What dangers can lie in wait for summer residents in the grass

The beginning of the summer cottage season is not only pleasant chores, a lot of time in nature, planting seedlings and picnics. This is also the time when a variety of insects wake up, many of which are dangerous to humans. Our tips site lists the most dangerous insects found in Russia.

Ants on the plot

Let’s start with the ants. Do not consider them completely harmless insects! They carry bacteria that can cause salmonellosis, cholera and dysentery. Ant bites cause itching and swelling, and if a person has an allergy, anaphylactic shock may occur from three or four bites..

Forest tick

Ticks. Every summer resident should remember the danger of these insects. The bite is painless, it is difficult to notice the tick attack immediately. Meanwhile, these pests can cause encephalitis and Lyme disease, which are very dangerous for humans. Therefore, in the event of a tick bite, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor! And even better – to do vaccinations for prevention. To yourself and your pets.

Horsefly gray

Go blind. Found where cattle are bred. They bite very painfully, the bite site swells.

Bee on a flower

Bees. Insects, of course, are useful, but they bite painfully. And you need to immediately pull out the sting.

Bumblebees. Non-aggressive insects, but they fly low and in the grass, they are easy to miss between flowers. Bumblebee venom is no less dangerous and painful than that of bees.

Common hornet

Hornets. Large, aggressive insects. They can attack a person. The poison is dangerous, and the powerful jaws leave very painful bites.

Important! Bites and horseflies, and bees, and bumblebees, and hornets can cause anaphylactic shock in people with allergies. Therefore, in case of a bite, you must immediately take an antihistamine.!

Blister beetle

Blade beetle, he’s a spanish fly. Cantharidin, a poisonous substance on the beetle’s body, causes abscesses and blisters on the skin. And if the poison enters the bloodstream, even death is possible..

T-shirt ordinary

The shirt is ordinary. This insect is also from the squadron of blister beetles. If 30 milligrams of the poison of an ordinary shirt gets into the blood of an adult, a lethal outcome is possible. Blisters and abscesses after contact of poison on the skin will heal for a long time and hard.

Mosquito on a leaf

Mosquitoes. How to deal with these annoying insects at their summer cottage, the portal wrote in detail. Do not forget that mosquitoes, although not poisonous, can carry serious diseases..

Common cross

The cross is ordinary. A poisonous spider that is widespread in our country. By itself, it is not aggressive, but it can attack in the grass if you approach its web. The poison of the cross does not cause death, but the bite is painful, hemorrhage forms under the skin and tissue necrosis is possible. In addition, the venom of this spider can cause weakness and headaches..

Poisonous spider argiope

Argiopa. Another poisonous spider. The poison is not too dangerous, only females bite. The bite site becomes numb, it hurts. Painful sensations can persist for a week.

Spider karakurt

Karakurt. Previously, these dangerous spiders were found only in the southern regions of Russia, but now they can be found in the Moscow region. Only females bite. The poison of karakurt requires the introduction of a special serum in order to prevent death, so consult a doctor immediately!

The most effective way to combat harmful insects is to treat the area with special agents. In addition, there are plants that repel some insects. As a preventive measure, we advise you to get rid of thickets of tall grass and shrubs on your site. In garden beds, for example, ticks do not live at all..

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