How to get rid of ants in the area and in the house

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Ants bring a lot of trouble to the owners of summer cottages. The difficulty of their removal lies in the rapid recovery of the destroyed population and migration throughout the site and living quarters. The article will outline a set of measures for the complete destruction of insects on the site and in the house.

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

Colonies of ants bring irreparable harm to garden plants: their colonies penetrate deep into the soil, damaging the roots of shrubs and trees and reducing yields. If ants settle in the beds, then neither vegetables nor berries will grow in this place..

Insects that have appeared on the site multiply quickly. An illiterate fight against them can lead to the opposite result – the number of colonies and the population will increase, they will occupy new territories and can enter the house.

In their living quarters, they create their own storerooms, which over time can become a source of mold, as well as places for storing excrement and garbage. In addition, some species of ants leave painful bites on human skin..

Types of ants. Populations, distribution features

All species of ants are social insects and live in colonies, dividing into castes: females and males have wings and can fly, workers only crawl. Anthills built of small plant particles can be located above the soil surface, underground, under the roots of trees, under stones.

In residential premises, ant colonies can consist of numerous settlements located in different places (in crevices, under a window sill, in household appliances, sockets, etc.). Insects are distinguished by their viability, they are almost omnivorous: food, carrion, plant leaves, aphids, and other insects are eaten.

You may encounter the following types of ants:

  1. Yellow or pharaoh ants, live only in residential areas.
  2. Red house thief ants live on the site, but constantly penetrate the house.
  3. Black ants live only on the site.

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of why ants appeared on the site or in the house, it can only be assumed that the ants were brought into the house with things or household appliances, or they migrated in search of food or a new place to settle.

Ants and aphids. How to get rid of aphids

In an area with ants, aphids are also a huge problem for the gardener. This garden pest, feeding on plant sap, secretes a sweet substance that ants love very much (they kind of “milk” aphids, massaging its abdomen). If the breeding aphid lacks food, the ants can transfer it to neighboring plants. They also protect her from numerous enemies. That is why the fight against ants should include the fight against aphids..

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

The first measure in the fight against ants should be the treatment of plants with a preparation for the destruction of aphids. This can be done using biological or chemical agents. Such biological products as “Biotlin”, “Fitoverm”, “Entobacterin”, “Tanrek” have proven themselves well..

Chemical preparations that destroy aphids should be used in the case when biological ones no longer bring results. This is due to their high toxicity. After such processing, you cannot eat fruits and herbs from the garden for a month.

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

The most effective are “Intavir”, “Karate”, “Iskra”, “Kinmiks”.

Ways and methods of dealing with ants in the garden, measures to prevent their appearance

Mechanical methods

Before starting the fight against ants in the garden, it is necessary to identify and mark all the anthills (it is worth remembering that they can be deep underground):

  1. The anthill must be carefully dug to the required depth..
  2. Mix the dug earth with lime mixed with ash.

Chemical methods of dealing with ants on the site

The German remedy GLOBOL in powder form is considered effective in the fight against ants, which allows you to completely get rid of pests within two weeks..

Method 1.Spread the powder on the anthill and along the ant paths at the rate of 10 g / m2. The ants will transfer it to the anthill, where it will be eaten by the queen and young, which will lead to their death.

Method 2.The powder can be dissolved in water (1 pack per 5 liters). Pour the resulting solution over the anthill and the space around it. In this case, the agent acts by contact and leads to the rapid death of the entire population of the anthill..

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

Means such as Delicia, “Dachnik”, “Muratsid”, “Diazinon” and others have proven themselves well..

Traditional methods of dealing with ants on the site

Note that these funds give only a temporary effect and it is recommended to use them in combination with others:

  1. It is believed that ants do not like the smell of mint, lemon balm and valerian, oregano. In the area where they grow in large numbers, ants usually do not settle.
  2. If ant paths and nests are regularly sprinkled with soda or boric acid, the ants will leave them..
  3. Watering an anthill with kerosene diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 100 will destroy the population.
  4. Vegetable oil mixed with water and poured into a hole in the ground leading to an anthill will disrupt the life of the colony.
  5. You can pour boiling water over the nests. It is better to do this in the evening, when the worker ants are inside. Before processing, the anthill must be stirred up.
  6. It has been noticed that ants never make dwellings next to tomato bushes. Tomato tops can be tied to the trunks of trees and shrubs, if the ants have bred especially strongly under them.

Measures to prevent the appearance of ants on the site

Careful digging, weeding and loosening of the land on the site, even in hard-to-reach places, reduces the population and the number of anthills.

Regular processing of trunks, root parts and soil within a radius of a meter with a strong solution of lime (3 kg per bucket of water) will not allow ants to settle near fruit trees.

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

How to deal with ants in the house

Boric acid is an old proven drug for ant control. If you mix it with honey or meat gruel and spread it out near the hole, then the bait (with a high degree of probability) will get to its destination and destroy the inhabitants of the home anthill.

But the magnetic resonance and ultrasonic anticancer drugs that have appeared on the market cannot cope with their task – the ants continue their active life in the immediate vicinity of them.

Indoor Ant Control Chemicals

Effective chemicals for indoor use are Frontline and Raptor sprays, Regent powder, Get microcapsules, GLOBOL gel.

Folk remedies for fighting ants in the house

  1. Boric acid with honey or meat gruel, decomposed at the entrance to the colony.
  2. Arrange bunches of mint, parsley, oregano, valerian, bay leaves next to ant paths and places of settlements.
  3. Place jars of honey mixed with yeast around the house.

Fighting ants or how to get rid of ant hills

How to prevent ants from entering your home

To prevent ants from entering your home, it is important to avoid leaving crumbs and food debris on the table. Before a long absence, you should thoroughly wash the floors and throw away the trash.

It is worth remembering that single individuals will not do harm, existing colonies and ant queens are dangerous.

Regular, complex activities that combine various methods will help get rid of ants in the garden and in the house, as well as prevent their reappearance.

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