The lawn turned yellow: causes, prevention, problem elimination

Yellowed lawn

Let’s admit that most often the owner is to blame for the problems with the lawn. It means that he made some mistakes, which eventually became critical and led to noticeable problems with the grass..

We wrote about what lawns are, how to choose and equip them. The two most important mistakes in the first step, which can lead to rapid yellowing of the grass:

1. Violation of the norms of sowing grass during planting. If you sow the grass too thickly, the function of the roots will suffer, they will simply not receive enough moisture and nutrition. Such a lawn that is too dense is likely to turn yellow very soon..

2. No fertilizers were applied during planting, the layer of fertile soil, black soil, is too thin. The grass will not receive fertilizing, it will begin to suffer very soon after planting. It is better to spend money on specialized fertilizers and provide a sufficient layer of black soil under the lawn than to deal with problems later.

Fertilizer for the lawn

Other causes of yellowing of the lawn are associated with poor maintenance. Let’s deal with each of these mistakes of the owner of the site separately:

1. There is no watering or it is carried out irregularly, of poor quality. In this case, in a hot summer, your grass simply dries in the sun, burns out and becomes yellow, which we so want to avoid. Water your lawn regularly, organize an automatic irrigation system. We recommend watering in the evening so that the moisture does not dry out immediately under the hot sun.

Watering the lawn

Important! The grass can also turn yellow from an excess of moisture. If the lawn grows in a low-lying area of ​​the yard, you should take care of drainage in advance. Otherwise, stagnant water will lead to root rot.

2. Neglect of aeration and scarification. These are important maintenance processes for the lawn, otherwise the grass does not receive enough oxygen and water. Twice a year – in spring and autumn – take special devices, some of them are the simplest, most affordable ones, and carry out aeration and scarification of your lawn.

Scarification and aeration of the lawn

3. Incorrect lawn mowing. If you use a lawn mower with blunt knives, it will not cut the grass, but simply tear, damage it. Therefore, regularly sharpen your lawn mower knives yourself or contact a professional to keep your tool always sharp..

Lawn mowing

4. Pests – moles, ants, other insects – can also cause the lawn to turn yellow. We wrote how to get rid of moles in the area; there are special chemical agents against ants. Or you can just find a mink where they crawl out and fill it with hot water.

Moles on the lawn

5. Some of the pets have chosen the lawn as a toilet. Constant exposure to excrement will cause yellowing in this particular area of ​​the grass. Try to discourage animals, there are special tools that scare dogs and cats away from the lawn.

6. Yellowness on the lawn can also be caused by such diseases as powdery mildew, brown rust, ophiobolus, red filamentousness, fusarium (“snow mold”). In this case, it is already more difficult to fight for the lawn; special antifungal agents are needed. Experts note that proper lawn care, including aeration, helps to avoid the risk of fungal diseases. And if it does happen, fungicides will help.

Lichen on the lawn

If your lawn does turn yellow, don’t despair. Help him recover! Apply specialized fertilizer. Experts advise first fertilizing the lawn with ammonium sulfate, and two weeks later with a mixture of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Water it regularly, but do not allow puddles to appear. These measures should help the lawn regain its beautiful green hue..

Roll lawn

Note that it is easier to restore a sowing lawn than a roll lawn, which was originally grown in special conditions. Rolled lawn is more delicate, whimsical, in case of yellowing, it is likely that it will have to be completely replaced.

We strongly recommend that you follow the lawn care calendar, do not run it, so that yellow spots do not appear on it..

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