25 ideas for summer cottage activities

Ideas for summer cottages A completely buried trampoline is much safer for little jumpers

Ideas for summer cottages A trampoline installed near the pool or pond will be an excellent springboard for those who like to swim on a warm summer day

Ideas for summer cottages If you do not want to sink the trampoline into the ground, take care of the presence of such a net that will protect the kids from falling.

Ideas for summer cottages The twister, so popular in America, has become one of the favorite fun in our country. And it is not at all necessary to buy a ready-made attraction – you can just draw colorful circles right on the lawn

Ideas for summer cottages Such a large Twister will allow two or three families and their many friends to have fun at the same time

Ideas for summer cottages Another option for outdoor enthusiasts is table tennis. And it takes up little space and is easy to carry

Ideas for summer cottages Height-adjustable basketball basket. Convenient, but you don’t need to spend money – just hang a metal circle with a grid on a tree or a post, choosing a suitable place on the site

Ideas for summer cottages Badminton is one of the most enjoyable and useful ways to spend time in the country. All you need is two rackets, shuttlecocks and a fairly spacious area on the site

Ideas for summer cottages Homemade mini golf. Everything is like in the present – a variety of obstacles, holes, balls and clubs

Ideas for summer cottages Such a chaise longue will allow you to read and sunbathe at the same time, and in a variety of positions so that the tan lays down evenly

Ideas for summer cottages Hanging hammock tent. Protects from insects and allows you to sleep well in the fresh air

Ideas for summer cottages Such hammock tents are one of the options for a children’s house at their summer cottage

Ideas for summer cottages Do you like poker and swimming in the pool? Why not combine both relaxation options with the help of such a floating table and inflatable chairs!

Ideas for summer cottages Floating ping pong table. And not hot, and fun

Ideas for summer cottages A floating stand for glasses and snacks is a must have for outdoor pool owners

Ideas for summer cottages Remember the homemade “bungee” of our childhood? The modern version – trolls – it is quite possible to organize in your country house

Ideas for summer cottages Children will be delighted with such a descent on a trolley!

Ideas for summer cottages We have already written about the choice of swing sofas. Why not install several of these hanging seats around the hearth, creating a cozy seating area on the site?

Ideas for summer cottages These tables with an ice container will allow you to enjoy cool drinks throughout the picnic

Ideas for summer cottages This option – an ice container right in the center of the table – is even more convenient. But such a table is heavier and is most often used as a stationary option for arranging a picnic area.

Ideas for summer cottages Lightweight and very compact table with four chairs can be installed in any corner of the cottage. Or take with you to nature

Ideas for summer cottages A real hanging bed on the terrace will allow those who like to sleep in the fresh air to relax in comfort

Ideas for summer cottages The curtains on the sides of this hanging bed provide privacy and protection from insects and sunlight. When closed, this “flying” bed will look like an oriental tent.

Ideas for summer cottages Outdoor bath. Why not, if there was no place for the pool on the site

Ideas for summer cottages A home cinema can be organized right in front of the house in summer. The attention of neighbors and a pleasant evening watching your favorite movie are guaranteed

We hope that our selection of ideas will allow you to organize a vacation that will appeal to all households and family friends. Most of these ideas do not require substantial investments, they are easy to implement, and the effect of their appearance on your site and functionality will be noticeable immediately.

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