Sprinklers: types, features of use, prices

The ease of use of sprinkler systems that simulate real rain has been appreciated by many site owners. If you don’t have sprinklers yet, we recommend that you purchase this useful sprinkler. And we will tell you what sprinklers exist, how they differ, how much they cost.

Sprinklers: types, features of use, prices

Why do we need sprinklers, why are they so popular? For two important reasons:

  1. Firstly, there is no need to water the beds and flower beds by hand, stand with a hose, and carry a heavy watering can with water. Sprinklers can save you tons of time.
  2. Secondly, for example, you cannot water the lawn with a strong pressure from a hose! The jet will destroy the roots of plants, bald spots may appear on the lawn. For delicate seedlings, careful watering is also needed, artificial rain helps to irrigate the beds evenly without harming the plants.

Sprinkler gun

Spray gun for irrigation

The simplest and most inexpensive option is a spray nozzle, which is put on the hose and used in manual mode. For their characteristic shape, such nozzles are often called “pistols”. They cost from 70 to 600 rubles, they are often sold complete with a hose. When choosing a spray nozzle, pay attention to the following important points:

  • The number of operating modes, there may be 4, 6, 7. However, rare summer residents use all modes, usually they choose two or three of the most convenient.
  • The convenience of a handle that you have to hold. It shouldn’t be slippery.
  • Availability of connectors that allow using the nozzle with different hoses.
  • The presence of a retainer. It is convenient if it will be possible to fix the selected operating mode and do not press the button or lever all the time during watering.

Spray gun

All sprinklers can be divided into two groups:

  1. Retractable, which are used in automatic irrigation systems. In this case, the pipes are hidden underground, and the sprinkler itself extends if necessary and then hides again..
  2. Portable, non-retractable models that attach to the hose and can be easily installed in a new location.

Gardeners usually use only portable models, because it is much more difficult to equip an automatic irrigation system on the site. And the beds next year can be set up in a new place. It is important that non-retractable models are cheaper..

Portable sprinkler with rotating head

Circular sprinkler

Portable sprinklers can be set up in a variety of ways: some simply place on the ground, others require a peg or tripod.

In addition, the following types of modern sprinklers are distinguished:

  1. Rotary. Their base is fixed, only the head rotates, which sprinkles water over the area. On some advanced models, you can adjust the spray type and watering sector.

Rotary Sprinkler

  1. Fan-shaped. Stationary, water is sprayed in a fan in a given direction. Usually mounted on a rod up to 30 centimeters high.

Fan sprinkler

Important! Rotary sprinklers are great for irrigating a level and spacious area, such as a lawn, and can spray water up to 35 meters. Fan-shaped sprinklers, on the other hand, are best used in a small area, it is possible with uneven terrain. The range of their water spraying is small, but the irrigation is uniform.

  1. Oscillating, pendulum. These sprinklers are made of a plastic or metal tube, it is securely fixed on a low tripod and fluctuates within specified limits, water is sprayed through the holes, the irrigation line is accurate. Oscillating sprinklers are convenient for use in rectangular areas, irrigation range reaches 20 meters, you can adjust the angle and height of the tube with holes.

Oscillating sprinkler

  1. Pulse. These sprinklers are popular and loved by children. Water is sprayed in a circle, but not in a continuous stream, but in pulses, in small portions. Minus – the device is noisy.

Impulse sprinkler

Pulse sprinkler with stand

Important! When choosing a sprinkler model, be guided by the features of your site, its area, configuration. On a large area, several sprinkler systems will be required – one for the lawn, for example, the second – in the garden, the third – in the flowerbed.

As for manufacturers, Czech Garden sprinklers, Italian Geolia, Intertool, Rain Bird, Hunter are popular..

The price of the device can be very different. A simple rotating plastic sprinkler can be bought for 90–500 rubles, an oscillating plastic sprinkler – for 750 rubles, but with a brass tube it will cost more than 1500 rubles. The cost of impulse sprinklers starts at 550 rubles.

Important! The spray length depends on the water pressure in the system.

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