What can you do with a Christmas tree after the holidays

After the end of the New Year holidays, many homeowners who have chosen a live, sawn spruce or pine tree are faced with the question – what to do with the tree now? Do not rush to just take the tree to the nearest trash can! Our tips site will show you other options.

What can you do with a Christmas tree after the holidays

Of course, from the point of view of ecology and conservation of nature, it is worth buying a spruce in a tub. The portal wrote in detail how to take care of her and transplant her to the site. Or buy an artificial holiday tree that can be used annually by simply changing the decor – tinsel and toys.

However, many owners of houses and apartments still make the traditional choice for our country, buying a sawn down forest beauty at Christmas tree bazaars. In order not to throw away the tree after the end of the holidays, we advise you:

  • Use pine and Christmas tree needles as mulch. This is a great option! The needles, laid in a thick layer on a near-stem circle, around shrubs or in a flower bed, will retain moisture in the soil and gradually release all the nutrients, slowly decomposing.

Mulching with pine needles

  • Pine and spruce needles and thin twigs can also be taken to the compost heap, if available in your area. Get a natural and highly beneficial fertilizer for your garden beds. This additive will balance the pH of alkaline soils, improve their quality and help increase yields..

Collecting needles from the Christmas tree

  • Branches and chips of pine or spruce can also be used as the lowest, initial layer when arranging warm beds. You can sprinkle branches and chips with wood ash, forming a fertile and warm layer that will allow you to get a record harvest from such a bed.

Warm bed device

  • Branches and trunks of conifers can simply be burned in a sauna oven or fireplace. Yes, they have a lot of oils, they are not the best choice for fuel. But when they burn, they give a pleasant aroma..
  • Lapnik, branches of pines and firs, will be an excellent shelter for heat-loving plants for the winter. A dense layer of twigs with needles will protect from snow and frost, for example, rose bushes, clematis, grapes, and other perennials left to winter outdoors.

Shelter of plants for the winter with spruce branches

  • Having trimmed the trunk of a pine or spruce, removing thin twigs, you will get a fairly even log that can be used, for example, to build a fence on the site. You will get a fence in a rustic style.
  • From young pine branches, you can prepare an insecticide that protects plants from aphids and other pests. The branches are chopped with a hatchet, poured with hot water and infused for three to four days. Then the infusion is filtered, diluted with clean water and used for spraying trees, shrubs, perennial flowers. The coniferous insecticide effectively fights against weevils, leafworms and other harmful insects. They need to spray the plants three times: as soon as the buds appear, when buds appear and during flowering.

Needle infusion

  • Due to the fact that the needles have antiseptic and bactericidal properties, it helps not only to grow, but also to preserve the crop. Potatoes, beets and carrots can be stored on pre-dried spruce and pine needles. They are poured over vegetables from above. You get natural protection against rot.

Potatoes, beets and carrots will keep their freshness when stored in pine needles

  • Twigs and twigs can be used to make a very interesting decor. Lamps, clothes hangers, decoration of candlesticks and vases, just an interesting ikebana – there are many options.

Branch decor

We admit that it is much more difficult for the owners of city apartments to find the use of the New Year’s tree or pine. But you should think about taking the tree to the dacha, giving it to friends who have a plot. This is much better than just throwing away the coniferous plant, all parts of which can be used profitably. Therefore, having met 2020, be sure to provide the tree with a “second life”.

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