How to make steps in the garden

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The steps on the site carry not only a functional load, but also play an important role in landscape design. Beautifully executed steps represent a small architectural form that makes the eye stop.

Even if the garden area is completely flat, there is always the possibility of using steps in some place. This can be the entrance to a house or porch, or steps can lead to a raised playground or recreation area..

Stone staircase

Garden steps can be made from various materials, here only fantasy can serve as a limitation. Staircase steps can be built from wooden beams, from natural stone, cast from concrete, laid out from clay bricks.

The main rule in the manufacture of steps is that they must be reliable and stable. The width of the stairs is also taken into account – depending on where the steps lead and how often this staircase will be used, it can be narrow or wide. The depth of the step, the so-called tread, is usually taken equal to the length of the foot, which is approximately equal to three hundred millimeters. It can be deeper, then you need to take into account the step size so that it is convenient to use such steps. The height of a step or riser also has standard sizes that range from one hundred thirty to one hundred and eighty millimeters. However, if the ascent consists of only a few steps or is not used often, then you can move away from these dimensions and choose the height and depth at your discretion and depending on the landscape.

Here it is proposed to make an ascent to the terrace from three steps made of fired clay bricks without the use of mortar. The size of the brick is very suitable for the step, in addition, clay brick is a material made from natural raw materials, it fits very organically into the natural landscape. The total height of the ladder is the sum of the height of each step and is equal to 360-370 mm. The length is calculated according to the same principle, and consists of the lengths of three bricks, while taking into account that each upper row overlaps the lower one by a couple of centimeters. These dimensions are necessary so that the ladder clearly stands in its designated place. The length of this ladder was 730 mm. If necessary, the number of steps can be increased, respectively, the height and length of the rise will increase.

To create a staircase 800 mm wide, you will need the following materials:

  • Fired clay bricks – 30 pcs;
  • Construction sand – 2-3 buckets;
  • Soil mixture – 1-2 buckets;
  • Lawn grass.

To work, you will need the following tools:

  • Roulette;
  • Shovel;
  • Buckets;
  • Watering can;
  • Rubber hammer;
  • Building level;
  • Pegs for marking.

Ladder markings on the ground

We mark the beginning of the lower step with pegs and from them we postpone the length of the stairs. We check the lifting height, it should correspond to the height of one step multiplied by their total number. We measure the length of the brick from the beginning of the stairs with a tape measure and remove the excess earth with a shovel.

Ladder markings on the ground

You should get a flat area. Now you can go directly to laying the first row of bricks.

Brick laying

On the resulting flat area, remove the top layer of earth, approximately 30-40 mm in size along the length of the brick and the width of the stairs. We fill the resulting depression with sand, level the sand and lay bricks on it.

Improvement of the suburban area

During work, it is necessary to check the evenness of the laying using a building level. Bricks must be tapped with a rubber hammer so that they firmly take their place.

Landscaping in the country

The next row is laid in the same way, while the upper row should overlap the lower one by a few centimeters for a more stable position of the steps.

Your own designer

After all the steps have been installed, the level of the steps is checked once again by the building level and, if necessary, inaccuracies are corrected with a construction hammer. Then the steps are gently poured with a sprayer to make the sand evenly compact.

Brick steps

The final stage

Lawn grass seeds are added to the prepared soil mixture and this composition is tightly clogged in the cracks between the bricks. After this step, you need to water it again from a watering can with a spray, and continue watering daily for two weeks so that the grass can germinate.

Landscape design

After the grass has germinated and matured, the steps can be used as intended. Such a staircase will decorate a garden made in a rustic or free style..

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