How to rent a summer cottage for the summer

Citizens who do not have their own summer cottage or at least six acres of land in gardening associations often decide to rent them. In fact, why sit in the city when you can rent a cozy country house. Our tips site will tell you how to do it right, so as not to be disappointed later..

How to rent a summer cottage for the summer

Real estate experts say that March and early April are the best time to rent a summer house. By May, all more or less good proposals will be sorted out, it will be too late. Closer to summer, you will have to choose between houses without amenities or too expensive, elite dachas. Therefore, hurry up to choose a cottage that suits you according to all criteria..

First you need to decide why you need a summer cottage at all, what are you going to do here:

  • Grow crops. Then you will need a cottage with well-groomed beds and a garden. You need owners who will allow you to plant vegetables on your plot, use what is already growing in the garden. Many dacha owners are looking for tenants not only to earn money, but also to keep the plot in order. So such offers are not uncommon, it is important for owners that their donor does not overgrow with weeds..
  • Just relax. The opposite option. In this case, you just need a plot with a garden and lawn, without beds to care for. But the pool and picnic area are becoming an important requirement – these are indispensable attributes of a summer cottage..
  • Send grandmother and grandchildren out of town for the summer. The summer cottage should be adapted for children’s recreation. Sandbox, swing – the minimum set you need. And even better – a full-fledged playground.

How to rent a summer cottage for the summer

Important! The choice of its location depends on whether you will go from the dacha to work or simply have a rest all summer. In the first case, it is advisable to look for a dacha closer to the city, in the second, you can go further, to the picturesque nature.

Don’t forget to appreciate the surroundings of the cottage. Will it be possible to walk down the street after the rain without wearing rubber boots? Is a cottage under construction nearby? How close are the neighboring houses, is the outdoor recreation area hidden from the eyes of neighbors and passers-by? How close is the store and the pharmacy? All these points need to be assessed on the spot.

After choosing among all the ads three or four most suitable in terms of price, location and characteristics, you need to go to look. When inspecting the cottage, be sure to pay attention to the presence of all amenities, furniture, household appliances. Check how the water supply, sewerage system works, if there are any problems with lighting and power supply in general.

How to rent a summer cottage for the summer

It is extremely important to sign a lease in order to protect yourself from fraudsters and possible claims from the owners of the cottage. In this document, you need to write literally all the conditions:

  • Lease terms.
  • The size and procedure for payment for renting a summer house.
  • Rights and obligations of the parties.
  • The order of using the site, garden, vegetable garden. Do I need to take care of the beds and eat apples from the master’s garden – very important conditions for renting suburban real estate.
  • The terms of payment for utilities, including garbage disposal, are prescribed separately. If there is security in the dacha village, you will also need to pay for it, this item is also included in the contract.

The lease agreement is accompanied by a plot plan indicating the cadastral number, as well as an inventory of property and an act stating that household appliances and utilities are in good condition.

Important! It is necessary not to be lazy and photograph the site and every room of the house before moving to the country. In this case, you will have proof that you are returning the cottage to the owner in the same condition in which it was.

How to rent a summer cottage for the summer

In general, a summer cottage lease agreement is similar to a document that is signed when renting an apartment. The portal has already written how to compose it correctly. But when renting a summer house, points related to the care and use of the site are added to the document, that is, the contract will turn out to be more extensive.

Important! When renting a cottage, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the owner. Ask for property documents and owner’s passport. Ask if the lease of the cottage has been agreed with the owner’s spouse, other owners. Otherwise, problems may arise later..

Find out if the owners plan to visit the cottage during your rental. Maybe they generally live in the neighborhood or in the same suburban village. Arrange that the hosts will warn about their visits.

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