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The construction of various facilities and the arrangement of residential and industrial areas is an important area of ​​expansion and development of modern settlements. Now, when the needs of residents of cities and suburban settlements are growing every day, it is especially important to use new strong, durable and easy-to-install materials. One of them has become mesh gratings or, as they are also called, gratings. Made of steel, they have high strength, wear resistance and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance. All these characteristics have made mesh gratings a convenient and attractive material for a wide variety of applications. In construction, industry, architecture and landscaping, it is quite difficult to find a replacement for them, and there is no need for this. Lattice decks can be used as load-bearing structures capable of taking on a fairly high load, or effectively work as fences for bridges, construction and observation platforms, overpasses. Unlike other construction materials, with their high strength, they are quite lightweight, easy to transport and do not need additional decorative finishing.

imageCellular grids are products consisting of bearing and cover strips, connected to each other at a certain pitch and having a T-shaped or U-shaped frame. By using multiple gratings, a durable flooring can be created in any given area. The main load falls on the bearing strips, the thickness of which is from 2 to 12 mm, and the transverse strips connect them to each other, forming a lattice.

According to the production method, the grating is divided into pressed and welded. The technology for the production of pressed gratings, as the name suggests, consists in weldless joining of strips – under a pressure of about 500 tons. This guarantees high strength of the structure, ensuring the solidity of its joints. Pressed decks are actively used in industry and construction, where reliable and safe load-bearing elements are required.

Welded gratings are produced by resistance welding, which is carried out under a pressure of 1000 kN. The main load in such structures is carried by metal strips, while transverse twisted rods perform a binding function and provide high torsional strength. Walkways, service areas, walkways, overpasses are increasingly made of welded decks. They are also used as a covering for wiping feet at the entrance to public buildings and retain more than half of street dirt and snow..

imageEach of these two types of mesh gratings has its own varieties, and the features of the products and their designs allow them to be used in a variety of conditions..

In places requiring increased carrying capacity, for example, in areas for traffic, special gratings are used for heavy loads. Their bearing and cover strips have opposite slots, which ensure a special structural strength. Such gratings are pressed under a pressure of 1200 tons, and the thickness of the bearing strips can reach 12 mm..

The development of helicopter traffic in Russia made it necessary to increase the number of takeoff and landing sites. They are built on the banks of rivers, the roofs of high-rise buildings and public buildings. And if earlier the platforms were built of heavy reinforced concrete slabs, now they have been replaced by lighter and more convenient gratings for transportation. Due to their high strength and load capacity, ease of installation and reasonable cost, helipads made of steel mesh grids have appeared in all cities and suburban areas where they are needed. Thus, the work of firefighters, law enforcement agencies, medical and many other organizations has been greatly simplified..

imageAt large distances between the supports of bridges or decks, ultra-lattices are used, made using a combined technology – pressing and welding. This method ensures the stability of the structure, allowing you to completely eliminate the bezel. Ultra-lattice mats are used by the locksmith and cutting industry as a semi-finished product for further processing.

In the construction of parking lots, platforms, as well as balconies for evacuation and glass cleaning, one-piece gratings are used. Their bearing and covering strips have the same height, so both surfaces of the product are uniform. One-piece pressed flooring is equally successfully used as a covering modular mesh for facades, filler for stair railings or ventilation grilles. High strength and the ability to view the necessary objects through the structure cells make such lattices a very convenient and functional material..

For use in areas where “transparency” is undesirable, special louvers have been created. Their cover stripes are located at an angle of 30 ° or 45 °, thanks to which the structure is able to serve not only as a sun protection coating, but also to be an obstacle for rain, snow, leaves falling from trees. Louvered grilles are used to create bridges and crossings, cover balconies and cladding facades, supply or exhaust ventilation.

Pressed grating is an excellent material for shelving. Its main advantages – high static values ​​of structural strength – are complemented by another pleasant feature: the contents of the upper shelves are easily visible from below. Shelving grids have a special frame with a cutout or corner border.

A special version of pressed decking used for landscaping streets, squares and parks is known as tree trunks or tree grates. This simple product performs a number of important functions: protecting the root system of trees, increasing the area of ​​footpaths in park areas and, finally, a decorative ornament that can freely let in sunlight and water..
Barrel grilles consist of two or more sections, making them easy to install without special tools. In addition to strength, durability, ease of care, these products demonstrate another advantage – environmental friendliness.

imageLike pressed gratings, welded decking is widely used in industry and urban construction. A distinctive feature of this type of material is its high resistance to deformation, which is required on the territories of industrial enterprises, in the manufacture of walk-through bridges, walkways, overpasses..

A type of welded deck is a grating for offshore platforms. It is reinforced with additional rods welded parallel to the bearing strips for increased structural strength and safety on offshore drilling platforms.

The different surface of the gratings allows them to be used in a wide variety of conditions. For areas where there is a risk of slipping, gratings with serifs resembling teeth are used. Prongs can be applied to both carrier strips and coverslips for greater safety.
Steps for metal stairs are made on the basis of welded and pressed gratings. They easily pass street dust, rainwater, snow, preventing the formation of ice and preventing the accumulation of dirt. To ensure increased safety of the structure, anti-skid teeth are applied to the bearing strips.

Only two types of steps – straight and spiral – allow you to create a staircase of any shape, height and purpose.

Straight steel steps are framed with holes for fastening to stringers and a special safety edge. Even if the grill is not equipped with anti-skid teeth, it can provide a certain level of protection. Straight steel steps are used both indoors and outdoors, providing climbs to walkways and crossings.

Steel spiral staircases are used for easy access to towers, tanks, cisterns, as well as to save space in country houses or two-storey apartments. Their steps are in the form of a sector, the narrow side of which is provided with an axial fastening. Such stairs are not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive: they are a special original element in creating a unique building interior.

Steel stair steps, in contrast to wooden and concrete counterparts, are easy to install, have high strength and resistance to corrosion, are easy to use and do not require complex maintenance. In addition, metal is combined with any building and finishing materials, be it stone, decorative plaster, fabric wallpaper or plastic.

The use of grating in construction, industry, and landscaping is not only simple and convenient, but also economically beneficial. The structures are easy to assemble, serve for a long time, and if it is necessary to replace individual elements, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire flooring: it is enough to dismantle the desired fragment and put a new one in its place. The possibility of equipping the grids with anti-skid teeth significantly reduces the risk of movement in rain, snow and even ice. The cellular structure does not allow dirt to linger, it is good for air and sedimentary water. Gratings are used both indoors and outdoors, they are able to carry any necessary load and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing elements in architecture and interior design. Steel mesh gratings are a profitable choice in all respects, which is why the new construction material is gaining in popularity..

The supply of pressed and welded gratings is the main focus of the Dezhesta company. Cooperating with German manufacturers, it offers a wide range of various types of mesh gratings and products based on them with delivery as soon as possible. In addition to the items already available in the catalog of goods, “Dejesta” is ready to provide customers with non-standard products made according to an individual project. In case of difficulties associated with choosing the right types of materials or their installation, the company’s specialists will advise on all technical issues and help you choose the optimal type of flooring.

Dejesta is not just a supplier of top quality mesh gratings. This is a real specialist who knows his job well and is ready to provide professional assistance and assistance to his partners.

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