The best strawberry varieties for Russian regions

Almost everyone loves juicy, sweet, healthy strawberries! There are many varieties of this berry, but not all are suitable for growing in the climate and soil conditions of the Russian regions. Our tips site has selected the best strawberry varieties that will allow you to get a rich harvest almost everywhere.

The best strawberry varieties for Russian regions

Recall that the portal has already devoted articles to the peculiarities of growing strawberries on the site, and also told how you can get the harvest of this berry on your own windowsill. Now we will choose suitable varieties.

Let’s start with the Queen Elizabeth II strawberry. This is a young variety that was bred in Russia in 2001. Advantages – frost resistance, suitable for growing in the middle lane, berries are large, beautiful, sweet, with a bright aroma. “Queen Elizabeth II” bears fruit two or three times per season, it is a remontant variety. Of the minuses – regular watering and feeding with potassium and nitrogen is required, otherwise the berries will be small.

Queen Elizabeth II

“Gigantella”. As the name implies, the main feature of this strawberry is its large berries that grow up to 10 centimeters in diameter. The bushes are also large, they can rise up to 50 centimeters in height. Other pluses of this strawberry are a large harvest from one bush, tasty, dense berries and a fruiting period from June to mid-July. Experienced summer residents advise feeding “Gigantella” chicken manure.


Zenga Zengana. Like the two previous varieties, this strawberry is excellent for harvesting in central Russia, frost-resistant. The peculiarity of the berries is that they resemble pineapple in shape, the aroma is also unusual. This variety blooms late, but brings the harvest until the end of July. “Zenga Zengana” needs sunny areas, even in partial shade, the yield may fall.

Zenga Zengana

Marshal. Bred back in 1890, this strawberry variety is considered the most unpretentious. It tolerates drought well, grows on poor soils, already in the first year after planting it brings a good harvest.

Strawberry Marshal

“Lambada”. This variety is more suitable for the southern regions, as it blooms in April. Berries, both in appearance and in taste, are more like strawberries, great for jam. Minus – “Lambada” is susceptible to fungal diseases, bushes need to be processed.

Strawberry Lambada

“Festivalnaya” According to experts, this is the best strawberry variety for growing in the Urals. It tolerates drought well and manages to produce crops before the rainy season in this Russian region. The bushes are fluffy and, importantly, bloom at the same time. The berries are red, tasty and aromatic.

Strawberry Festival

“The Beauty of Zagorya”. A good choice for the Leningrad region and the Urals. The berries are dark red, fragrant, sweet. This strawberry easily tolerates winters and begins to bear fruit already in early June..

Beauty of Zagorya

“Sudarushka”. Suitable for growing in the northwestern Russian regions with their short summers. High frost resistance allows you to get up to 7 kilograms of berries per square meter, good taste, disease resistance are the advantages of this strawberry. But the berries sink low and begin to rot, you need to mulch the soil or use agrofibre to avoid this..

Strawberry Sudarushka

“Tsarskoye Selo”. Gardeners call this variety the best for the Novgorod and Leningrad regions. The berries are glossy, shiny, red, sweet and aromatic. This strawberry variety tolerates frost well, but is susceptible to attacks by the strawberry sawfly.

Strawberry Tsarskoselskaya

“Onega”. This is not to say that this is the sweetest strawberry variety, but it is distinguished by its increased frost resistance, thanks to which it is popular among Russian summer residents. However, the taste of the berries is pleasant, rather sweet, and the aroma is uniform. Grows and bears fruit even with few sunny days.

Garden strawberry Onega

Of course, these are not all strawberry varieties suitable for different regions of Russia. In general, almost 100 varieties of this tasty and healthy berry are grown in our country, which differ in taste, and aroma, and in size, and in color, and in yield, and in resistance to frost and pests..

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