We rest in comfort – choose sun loungers and sun loungers

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Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that lying down is the best way to rest and think. Modern scientists have recognized their correctness, having found out that in a person who has taken the most comfortable reclining position, the processes responsible for creative thinking are activated and, accordingly, the most original and fruitful ideas come to mind..

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers

And what furniture is best suited for a lazy relaxation surrounded by nature, in the fresh air? Of course, sun loungers and their “colleagues” sun loungers. It is on such a “long chair” (as the word “chaise longue” is translated from French) that you can comfortably stretch your legs, relax and sunbathe, admiring the surrounding landscape or chatting with friends.

Sun loungers became popular in France in the 18th century and then quickly spread throughout Europe, becoming an indispensable attribute of beaches, shady gardens and outdoor terraces. This type of furniture has not lost its relevance and now, along with hammocks, it remains the most “summer” option for arranging a recreation area.

What is the difference between a sunbed and a sun lounger? What should you pay attention to when choosing such furniture? What models of sun loungers and sun beds do manufacturers offer today? And how much do models from different materials of domestic and foreign production cost??

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Sun loungers and sun loungers today are an indispensable attribute of every civilized beach, allowing you to comfortably sit near the reservoir. But after all, such furniture can be easily put on your summer cottage, creating a cozy place to relax or equip a picnic area

What is a chaise lounge and sun lounger

A classic chaise longue is a lightweight chair that can be transformed, with an elongated seat that allows you to comfortably stretch your legs, and a sloping back, most often with armrests. There are folding and non-folding models.

The height of the back of a chaise longue is generally the same as that of a regular chair – about 40–45 centimeters, width – 45–60 centimeters. The design feature of the chaise longue is that it will not work to fully stretch out, that is, take a horizontal position, on such a “long chair”, but in a reclining position it will be as comfortable as possible.

Sun loungers are allocated in a separate group. They are traditionally lower than a chaise longue – up to 35 centimeters in height – and wider – up to 70 centimeters. The lounger is often referred to as a rigid portable bed designed for sleeping and relaxing outdoors.

Sun loungers are usually more massive than sun loungers, so many models are equipped with a pair of wheels that allow you to quickly drag a portable bed closer to the side of the pool or the shore of the reservoir. The back of the lounger leans back completely, transforming the furniture into a perfectly flat bed. Unlike a chaise longue, on which you can only rest on a reclining position, the lounger allows you to completely lie down and sunbathe in a horizontal position.

The lounger can also have armrests, often such models are equipped with a folding screen that protects the head of the person lying from the sun.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers In a regular sun lounger, unlike a lounger, you will not be able to lie down completely. This is really a “long chair” that allows you to admire the surrounding landscape half-sitting, leaning back comfortably on a gentle back

Varieties of sun loungers and sun loungers

All sun loungers and sun loungers are usually divided according to the type of material that was used for their manufacture. Most often, sun loungers are made of plastic, wood and metal. Combined models are often found, for example, the frame of the chair is made of wood or steel tubes, and the seat and back itself are wooden, wicker made of artificial or natural fibers, or fabric.

Sun loungers are also most often made of plastic or wood. All plastic models, painted in different colors, are widespread. They are not afraid of the sun or moisture, they will last long enough. The wooden surfaces of sun loungers and sun loungers are subjected to a three-stage treatment – first, a primer is applied, then painting and finishing. This is the only way to prepare the tree for a long service in the sun and in high humidity..

In addition, it is customary to divide sun loungers into folding ones and not. A traditional chaise longue can have three, four or even five positions of the backrest, often in the “long chair” there is also a foot that rises to a horizontal position, which turns it into a comfortable chair or even a real lounger.

The position of the back in such models is changed with the help of grooves on the supporting frame, and the foot is installed on a folding stand, which is attached to it from the inside. In especially “advanced” models, for example, the Lucca chaise lounge from the German company KETTLER made of aluminum and textile – a material that is not afraid of mechanical damage, the backrest position can be adjusted without getting up. It is enough just to loosen the locking levers, which are located at hand, and the back will recline itself to the desired position.

A separate type of sun loungers is duchess-brisee. These models are a composition of a spacious recliner and a side stool. Moreover, the attachment can simply be located next to the main seat or be attached to it.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers A chaise longue with an attached stool is convenient and simple – there is no need to pull out the footboard, and the stool itself can serve as a separate seating area

The sun loungers can also be foldable, converting into a chair or chair, easy to move, have a rising and falling foot, a retractable sun screen, lower armrests, an accessory compartment and so on..

Mattresses, pillows, bedding

Of course, a chaise longue with a fabric seat and back does not need additional accessories – it is quite comfortable and soft even without them. But for sun loungers and sun loungers made of plastic or wood, you will most likely have to separately purchase pillows, a mattress or headrests that can be fixed to the seat and back with Velcro, elastic bands or strings..

Such pillows and mattresses can be made of cotton, padded with polyester wadding, Dralon, synthetic material that is easy to clean and resistant to dirt, as well as other fabrics. Manufacturers also offer simply fabric covers for sun loungers and sun loungers, without padding. All these accessories will make your stay even more pleasant and comfortable..

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Snow-white thin mattresses on sun loungers, of course, look incredibly beautiful and stylish, but periodically the cover will have to be washed, so it should be removed easily, and it is better to choose a fabric that is resistant to dirt and is not afraid of sunlight and moisture

Issue price

The cost of a sun lounger or sun lounger is certainly one of the main selection criteria. The cheapest are plastic models, simple and familiar to everyone who has ever had a rest on the beach..

So, the most common lounger without armrests and with a lowering backrest will cost about 1.5-2 thousand rubles. If you decide to additionally purchase a pillow or mattress for it, then a model made of cotton with polyester padding will cost another 1.5–2 thousand rubles, a set of more modern and resistant dralon – about 2.5–3 thousand rubles. Pillows and mattresses from the German company KETTLER cost from 2 to 9 thousand rubles, depending on the material and filler used.

We can confidently say that the more functions a chaise longue or lounger has, the more positions its backrest, footboard or sunscreen can take, the more expensive the model will be..

For example, the Italian-made Ole model has three positions, turns into a chair and therefore costs about 7-8 thousand rubles.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers An ordinary plastic lounger, the cost of such a simple model usually does not exceed two thousand rubles

The popularity of the manufacturer also plays an important role in the formation of the cost of summer furniture for rest. Russian products may be no worse, but an Italian-made chaise longue will definitely cost several times more..

For example, a Ukrainian-made bamboo chaise longue costs from 1.8 thousand rubles, while a model from Vietnam will cost 3.5 thousand, and a wicker bamboo chaise lounge from the Indonesian company BORTOLI will cost about 17 thousand rubles. Of course, the quality of foreign-made materials and products can be significantly higher, but delivery costs also play an important role in pricing..

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Ole model from the Italian company NARDI. It measures 74x179x69 centimeters, three positions of the backrest, easily becomes a cozy armchair. Price – from seven thousand rubles

You can buy a simple folding chaise lounge on a frame made of light steel tubes with a polyester seat for 1.8-2.3 thousand rubles. Italian-made models, also on a lightweight metal frame, but with a soft seat already cost from 2.7 thousand rubles. A chaise lounge with a cotton cover will cost a little less than models made of acrylic fabric.

Models made of natural wood, for example, northern pine, cost from nine thousand rubles, and KETTLER products made of plastic, but with a shockproof coating, will cost customers no less than 14.5 thousand rubles.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Russian-made model. Chaise longue “Comfort” thanks to the rising footboard turns into a full-fledged sunbed. Price – 2.8 thousand rubles

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Lecor chaise longue model, made in China. Such models are made of black, white or shade imitating animal skins in Ukraine. Price – from 5.1 to 22 thousand rubles, depending on the manufacturer and the material used – natural or artificial leather

The most expensive sun loungers and sun loungers today are offered by the Italian factory ROBERTI RATTAN. The cost of a teak deck chair, for example, reaches 40-50 thousand rubles.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers An original synthetic wicker lounger from the Italian factory ROBERTI RATTAN, a real art object that can decorate any garden plot and fit perfectly into modern landscape design. Price – 72 thousand rubles

Main selection criteria

So, the main point when choosing a sun lounger or lounger for a summer cottage or a house terrace will be its price. As you can see, the cost of such portable “long chairs” and beds can be very different – from 1.5 thousand rubles for the simplest plastic models to 50-70 thousand rubles for foreign-made designer products.

The main disadvantage of plastic models is that this material quickly heats up under the sun and, coming out of the water, it will be difficult to sit on such a lounger. A textile cover, a light mattress or even a simple beach towel that can cover the seat and back will help to solve the problem..

Also, more stylish and comfortable loungers on a plastic frame with a seat made of fabric for awnings or textiles that are not afraid of moisture and do not fade in the sun remain inexpensive..

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Plank bed “Capri”, production of Irak Plastics, Turkey. Non-folding, one-piece, four-position backrest. Price – four thousand rubles

Definitely – folding sun loungers and sun loungers are more convenient to use than their non-folding “colleagues”. After all, such furniture for the winter season will have to be brought into the room and stored somewhere, besides, a chaise longue with a changing back position can serve as an ordinary chair near the dining table. And it is much more convenient to carry the folding model around the site, you can load it into the trunk and take it with you on a fishing trip or a picnic.

At the same time, one-piece structures are often more reliable and durable, since they have fewer “reasons” to break.

Several backrest positions, a retractable footboard and other additional functions, for example, a sun screen, of course, will increase the cost of a chaise longue or sunbed, but they may not be superfluous, making the rest more comfortable.

The most important selection criterion is the reliability of the base and the strength of the top. Only in the case of a sufficiently strong base will a sunbed or chaise lounge be comfortable, safe for health and will last more than one summer season.

As for the appearance of the models, here you should focus on the general design style of your site and the place where a lounger or chaise longue will most often stand. If you are planning to place several “long chairs” in the shade of a tree on a green lawn, then bright plastic models will do just fine. But if a corner is chosen for the couch near a wooden bridge, a wicker fence or on a wooden terrace, you should choose models made of wood, rattan or artificial weaving.

We rest in comfort - choose sun loungers and sun loungers Plastic sunbeds and sun loungers are most often white and green, but blue by the azure surface of the pool will look much more interesting! For the sake of such a stylish effect, it is worth spending a little more time looking for a model suitable in terms of external parameters.

Whichever chaise longue or sunbed you choose – a simple plastic bed or a luxurious design option that will definitely amaze your neighbors and guests – such a purchase will in any case make your vacation more comfortable and your personal plot hospitable.

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