We make a frame outdoor pool with our own hands

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For many, having a pool in their backyard is a pipe dream. It all comes down to serious financial costs, and this is not surprising, because the construction of the pool is a very time-consuming and high-tech business. The price of the issue is often measured in several thousand dollars. However, there is one option that many will be able to afford..

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own hands

It will be a completely self-made swimming pool made of tent fabric measuring 4.5×2 meters and a side height of about 1 meter, assembled on a wooden frame. It is assembled on site in one day by one person. The work is planned to be creative, extremely creative and very interesting.

The cost of all materials will be about 5-6 thousand rubles. Well, is it possible for such and such money to deny yourself the pleasure of basking in cool clean water at least every day, when the exhausting summer heat is on the street, from which there is nowhere else to hide. And how happy the kids will be …

In addition, this is a decent supply of sun-warmed water, which is about 8 tons. I’ll tell you a secret, the pool was conceived as a container for watering the garden.

We cook PVC

The basis for our pool will be PVC fabric, which is used to make awnings for trucks, awnings, inflatable boats, etc. Such material has a very serious strength, almost does not stretch and does not allow water to pass at all. There are many companies offering awning fabric of various colors and density, they can also purchase all the necessary accessories and even order the manufacture of a ready-made container according to your size.

In our case, we will use a Belgian gray cloth 2.5 meters wide, with an average specific density of 650 g / m2. Please note that if the fabric has one of the sides whiter than smooth, then for ease of maintenance it is advisable to turn it with a gloss inside the pool.

Absolute tightness and the highest strength of the seams can only be obtained by hot air welding, although there are options for adhesive execution. To do this, we need a special construction hair dryer with an operating temperature range of 20 to 700 degrees and a crevice nozzle

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsSoldering iron for PVC

Work with PVC cloth should be done on a flat, clean surface. It is desirable to have at your disposal a spacious room in which the finished product can easily fit. On the floor covered with fiberboard or chipboard sheets, it is convenient to cut and glue our container without fear of damaging the material.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsNeed a place to work

The welding operating temperature is selected in accordance with the blade manufacturer’s recommendations. We lay the awning fabric with an overlap of 20-30 mm and heat it with a hot air gun until it melts slightly, avoiding burning. The softened material is pressed tightly by a rolling roller with a hard silicone or rubber roller.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the weld, the tightness of all joints will depend on it. If necessary, you can practice on scraps of film – work out the speed of movements, temperature and other work parameters.

When the “trough” is ready, the film is bent by 50-70 mm along the upper perimeter and boiled. Through this side, metal rings (eyelets) are mounted, designed to pull and fasten products by means of cables and ropes. The rings consist of two parts, which are installed through pre-punched holes corresponding in diameter. Eyelets are mounted after about 500 mm using manual flaring or a special press.

Preparing the base

To install an unburied frame pool, you will need a perfectly flat, stable base, therefore, it is better to choose an appropriate place to avoid time-consuming earthworks, large-scale soil planning.

It is imperative to remove the topsoil and uproot all plants in a certain area. The soil must be clean, free of solid protruding particles, stones and other.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsPreparing the site

Next, we make a leveling sand cushion with a layer of 50 to 100 mm. To do this, set the beacons from the CD profile at the level and stretch the sand as a rule, getting a perfectly flat surface. This procedure will have to be repeated after installing the frame..

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsSand pillow

Assembling the frame

For the construction of the frame, we will use a pine beam with a section of 100×50 mm, unedged and semi-edged boards 25 mm thick. All lumber must be barked and treated with an antiseptic. Ideally, you need to use dry wood, in extreme cases, “dried”, that is, dried.

First of all, we mark the corners of the structure, be sure to check the rectangularity of the frame. For this we measure the diagonals – they must be equal. We make adjustments if necessary.

Next, with a shovel or a garden hand drill, we prepare wells about 500 mm deep. On the long side, we will put two posts apart from the corner ones, the spans are about 1.4 m.One intermediate post will be on the short sides.

The pillars are installed strictly vertically along one line, here the cord and the building level will be indispensable. The racks are placed in the wells, after which the free space is filled with fine or medium gravel. All this backfill is thoroughly rammed.

Parts of the timber that will be in the ground must be carefully covered with bituminous waterproofing, especially the ends.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsWaterproofing racks

When the timber is installed and securely fixed, you can tie them with a board. On the top, at a height of about a meter from the ground, a half-edged board is placed strictly horizontally. The lower strapping of the fence can be made with a shawl, the height is taken approximately 200 – 400 mm from the ground. The whole board is sewn onto the timber through the body using “black” self-tapping screws 45-50 mm long.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsTop harness

Intermediate struts need reliable struts as they will be subject to large amounts of water pressure. For this, triangles are formed from the top of these pillars using braces from a bar with a section of 50×50 mm, stabilizing the frame. This ensures resistance against forces acting from within..

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsStabilizing struts

When the racks are tied, you can trim them. It makes sense to leave outlets of some size, then in the future it will be convenient to knit auxiliary structures to them: a canopy, a shelter or, for example, a ladder.

Making a ladder

We place an additional stand at a distance of 600 mm from the corner. We make two bowstrings from an unedged board, which are attached to the bottom of the support platform, and at the top they are screwed to the posts and at the same time rest on the upper harness.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsFastening the bowstrings

Every 250 mm along the level, we mark the location of the steps and mount the support bars in these places.

We cut the steps from a wide shawl and set them in place. In total, four steps are obtained, and the upper one is also attached to the harness, forming a platform at the very edge of the pool.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsThe ladder is ready

We install PVC cloth

Before installing the product welded from awning fabric, you need to level the sand bed again.

Now we fasten the sides of our pool strictly horizontally. As fasteners, we use self-tapping screws with a 35 mm press washer and additional large washers in diameter larger than the holes in the eyelets. All these fasteners must be galvanized.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsFasteners

The canvas needs to be pulled very well and pressed tightly with self-tapping screws. All this work should be done very carefully so as not to damage the PVC fabric..

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsStretching the canvas


Such a simple pool is erected by one person in 12 hours, including PVC welding.

We make a frame outdoor pool with our own handsHere’s what happened

Its cost is more than democratic:

PVC material 22 m2x150 3300
Lumber 1200
Fasteners one hundred
Antiseptic impregnation 350
Fare 350
Total 5300 rubles

As a result, we got a multifunctional inexpensive outdoor pool that can be improved indefinitely, using all modern devices and systems inherent in the professional construction of structures of this purpose. Of the simple, superfluous options, you can name a nozzle for draining water, a shelter, a ladder to exit the pool.

It should be noted that our structure is not only pre-fabricated, but also collapsible, which makes it possible to change its location without any problems. And the PVC base can be easily dismantled in a few minutes by unscrewing three dozen self-tapping screws and put away for winter storage.

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