What can be done from an old washing machine and refrigerator

Pot from a washing machine drum

Pot from a washing machine drum

A flower pot from the drum of an old washing machine. Quite nice and roomy, it is not afraid of moisture, it will last a long time, because metal is a very reliable material. You can paint such a flowerpot in any color..

A flower bed from an old washing machine

The whole washing machine became a flower bed, even a container for powder and rinse aid was used. Of course, such a piece of household appliances, surrounded by greenery, looks strange, but in general, a very interesting option, an original element of landscape design.

Oven for a cauldron from a washing machine

The most popular way to use an old drum from a washing machine is a grill. You can cook on wood and charcoal not only kebabs, both a saucepan and a frying pan will conveniently stand on top. At the same time, making such a grill is very simple..

Oven tripod from a washing machine drum

This is an improved version of a barbecue from a washing drum, on a tripod. By the way, the design turns out to be quite light, it is not difficult to transfer around the site. As an option, it was possible to equip a stationary place for a street hearth, equipping a convenient platform around the drum.

Oven from a washing machine drum

And who can say that this is ugly – the reflections of the flame in the holes of the shiny metal. Such a barbecue does not look like an old and useless thing, but an actual and practical element of a personal plot.

Smokehouse from washing machine

From a very old washing machine, or rather, its rounded metal case, you can make a smokehouse for fish and meat products.

Ottoman from a drum from a washing machine

This is how the drum of a washing machine can look elegant, on which a designer or owner of a house with a rich imagination has worked. By the way, in the empty case of such a curbstone-seat with a soft cushion it is quite possible to store all kinds of little things..

A flower bed in an old washing machine

And again a flower bed in a whole washing machine. Beautiful bright petunias smoothed out the brutality of the unsightly metal body of the equipment, which obviously served for many years until it turned into a flower bed.

A cabinet from an old refrigerator

A cabinet in an old refrigerator. The body was painted, there are few shelves, but they are quite roomy, and various little things fit in the former freezer.

Street cooler from an old refrigerator

DIY outdoor refrigerator

Even if the refrigerator itself refused to freeze, this cannot prevent using it to cool drinks during an outdoor party. A simple finish with wooden boards looks quite attractive, and the ice under the now hinged lid will last long enough.

Incubator from an old refrigerator

Incubator in an old refrigerator building. It will retain heat, especially if it is additionally insulated, you only need lamps to heat the eggs and a thermometer to control the temperature. A good option for those who want to start raising chickens.

Doghouse from the refrigerator

House for puppies. It turned out to be a separate sleeping place and a dining room. For a larger dog as a berth, a refrigerator body would also fit, you just need to remove the shelves.

Cellar from an old refrigerator

Chest for potatoes and other vegetables. If there is no cellar, a good storage place. A refrigerator dug into the ground will be weakly heated and cooled, it is less likely that the potatoes will sprout or, conversely, freeze.

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