Greenhouse “Khlebnitsa”: features, pros and cons

In this article, Our site of advice will tell you about such an option for arranging a greenhouse on a site like “Khlebnitsa”. Such greenhouses are in steady demand among summer residents and owners of private houses. Let’s find out what features, advantages and disadvantages the greenhouses “Khlebnitsa” have.


The main and most noticeable feature of the Khlebnitsa greenhouse is the opening cover. Indeed, like the bread box we use in the kitchen. Such a hinged design allows you to conveniently care for the plants, leave them in the open air, do not transplant when it is already warmer outside..

Structurally “Bread boxes” can be:

  • Just a foundation frame made of plastic, boards or metal profiles with one sash. The most minimalistic option.
  • Base frame and two sashes.
  • The foundation, then the rectangular part and only then the sash. Such greenhouses are taller and somewhat more complex in design..
  • Some models have feet that sink into the ground for a secure fit.



Most often, the “Bread Box” sashes have a semicircular shape. But there are also boxes in the form of chests, where the lid is even. They are less popular.


Factory greenhouses “Khlebnitsa” are made of metal or plastic profiles and polycarbonate. At home, you can choose other materials. The cheapest and easiest option would be a wooden frame foundation and a rising sash made of a film on a light frame, for example, made of strong wire. Such a design can be made with your own hands from scrap materials, spending a minimum of money.


A finished factory greenhouse “Khlebnitsa” will cost from 3 to 11 thousand rubles, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

The advantages of such greenhouses include:

  • It weighs a little, can be carried on the site, if the foundation is not capital.
  • Different sizes can be chosen. Most often “Bread boxes” are relatively small – up to 4 meters long, no more than 2 meters wide and a maximum of 1.5 meters high. You can install two such small greenhouses for different plants.
  • “Bread box” is squat, low, so it is not afraid of strong winds. Additional stability is provided by legs dug into the ground.
  • If the doors are made of polycarbonate, the greenhouse will last a long time, because this material will calmly endure wintering on the street. The film flaps will have to be regularly updated.
  • The usable area is large, even if the size of the greenhouse is small. There is no need for a path inside between the beds, because the owners will carry out all the work from outside the “Khlebnitsa”.
  • By opening the doors, you can ventilate the greenhouse.
  • There is full and convenient access to plants.
  • It is easy to make a “Bread box” with your own hands, greenhouses can be altered and repaired.


The disadvantages of the Khlebnitsa greenhouses are as follows:

  • The hinges of the opening doors will need to be lubricated and inspected periodically. Otherwise, they will start to creak, the mechanism will jam.
  • If there are no legs, the greenhouse can still be blown away by the wind, despite the low height.
  • It will not be possible to grow tall and climbing plants in such a greenhouse – the size will not allow.

As you can see, the disadvantages are insignificant, there are more advantages. This makes the “Bread boxes” a popular choice, although they are much more complicated than the simplest “Snowdrop” greenhouse, which the portal described in detail.

All kinds of greens, beets, carrots, strawberries, low varieties of tomatoes, lettuce and any seedlings can be grown in the Khlebnitsa greenhouse. There may not be enough space for cucumbers, but at the first stage, to protect the seedlings, a greenhouse will do. Then it can be simply removed if the design is portable.

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