Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

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In this article, we will look at the principles of arranging miniature plant compositions, as well as the secrets of choosing plants, pots and decorative elements for creating a mini-garden. We will also describe a detailed guide for making a mini-garden in a pot with your own hands..

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

Designing miniature gardens that fit easily even in small pots is a fairly common hobby among many gardeners. Indeed, with a creative approach and due diligence on a tiny area, you can realize any idea, creating a real miracle.

Design options for compositions

Creating a mini potted garden is a fun activity that can be used to create real works of art by combining familiar plants. Its arrangement, like the design of any flower garden, begins with an idea. Creativity can only be limited by the imagination of the master and his ability to skillfully handle fragile plants and graceful landscape “accessories”.

A small flower pot can accommodate, for example:

  1. Provence style garden, decorated with elegant wrought iron garden furniture.
  2. A tropical island decorated with sea pebbles.
  3. A garden of mirrors whose reflections create optical illusions.
  4. Alpine slide with original compositions of succulents on a background of stones.
  5. Futuristic garden with newfangled installations and lighting.
  6. Amazonian jungle with exotic animals.
  7. An unusual garden decorated with multi-colored glass and mosaics.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

There are many design options for thematic compositions, the main thing is that all elements are organically combined with each other, thereby emphasizing the temperament and design idea of ​​an improvised mini-garden.

Containers for arranging a mini-garden

The basis for creating a picturesque composition can be any wide container or container, the height of the walls of which does not exceed 15–20 cm. The depth of the container is determined by the choice of plants: for succulents, 10 cm is enough, and for larger specimens – up to 20 cm. The larger the horizontal area capacity, the wider the field for creativity.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

In addition to clay flower pots, you can use pallets, plastic bottle parts, enamel basins, and even old sinks to create a mini garden. To make an unsightly container more presentable, you can decorate its outer walls with painting, multi-colored mosaics, glass or flat beads..

The presence of drainage holes is a prerequisite for all containers. Small slots and holes in the bottom of the container are necessary to drain excess water. Indeed, with excessive watering, excess water can cause root rot.

Variety of plant choices

The choice of flowers and plantings depends on the theme of the composition. For example, for a rock garden or rocky hill, cacti and other succulents are perfect: diamonds, havrotia, stone rose, sedum.

An interesting option looks when green bushes are planted directly into the stone. For this purpose, stones with a porous structure are better suited: limestone, tuff, shell rock. The soft structure of the stones is easy to process, thanks to which, by sawing, you can create “pockets” and “islands” for planting plants.

Among the stones, they perfectly coexist: gasteria, saxifrage, gelksina, pachyphytum. To retain the moisture necessary for the flowers, it is advisable to supplement the “rocky” compositions with glades of moss.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

If you want to decorate the garden in the style of a park landscape, you can choose a dwarf ficus, myrtle or money tree as green spaces. These miniature trees are popular due to their decorative crown, to preserve the shape of which it is enough just to cut and pinch the regrown shoots in a timely manner..

Graceful beauties of cyclamens, streptocarpus, roses and synpoli will help to bring colorful colors. As they bloom, it is easy to replace them with new varieties that are just entering the flowering season, keeping the garden attractive throughout the year..

Attention! Since any plantings as they grow fill more and more territory, for arranging compact compositions, preference should be given to slow-growing specimens.

Decorative elements

To create a garden, you can use any materials at hand: ceramic vessels, plastic fittings, seashells, animal figurines. To create the necessary entourage, the top layer of the earth can be decorated with sand, fine gravel, sea pebbles. Even pieces of colored glass and shards of broken dishes can be adapted to bring your idea to life..

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

The gardens, decorated with miniature buildings, look unusually picturesque. Tiny houses can be purchased in specialized stores or made with your own hands from the same matches..

Even the lid of a five-liter plastic bottle can serve as the basis for creating a tiny reservoir, which is enough to bury it in the ground so that the sides are not visible. It is quite easy to hide the plastic bottom of the vessel by covering it with a layer of sand. To create the effect of the Garden of Eden, it is advisable to decorate the “shore” of the reservoir with decorative flowering plants. Against the background of the water surface, they look great: saltium, dracaena, dwarf ficus and nertera.

DIY mini-garden arrangement

Thinking over the arrangement of a mini-garden, it is advisable to take into account a number of points.

Placement location. It would be nice to place a mini-garden in the front area of ​​the room. Then he will always be in sight, raising the mood with his appearance and the owners of the house, and his guests. But since its main advantage is mobility, if desired, the composition can always be rearranged to a new place, thereby diversifying the interior..

Growing conditions. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of growing plants with which you plan to fill an impromptu flower garden. The optimal place for arrangement is open to sunlight and protected from drafts..

Building a fertile foundation

For planting plants when arranging an impromptu flower garden in a pot, a soil mixture consisting of coarse sand, peat and turf, taken in a ratio of 2: 1: 1, is optimal..

We cover the bottom of the container with a layer of fine gravel, pebbles or expanded clay, which will perform a drainage function. After that, we fill the container with fertile soil, not adding 1–2 cm to the edge, and tamp it slightly.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

If you need to plant plants that prefer special types of soil, you can make special “pockets”. It is easy to distinguish between them by means of decorative paving of small stones and wood chips. The issue of plant compatibility can also be solved by planting them in a common pot without removing them from their “native” containers.

Planting plants

When transplanting plants from containers, the main thing is not to damage the root system. Take great care when removing and planting them in a new container..

When placing plants, taking into account their growth prospects, it is imperative to maintain the distance between the seedlings. You should also take into account their agrotechnical characteristics: some prefer shaded areas, others wither away without sunlight, the former like moderate watering, the latter – they love an abundance of moisture.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

Plants in a pot are placed according to the same principle as in an ordinary flower bed: low-growing specimens are planted in the foreground, and the background is decorated with taller varieties.

Decoration with decor elements

Having placed the main elements of the composition, we fill the empty spaces with a dump of small stones, which, in addition to the aesthetic function, will prevent the evaporation of moisture from the soil and the growth of weeds.

The illusion of water in a flower garden will help to create glass pebbles, poured in a small slide at the side of the pot. An original addition to the “landscape” will be a miniature swing and a ladder made of wooden skewers.

Mini garden in a pot: arrangement options for the composition

The mini-garden is ready. Caring for it consists only in removing wilted flowers and shoots, as well as maintaining an optimal humidity regime.

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