Site features that increase the cost of improvement

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The cost of arranging one hundred square meters of land can be very different. According to experts, we can talk about a range of 50-500 thousand rubles. Our site of advice found out which three features of a land plot will immediately increase the cost of its improvement, and very significantly.

Site features that increase the cost of improvement

The first criterion is distance

Closer to nature is good, but a plot of land located too far from large settlements immediately turns out to be much more expensive in arrangement. The reason is logistics. Many designers initially indicate the cost of going to the place, focusing on the distance from the Moscow Ring Road, for example. It so happens that the delivery of sand, gravel, soil to the site is significantly more expensive than the material itself.

Land plots for construction

Difficulties also arise with the delivery of large-sized vehicles, the portal wrote in detail about the peculiarities of landing. In addition, it will be difficult for a landscape designer to carry out architectural supervision, each time spending a lot of time on the road. You will also need a change house for permanent residence of workers, so as not to organize expensive delivery.

Landscaping of a personal plot

For these reasons, remote plots of land, although cheaper by themselves, are expensive to set up..

Second criterion – slope, elevation difference

The presence of a hill, a ravine and a height difference of about 10 meters in one relatively small area is a problem. And not only with building a house on a slope. Even simple beds will not be easy to break. Retaining walls, steps, ramps will be required, and all this leads to additional costs.

Landscaping of a site on a slope

Landscaping of a site on a slope

On a site with a height difference, you will have to equip a special entrance, a network of convenient paths. The landscape design project itself turns out to be more difficult both in development and implementation..

Third criterion – hydrogeology

The proximity of the reservoir is usually a plus for the site. But this arrangement can lead to problems with the arrangement. It will be necessary to carry out hydrogeological surveys, draw up the correct design of the irrigation system, and engage in drainage work. Quicksands, peat bogs, a high level of groundwater – all this makes the arrangement of the site more expensive and problematic.

Engineering and geological surveys on the site

Water at the site

Site drainage

The range of plants that can take root well in an area with a high GWL level and acidic soils is limited. There are not so many lovers of marsh plants, therefore, areas in the lowlands, next to reservoirs cause a number of difficulties and questions, it is almost impossible to create beautiful and at the same time inexpensive landscape design.

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