“Literary River” right on the streets of the city – the artists have created a stunning installation

Cultural event in the city center

Fortunately, cities attract many creative talents and artists who can bring something amazing and extraordinary to our everyday life. In Toronto, on the initiative of the Spanish team Luzinterruptus, a truly majestic in meaning and implementation art installation was created, moreover, with interactive content, which we invite you to get acquainted with today.

This project was implemented as part of the Toronto’s Nuit Blanche program, during which Toronto at night turned into an amazing world of art. Everything happened on Hagerman Street, almost in the city center, where overnight the stream of cars was replaced by an amazing literary art project – a paradise for the most inveterate readers.

Art staging on city streets

Preparation for the project took 12 days, which were spent on collecting the required number of books. In total, over 10,000 books have been collected with the help of The Salvation Army. As a result, the townspeople could see the most impressive action – the transformation of a noisy road into “a place for peace, tranquility and coexistence.”.

A huge mass of books in one place

You can endlessly describe the amazing aspects of this project and the nuances. At the same time, the installation literally slows down the flow of time for the townspeople, makes them slow down and pay attention to the world around them. At the same time, she focuses on the problem of environmental pollution and, oddly enough, our consciousness, which is no less important. The amazing play of lights on the road covered with books further enhances the impression.

Art production

Such projects are extremely important and useful, because they open the doors to ordinary healthy social communication, bring people completely unfamiliar to each other, and give an occasion for exciting discussions..

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Bright show on the city streets

And yet, like any show, this project inevitably came to an end. The art installation stood for 10 hours, attracting the attention of many thousands of townspeople and tourists. A noteworthy fact – at the end of the project, everyone could go home with any book they liked that they found on the road.

Books scattered on the roadway

Ultimately, the artists were able to communicate their ideas to those around them. The place of the “book river” was taken by the usual flow of cars, city life resumed in the same rhythm, but already with the integral and vivid impressions of the recent performance.

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