Round and chopped logs – what to choose for building a house

Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

Chopped or planed logs, as the name implies, are processed almost entirely by hand, which largely determines its performance and characteristics.

The undoubted advantages of a house built from chopped logs are:

  • Authentic appearance, solidity, one might say monumentality. It is really an exclusively natural material that undergoes minimal processing, natural tree trunks. As a result, the log house turns out to be beautiful, solid, traditional.
  • When handcrafted, all the beauty of wood is preserved, the structure is not disturbed.
  • The top layer of wood remains virtually intact, which increases the life of the house and protects it from external influences. In addition, the top layer of wood, due to the large amount of phytoncides and resins of coniferous trees, is more resistant to mold, fungi, bark beetles.

Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

We admit that there are pluses, but the minuses of the chopped log are more:

  • The production process of this material is very time consuming, manual, each trunk should be carefully checked, and as a result, the quality of the log is in direct proportion to the skill of the cutter.
  • Time-consuming production process leads to an increase in cost, chopped logs will cost more.
  • Shrinkage will take at least a year and can reach 10%.
  • Incorrect layout and disruption of technological processes can lead to cracking of the logs, which will cause the appearance of parasites that have been able to get to the core of the tree.
  • The assembly process is more complicated, it is very important to accurately make the corner mates in order to prevent a loose fit of the crowns and the appearance of cold bridges in the corners of the house.
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Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

Rounded logs, unlike chopped “colleagues”, are processed on high-precision machines, which affects their characteristics and allows you to get the following advantages:

  • The cost of building material is lower than that of hand-cut logs.
  • The dimensions are accurate, the diameter and cut along the logs are the same. Moreover, you can order logs of different sections from 180 to 320 millimeters..
  • Rounded logs (OCB) look very beautiful, smooth, even, aesthetic. The house will turn out, albeit not as authentic as a chopped one, but very attractive, literally like a toy tower.
  • Thanks to precise factory cuts, the logs adhere more closely to each other, this increases the thermal insulation properties of the house.
  • Installation process is faster and easier.
  • Using OCB allows you to purchase a ready-made kit at home. Actually, they can bring you a real designer with a detailed diagram, all the logs will be numbered, so even the homeowner can handle the assembly.

Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

Despite all the indisputable advantages, rounded logs have disadvantages:

  • OCB, like all wood, burns; processing with fire retardants is needed. They are afraid of rounded logs and parasites, and mold. However, such shortcomings can be identified in all natural materials from wood..
  • The shrinkage is also quite large and amounts to about 10%, you will have to wait before finishing, as is the case with chopped logs.
  • Since the top layer of wood is being removed, the CBO will have to be additionally protected from the effects of the external environment and other negative factors. This problem is solved by impregnation with varnishes with antiseptics..
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Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

We state: both rounded and chopped logs allow you to build a beautiful and warm house, these are worthy building materials. However, in the end, a chopped blockhouse will turn out to be somewhat more expensive, and the construction process itself will have to be entrusted to professionals, it will take more time.

Round and chopped logs - what to choose for building a house

If you want a house as close to nature as possible, with a natural texture, choose chopped logs. If you want to save on building materials and a team of professionals, choose a ready-made house kit from rounded logs.

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