What can be turned into a walk-behind tractor: a photo selection

The creators of such a necessary unit in the economy as a walk-behind tractor, we are sure, did not even know what folk craftsmen could do with it! Often, owners of motoblocks decide that it can perform completely different functions. Our advice site will present you with a selection of homemade products from motoblocks.

Mini tractor from a walk-behind tractor

The walk-behind tractor is traditionally used to perform such tasks in the garden as plowing in autumn and spring, weeding, fertilizing. The portal wrote in detail how to choose such a universal walk-behind tractor and the necessary attachments for it. Now let’s show you what this simple but useful unit is turned into..

DIY mini tractor

Snowmobiles from a walk-behind tractor

Snowmobile on wheels from a walk-behind tractor

Motoblock for cleaning snow

Homemade walk-behind tractor

Of course, most often, walk-behind tractors are converted into full-fledged mini-tractors, which become indispensable assistants on large areas. However, from an ordinary walk-behind tractor, you can make a snowblower, a motor-drill, a snowmobile, a lawn mower, a hay tedder, a bulldozer, a motorized towing vehicle, an excavator, a motorcycle, a karakat, an ATV or a tricycle, a wood splitter, a motor winch …

Wood splitter from a walk-behind tractor

Homemade snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor

Homemade mini excavator from a walk-behind tractor

Motor-drill from a motor-block

Motorized dog from a walk-behind tractor

Mower from a walk-behind tractor

Of course, skillful hands are not enough to convert the walk-behind tractor into something else! You will need frames, wheels, buckets and other special attachments. However, the frame can be easily taken from an old bicycle or welded from scraps of metal pipes, use automobile rubber. You need, of course, a tool, including a grinder, a welding machine, a set of screwdrivers, an electric drill, and fasteners. However, even if you buy ready-made attachments and adapters, alteration of a walk-behind tractor is in any case much cheaper than buying a ready-made ATV or motorized towing vehicle..

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