How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm

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What is a mini tractor and when is it needed? What are the varieties? What are the main criteria for these machines? What must be considered when choosing? How much does a mini tractor cost in Russia? You will find out about this by reading our article..

How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm

Those who love space or are engaged in farming, housekeeping or looking after their own large plot cannot manage without mechanization of labor. Today, even a small farm is hard to imagine without an unpretentious and high-powered mini tractor.. In this article we will try to highlight the main questions that a potential buyer of a compact tractor may have..

Note.It will be about new modern technology, middle range of functionality and price. We do not consider rare samples and models on computer control.

What size tractor to choose

The size of a car of such a plan directly depends on two factors: the intended purpose and the size of the territory. In other words, you need to be very clear about what you are going to do with this tractor and on what area. On these grounds, three categories are usually distinguished – rider, garden tractor and mini tractor..


“Baby” of the tractor, which has only one function – transportation and holding during operation of the attached equipment – a lawn mower. Designed for work on lawns. Having disconnected the mower, we get a self-propelled vehicle. Despite such a narrow field of application, riders are produced by both numerous Chinese factories and venerable European and Japanese giants..

How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm

Garden tractor

Power up to 15 hp. with., as a rule, 2 cylinders. Suitable for intermittent short-term use – mowing grass on a flat area, cleaning a small amount of snow, transporting small loads. In a design simplified to the limit, plastic parts are widely used, which negatively affects maintainability and service life. With careful care, it will last for several years. Often has an integrated mowing, moulding and mulching system, which limits the scope of application.

How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm


  1. Low price. Price about 250 thousand rubles.
  2. Maneuverability. Wheels with a diameter of 10-13 inches. Turning radius 2.8-3.5 m.
  3. Compactness. Fits in the pantry of the house.
  4. Ease of operation and maintenance (reduced to oil change and refueling).
  5. Engine efficiency.


  1. Limited scope.
  2. Insecurity. Often has a limited lifespan.
  3. Not suitable for continuous use.
  4. Limited set of attachments.
  5. Low clearance – 150-220 mm, and therefore low permeability.

Question.What is attachment?

Answer.This is everything that connects to the tractor and does useful work due to the driving force of the machine. Seeders, winders, lifting and overturning devices, buckets and blades and much more that is included in the set described in the instructions.

How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm Avant 220


  1. Light weight – up to 600 kg. Allows you to independently tow a stuck tractor.
  2. Typically equipped with hydrostatic transmission.
  3. Of the entire segment of mini tractors, garden ones make up about 20%.

Question.What is a hydrostatic transmission?

Answer.This is a way to switch the direction of travel of the machine using a pedal. Switching takes place in seconds.

The purchase of this partially plastic “horse” is quite justified as an auxiliary mechanism in light and periodic work. However, you should not amuse yourself with the hope that, buying even the most expensive model of this segment, you can use it in heavy regular work – plowing, long haulage, grubbing stumps. Even the “Japanese” and “Germans” in this case remain garden.

Mini tractor

This is already a full-fledged industrial product, albeit in small forms. Power from 18 hp sec., 3-4 cylinders. There are gasoline and diesel engines, but there are also examples with gas installations. The range of applications is significantly expanded thanks to the universal mounts, traverse and hydraulics.

Branson 2500 Branson 2500


  1. Reliability, endurance. There is practically no plastic. Steel frame and all critical parts – casting and factory stamping.
  2. Maintainability. By purchasing a new tractor, you have a guarantee of prompt repair and availability of spare parts. They can also be carved in the workshop..
  3. Wide functionality of possibilities. Huge selection of attachments.
  4. Driving performance – high cross-country ability (clearance from 250 mm), power.
  5. Possibility to install a cab.


  1. Price from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles.
  2. More complex design.
  3. Greater fuel consumption.

A mini tractor equipped with the appropriate attachments will fulfill any task at any time of the year. Reasonably selected depending on the area to be treated, it will last for decades if it is repaired and prevented on time.


In general, it is hardly appropriate to put a garden tractor next to a “real” one, but everything is learned by comparison. In principle, a useful description of gardening equipment has been exhausted, it remains to choose a manufacturer. Further we will talk about all-metal machines.

What is equipped with a modern mini tractor

Every “self-respecting” tractor must have the following set of equipment:

  1. PTO. It is a shaft with large teeth located at the back of the machine. It is needed to transfer torque to the attachment and subsequent useful work.
  2. Three-point hitch. Consists of three standard levers. Allows installation of universal attachments suitable for any model. Operated by levers under the operator’s right hand. The hitch itself is divided into 3 categories depending on the number of points.
  3. Cassette telescopic mechanism. This is a three-point hitch lever-mounted device designed for quick attachment changes alone.
  4. Hydraulic valve. Allows you to install hydraulic equipment on a mini-tractor – an excavator, a front loader. The higher the hydraulic pump capacity, the faster and easier the job will be.
  5. Hydrostatic transmission – depending on model. There are options for one model with manual transmission and hydrostatics to choose from.
  6. Power steering and adjustable steering column. They are not present except on garden models..
  7. Optional, but very useful additions that make the operator’s work easier:
    • four-wheel drive with lowering;
    • differential lock;
    • heated cabin.

How to choose a mini tractor for a private farm Foton TE 200

There is an opinion that you can not spend money on expensive, accurate and efficient mechanisms. It is much cheaper to buy a half-dead Soviet tractor and hire a local tractor driver who knows it up and down. But in the end it turns out to be cheaper to do everything with one machine than to look for a solution for each individual problem..

Used minitractor imported

The Second Hand equipment market from high-tech countries is gaining momentum, and today, in almost every district center, you can buy a mini-tractor with 5,000 operating hours per meter. The tangible immediate savings will please you, but how long will the joy last? The equipment that gave the best years to the first owner will get you with problems and a shortage of spare parts in the future. Business “on the ground” and “on the road” is hard work for cars and they must always be in good working order. It’s another matter if the purchase is made for the effect of owning the coveted brand and periodic demonstration works. Then the well-worn “Japanese” or “German” will take its rightful place in a warm garage.

Is there an alternative to a tractor

Modern auxiliary mechanisms are executed in a wide variety of forms. Moreover, there are aggregates that imply partial human participation in the process.

  1. Motoblock. For true connoisseurs of horse plowing. A full-fledged steel “half-horse”. It is a mechanized self-propelled plow with advanced capabilities. It has a power take-off shaft in its design and the ability to mount attachments – auger, blade, mower and others. Designed mainly for earthworks. In fact, this is a light two-wheeled tractor, the rear support of which is a person.
  2. Construction loader (compact). Due to its heavy weight, it is not suitable for work on fertile land, but it is irreplaceable on the road, in a quarry, in urban utilities.
  3. Hydraulic skid steer loader. More versatile due to its low weight. Extremely limited functionality due to front linkage.
  4. Traction and manual labor. No comment.

From this simple analysis, we see that the alternative to a tractor comes down to two directions – either with or without it. This type of mechanism has been in demand for over 150 years and will be indispensable as long as traditional farming exists. The principle of operation and layout have also remained unchanged since the first instance. It is only being improved by installing more and more powerful and economical power units and modernizing attachments..

Additional useful functions of the mini tractor

Greater weight and size of the tractor implies greater performance of the units (engine, hydraulic pump, generator), and hence a more complex system of controls and power distribution. The models from the category of “more expensive” have several remarkable features that, without any doubt, give a considerable advantage in work and productivity in comparison with the “basic” brothers.

Belarus MTZ-320.4 Belarus MTZ-320.4

Mechanical transmission with reverse. The “mechanics” itself is larger and heavier than the “hydrostatics” variator and it goes to medium-sized large models. The tractor manual transmission in its basic form has a standard “three forward – one back”, as well as a reduction gear. But everything changes with the introduction of the reverse. This useful paddle shifters the transmission in the opposite direction and makes the number of gears equal in both directions. Also, speed and traction qualities are preserved in each gear. As a result, you can find tractors with a gearbox formula 10×10.

Joystick control for front hydraulic equipment. In the original models (over 10 years old), the manipulation of the hydraulics (bucket, lift) is carried out by several levers, which is distracting and tiring during prolonged work with frequent changes of operations. Conveniently located, sensitive joystick provides intuitive, stress-free operation for precise operation.

Heated cabin. As a rule, the tractor manufacturer offers a protective cab as an option in almost every model. It can be purchased seasonally (by the fall). They come in different configurations – from simple to complex – from plastic awnings to a full-fledged sealed capsule with built-in ventilation and an audio system. Additional powerful headlights (headlights) are a bonus. The correct high-quality landing is guaranteed only by purchasing a “native” cabin, assembled specifically for a specific model or line. Optionally, you can purchase various heaters for the floor and walls, standard air conditioners and heaters powered by the engine cooling system.

Dong Feng 244 Dong Feng 244

Seat cushioning and adjustment. The tractor does not have a suspension, therefore jerks from work and driving over bumps must be extinguished, otherwise they will be transmitted to the operator and can lead to premature loss of performance or even injury. The standard seat belt will keep the beginner in the saddle in case of mistakes.

Separate brakes for the front and rear pair of wheels improve the maneuverability of large and heavy vehicles with large wheels.

Cruise control. For those who are confused by the name of this coveted device, which many passenger cars dream of, let us call it “engine speed stabilizer”. An indispensable function for long-term monotonous work. Arable land, irrigation, hilling, spraying fields, cleaning snow on the roads, long hauls – that’s what this option is for. It reduces the burden on the operator. Fits on powerful robust models.

How much does a mini tractor cost

In the table we will look at compact models up to 40 hp. with., which is appropriate to purchase for a farm not related to crop cultivation, mining or road works, or as an assistant to a large and powerful tractor in order to save its resource and reduce the consumption of fuels and lubricants for small and related works:

Model, weight, manufacturer Engine type, power Clearance, mm Power steering Reverse Hydro-valve Checkpoint * Price, rub.
Husqvarna R316T AWD, 450kg, Sweden (rider) Kawasaki 75KLA, gasoline, 2 cylinders, volume 750 cc3, 12.5 l. from. 225 not not not Hydrostatics 310,000
Husqvarna R422Ts AWD, 620 kg, Sweden (rider) Briggs&Stratton G810-M, gasoline, 2 cylinders, 800 cc3, 16.5 l. from. 235 not not Yes Hydrostatics 530,000
Husqvarna CTH 224T, 950 kg, Sweden (garden with mower) Kawasaki 75KLA, gasoline, 2 cylinders, volume 750 cc3, 12.5 l. from., 235 Yes not Yes Hydrostatics 240,000
Dong Feng 244 with a cabin, 1300 kg, China KM385BT, diesel, 3 cylinders, 1500 cc3, 24 l. from. 290 Yes not Yes 4 + 1 350,000
Branson 2500, Korea Branson 1000, diesel, 3 cylinders, 1023 cc3, 24 l. from. 350 Yes not Yes 6×2 440,000
Belarus MTZ-320.4, 1700 kg, Belarus LDW1603 / B3 (Lombardini Slovakia), diesel, 1600 cm3, 36 l. from. 320 Yes Yes Yes 16×8 450,000
KIOTI CK22, 1007 kg, Korea Daedong 3C100LWB, diesel, 3 cylinders, volume 1000 cc3, 22 p. from. 310 Yes not Yes 6×2 600,000
KIOTI CK35, 1635 kg, Korea Daedong-Kubota 3A165LWM, diesel, 3 cylinders, 1650 cc3, 34.5 l. from. 375 Yes not Yes Hydrostatics KANZAKI 990,000

* – the formula of the check point is indicated – forward gears x reverse gears

** – basic set, without attachments

In most cases, the manufacturer offers its own attachments, warranty, spare parts, service and post-warranty service. If you have ambitious plans related to the agricultural business, it is wise to order the whole package. In this case, the costs will pay off quickly and repeatedly..

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