How to choose the right suburban pool

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Own pool, even the smallest, is the dream of many. In this article, we will look at the types and benefits of designs on the market. Let’s get acquainted with the criteria for their selection and consider some models from popular manufacturers.

Country pool options

With the beginning of the first hot days, the demand for a variety of pool models increases dramatically. Many people try to buy a small reservoir for themselves so that their summer vacation is complete. If you do not consider homemade options, such as concrete or block structures, then you will have to choose from inflatable or frame models. The first are systems made of plastic. They retain their shape due to air-inflated sides and collected water.

How to choose the right suburban pool

The device is extremely simple to install and assemble, can be moved many times around the site and has a compact shape, which greatly facilitates its storage and transportation. The cost of inflatable pools is minimal in comparison with other types of structures of the same volume. However, having decided to choose such a system as a home reservoir, you should also be aware of its shortcomings:

  1. Walls made of polymer are easily damaged by sharp objects and exposed to the damaging effects of UV radiation.
  2. The water inside the bowl deteriorates very quickly, so inflatable pools require special care.
  3. It is impossible to prevent air leakage through the valves in the sides of the bowl, they require regular pumping.
  4. Even the largest models do not allow full swimming.

Frame systems are arranged differently. They retain their shape due to the rigid structure made in the form of a special frame. There are three types of devices.


Pools of this type are prefabricated sectional structures. Each section consists of combined materials: wood with a special moisture-repellent impregnation, steel, plastic and duralumin. The system belongs to the category of all-weather, therefore it has a rigid, reliable design. The pool is assembled using locks, glue or bolted joints, which makes it impossible to dismantle it without serious damage to the bowl. At the end of the installation, the joints of the device are reliably sealed.

How to choose the right suburban pool

A bowl is laid inside the structure, which is a three or four-layer bag made of polyvinyl chloride. The thickness of each layer of the material must be at least 1.5 mm. For better stability, the device can be partially or completely buried in the ground. Stationary prefabricated pools are chosen because they:

  1. Strong and durable. System service life – more than 15 years.
  2. Different bowl shapes.
  3. The depth of the pool can reach 2.4 m, which allows not only swimming, but also diving.
  4. You can choose a model with a smooth increase in depth.

The main disadvantage of this type of device is its stationary location. The structure is installed in the chosen place and it cannot be dismantled.

Prefabricated seasonal models

The structures are designed for operation only during the warm season. At the end of the swimming season, they are dismantled and stored. The prefabricated elements of the structure are hollow metal tubes and fittings. The pool bowl is made in the form of a three-layer polyvinyl chloride bag with a layer thickness of about 0.5-0.7 mm. After the frame is assembled, the water tank is installed inside and securely attached to it. Bowls of medium-sized systems, which can hold no more than 7 tons of water, are additionally reinforced with Kevlar or polyester mesh placed between layers of film. Such pools are usually designed for a maximum of two swimmers at the same time.

How to choose the right suburban pool

Larger structures, containing up to 22 tons of water, are additionally reinforced along the entire perimeter with a metal shell wall. It is made of galvanized steel, the thickness of which is 0.6 mm. A special polymer layer protects the metal from rust. The special rigidity of the wall is provided by a special frame, the main elements of which are fixed from above and below across the metal wall, as well as near its edges on the outer side of the structure. The water tank is also inserted into the assembled structure and fixed along the perimeter of the sides. The advantages of seasonal devices include:

  1. Mobility and ease of installation.
  2. Variety of shapes: rectangle, oval, figure eight and others.
  3. Many size options.

The disadvantages include the fragility of the structure: its service life is, on average, 5–7 years. In addition, the walls of the system can deform and even break..

Prefabricated all-season facilities

The system can withstand low temperatures, therefore it is not dismantled after the end of the swimming season. Outwardly, such pools do not differ from collapsible seasonal models with a metal wall. However, they are more robust. The metal wall is made with a thickness of about 8 mm and is covered with several layers of enamel and polymer for the most reliable protection against corrosion. The frame is reinforced with wall supports and additional beams located across the structure. This enables the device to withstand the pressure exerted on its walls by frozen water..

How to choose the right suburban pool

Most often, all-season frame pools are produced in a round or oval shape with a side height of the order of 1.2–1.5 m. If you wish, you can find models with sides with a height of 2 m. Such, for example, are produced by the company Krulland. The advantages of the device usually include:

  1. Ease of installation.
  2. Long service life.
  3. Mobility, if necessary, the system can be moved to another place.
  4. The filtration system of such pools is practically similar to the equipment of capital concrete structures..

Among the disadvantages of all-season devices, it is worth mentioning the complexity of the installation of additional equipment intended for decorative design: backlighting, an artificial waterfall, etc. However, the same disadvantage is characteristic of seasonal and stationary models.

Selection criteria for frame structures

First of all, you should decide on the type of pool, which were described in detail above. Then you can start choosing the shape.


Fits perfectly into the landscape and takes up less space. The shape of the sides is optimal for the installation of various attractions. This option is especially attractive for those who prefer to fully swim in their home pond. Rectangular structures can be very large and can hold up to 30,000 liters of water. It should be understood that large-sized models require special reinforcement of the frame. This significantly increases their cost..

A circle

Round structures withstand water pressure optimally. The frame of such systems is lightweight, which, accordingly, reduces their cost, which can be considered the lowest among frame devices. The sizes of round pools are usually small, so you can’t swim in them. But for a children’s holiday, it is perfect. The undoubted advantage of the system: extreme ease of installation.

How to choose the right suburban pool


They successfully combine the advantages of rectangular and round structures. Rounded corners improve the system’s resistance to water pressure. In addition, you can safely lean on them while relaxing. The size range of devices is large enough. You can find models with a depth of 1.5 and a length of 10 m.In such a pool you can not only splash, but also swim comfortably.

How to choose the right suburban pool

In addition to the simplest forms, you can find pools of unusual configurations: polygons, eights, etc. Before choosing this one, you need to clearly understand that, despite its spectacular appearance, it is much more difficult and more expensive to maintain and install. For such structures, it is important to accurately calculate the areas for installing filters and the correct selection of their power. Otherwise, the equipment will not function normally..

In addition, more frequent purchase of reagents and maintenance of the pool will be required, which, accordingly, further increases the operating costs. Devices of simple form do not have these disadvantages. If you really want to make the structure more attractive and unusual, you can decorate it with an original staircase or install some kind of water attraction.

When deciding on the size of the pool, you need to know exactly for what purposes the structure will be used, and for how many bathers it should be designed for. Practice shows that only a third of the people present at the reservoir are simultaneously in the water. This is also worth considering. Experts have calculated that in order for an adult to swim comfortably, the minimum acceptable size of the pool should be 2.25 m wide and 5.5 m long for an oval and rectangular structure. The diameter of a round pool used for the same purposes cannot be less than 4 m.

How to choose the right suburban pool

If swimming in a pond is not supposed to be engaged, the size may be more modest. The optimal depth of the structure for adults should be at least 1.45 m, for preschoolers – 0.5 m, for older children – from 0.8 to 1.4 m.If diving is expected, a model with a depth of at least 2 should be selected m. When choosing the size of the device, it should be understood that with an increase in its depth, maintenance costs increase sharply. For example, when the volume increases by one and a half times, the operating costs increase by three.

An important aspect of the choice is the material from which the structure is made. In budget models made in China, reinforced PVC film in one or two layers is most often used. Such systems cannot boast of durability. They are very sensitive to physical impact and tilt. In a pool made of such materials, it is better not to jump, swing it and keep birds and animals away from it..

How to choose the right suburban pool

Pools also made in China, but under American or European brands, differ significantly in quality. Their frames are made according to individual drawings, and PVC fabric of a certain density in several layers is used as a material for the tank. It is enhanced if necessary. Such systems are much more durable and have good performance characteristics: resistance to damage, UV radiation, etc..

It is also worth paying attention to the equipment of the device. Some firms offer a complete set of related products complete with a pool: a ladder, a substrate, an awning, filtration equipment, a pump, etc. You need to understand that without these devices, the functioning of the pool is often impossible. They will still have to be purchased, so it is worth calculating how it will be more profitable to do it: pay for a set or buy separately.

Intex models are very popular among budget frame pools. They are very attractive to buyers for their ease of use and maintenance, safety and reasonable price. However, they cannot boast of special durability and practicality. Similar characteristics can be given to devices from Bestway. These are models of various colors, shapes and sizes with an attractive appearance, but a short service life. The structures are maintainable, but such works often give only a short-term effect..

How to choose the right suburban pool Azuro 400DL

The buildings of the Torrente company have proven to be reliable and durable. However, their cost is quite high. Swimming lovers should pay attention to the pools of the Atlantic pool, the capacity of which reaches 70 m3. The Czech manufacturer Mountfield offers designs under the Azuro brand. These are quality, economical models with additional corrosion protection and a reinforced frame. Among them there are all-season options, which allows the use of structures as stationary. The table shows the characteristics of pools from different manufacturers.

Brand The form Capacity Material Equipment The cost
Intex Ultra Frame 732x366x132 cm rectangle 31805 l at 90% filling PVC, metal frame sand filter pump with seawater system (chlorine generator) 6057 l / h, ladder, flooring, awning, cleaning set, skimmer, volleyball set, repair kit 56 210 rbl.
Intex Ultra Frame 549×132 cm a circle 26423 L at 90% filling PVC, metal frame sand filter pump with seawater system (chlorine generator), 6057 l / h, ladder, flooring, awning, cleaning set, volleyball set, repair kit 40,010 rub.
Intex 3.66х0.76 m a circle 6503 L at 90% filling PVC, metal frame repair kit 4 940 rub.
Bestway 56256 549х274х122 cm rectangle 15897 l PVC, metal frame sand filter, decking, awning, care kit, ladder 36 400 rub.
Bestway 488×122 cm a circle 19480 l PVC, metal frame filter pump 220 V for water purification # 58117, cartridge # 58094, underlay, awning, ladder 21,500 rubles.
Bestway 56082 400x211x81 cm rectangle 5700 l PVC, metal frame filter pump 6 100 rub.
LUX Torrente a circle 17480 l PVC, metal sand filter RUB 48,000.
Azuro 405DL 7.3×3.7×1.2 m frost-resistant oval 29 m2 PVC, metal ladder equipped with an upper platform, upper side, skimmer, return nozzle, hoses for connections, sand filtration unit 81,000 rubles.
Azuro 400DL 3,6×1,1 m frost-resistant a circle 11 m2 PVC, metal ladder, filtration system, plastic nozzle for water supply, skimmer-dirt collector 37 600 rub.

Competent operation and maintenance of the pool is the key to its long and trouble-free service. We will consider these important questions in the next article..

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