How to paint roads brightly

Road decoration

Using mostly simple geometric shapes and a set of very colorful paints in his own palette, the artist transforms pedestrian crossings into something quite fun. His goal was to transform the crossings in his hometown of Madrid through the Funnycross project.

Below are examples of his work.

amazing art on city streets

The artist wants to convey a simple idea – colorful contrasting colors should prevail in the design of cities in order to bring more comfort and aesthetic satisfaction to the lives of citizens. In his understanding, an ordinary monochrome picture only depresses.

Painted pedestrian crossing

His multi-colored sketches very effectively decorate the passages and at the same time highlight them more than before from the rest of the road..

Road marking

“Opening new horizons for humanity has always been a major source of creative inspiration, both in science and art,” says Christo. With the help of paints and impressive paintings, the artist is able to display something new in the reality around us.

Urban art

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