to the tree, cover up all the damage and cutting points.

Garden varnish recipe number 2

Also based on beeswax. But we take only two parts of it, add four parts of rosin and one part of interior fat. The wax is heated again, the rest of the ingredients are added, the mixture should be boiled over low heat for an hour, stirring thoroughly and kneading until smooth.

Garden var recipe number 3

Paraffin is also used instead of beeswax. Six parts paraffin, two parts vegetable or mineral oil, and three parts rosin. Paraffin is heated first, rosin is added, and oil is added after the mixture boils.

Important! To make the mixture more homogeneous and melt faster, it is advisable to grind hard ingredients such as wax or paraffin. And we advise you to turn rosin into small shavings or dust..

Garden varnish recipe number 4

It is called Raevsky’s var and is frost-resistant. You need 500 grams of tree resin, two tablespoons of linseed oil, and 60 milliliters of rubbing alcohol. The resin should be melted and mixed with the rest of the ingredients..

Garden var

Garden varnish recipe number 5

Var Zhukovsky. You need yellow wax, rosin, lamb or beef fat (unsalted) in equal proportions. Everything is melted in separate containers, and then mixed. After cooling in cold water, the var will turn into a kind of plasticine, you can knead it with your hands, make cakes that are attached and spread over the damaged area.

Important! It is most convenient to work with garden pitch just with your hands, not forgetting to use gloves.

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