Renovation in the bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy task. Too troublesome, and expensive. Therefore, before starting repairs in the bathroom and toilet, you should think over everything to the smallest detail and solve many issues. For example, where can you find a good construction team? What building materials to buy? And finally, how much will the entire repair cost and how long will it take?

Standard bathroom in a typical building

Today we will talk about bathrooms in standard-type apartments. And let’s try to figure out: what problems are associated with the redevelopment of such a bathroom and how much will it cost to redecorate? And most importantly, we will try to give you a recipe for such a redevelopment as accurately and in detail as possible..

What are the options?

Before starting a redevelopment, you should know that there are certain restrictions on the location of the bathrooms. For example, as we were told “in the authorities”, “… in standard city apartments, bathrooms can be located on the territory of the bathroom and toilet itself, as well as on the territory of utility rooms and corridors.” And in no case should you move the bathroom to the room or to the kitchen.

If in a standard bathroom you install a bathtub not “along” but “across”, then there will still be enough space where you can put a washing machine

As a rule, redevelopment is done to increase the area in some series of modern houses: KOPE, KOPET, P44, P44T, P44M, P44TM, P3 and P2. Moreover, the most common layout option is when a small bathroom (3.96 sq.m.) and a small toilet (1 sq.m.) are adjacent to the corridor (about 4 sq.m.). In this case, combining a bathroom and a toilet with a corridor significantly increases the so-called usable area. As a result, the bathroom increases to 8.5 sq.m. Now it can easily accommodate a hydromassage bathtub, a furniture set (“moidodyr”), a washing machine, a toilet bowl and a bidet. In short, the set that many would like to have in the bathroom. Moreover, there is still a lot of free space in the bathroom..

However, you can re-plan the bathroom in another way. In this case, a small area is also released. For example, you can swap the bathtub and sink, and move or unfold the toilet a little (although it is still not recommended to put it far from the riser).

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There are also options for redeveloping a bathroom without combining it with a toilet: in a small bathroom (1.5 x 1.4 sq.m.), you can again swap the bath and sink. True, the bathtub will have to be built into the wall by a few centimeters, otherwise it will crawl out into the toilet with one edge. But a small washing machine will perfectly fit under the sink (while in the original layout this was impossible to do).

In the same case of redevelopment, you can still save space by using corner plumbing and furniture. So, for example, in the same bathroom, instead of a sink with a washing machine, a corner sink with a small hanging cabinet would fit.

How many days will the repair take?

Experts from almost all construction companies with whom we were able to talk, agreed on one thing – it will take 3-4 weeks on average to repair a small (typical) bathroom. Even if you have to break the plumbing. However, no one was able to say exactly how many days it will take for this or that job..

And yet in one company we were given a “rough alignment”.

So, “our” renovation takes place in a small bathroom (1.7 x 1.7 sq.m.). A team of two is working (more people just won’t fit here).

Dismantling all plumbing fixtures, old tiles and garbage disposal will take 1-2 days.

Another 2-4 days will be required to lay new communications. If redevelopment is done, then the pipes will have to be removed into the wall. So most of this time will be spent on chipping the walls. In addition, after these works, you will have to level the walls so that the tiles lay flat. It will take another 3 days to install the intake fittings and water filters. In total, the entire layout will take about a week.

The tiler can now start working. On average, 3 days he will plaster and trim the wall, make waterproofing and screed. By the way, an electrician should start working in parallel with the tiler. After all, there will certainly be a need for several household outlets (for an electric shaver or a washing machine), not to mention spotlights. Tiling will take 5-10 days.

The suspended ceilings will be installed in 1 day. And another 1 day will be needed to install all the plumbing. If we need to break the wall of the plumbing booth, then it will take 1-2 days to dismantle it, and another 3-4 days will be required to erect new partitions.

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In total, these works will take from two to three weeks. And in total, the repair in the bathroom lasts 3-4 weeks.

How much will it cost to repair a bathroom?

Representatives of Moscow firms answered this question with great reluctance. Who referred to a trade secret, who went into lengthy explanations why, they say, it is impossible to name at least an approximate cost of the work. They say that laying simple tiles will be cheaper than granite, not to mention marble. But in the end, everyone agreed on the same opinion that even a not very complicated renovation of a small bathroom would cost an average of $ 4-6 thousand.

Of this amount, only 1.5-3 thousand will go to construction work and the so-called rough (consumable) material. The other part of the amount will be needed to purchase plumbing. If you do not take into account the cheapest or most expensive plumbing, then this is approximately how it comes out.

  • Cast-iron bath Jacob Delafon (France) or Roca (Spain) costs an average of $ 200-250.
  • The door will cost $ 100-200.
  • Good quality faucets (on which, by the way, everyone advised not to save money) – $ 150 each (for a sink and a bath).
  • A heated towel rail will cost at least $ 200.
  • Rack ceilings (as a rule, they are installed) will pull $ 150-200.
  • As for the tiles, the price range here is so wide that it is very difficult to name an average figure. But on average, just laying tiles, for example, will cost from $ 10 to $ 21 per 1 sq.m..
  • In addition, if you still want to install plumbing furniture, then you need to take into account that a decent “sink” costs at least $ 500.

    So, before you is an almost ready-made recipe for repairs in the bathroom. Attention! In the next issues we plan to regularly publish such “flight reports”. Moreover, we will give recipes for repairs not only in the bathroom, but we will also offer you a complete “calculation” of the repair of other rooms. And not only in the apartment…

    What to break: a plumbing or just a partition?

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    Many believe that when combining a bathroom and a toilet, workers only break the partition between these rooms. In fact, the entire plumbing is destroyed. And this cannot be avoided, because if only the wall is broken, the ceiling will sag. However, such a prospect should not scare anyone. It is not only possible to completely break the plumbing cabin, but sometimes it is even necessary. The fact is that in our houses the plumbing is made of different materials: gypsum (that is, gypsum), aceite (asbestos-cement slab 1 cm thick, also called flat slate) or concrete.

    So, the asbestos-concrete slab, due to the presence of asbestos in its composition, is far from the most environmentally friendly materials. Simply put, such a plate is a little “phonite”. It is for this reason that the owners of plumbing cabins from aceite are recommended to redevelop the bathroom. But even if the walls of the bathroom are made of plaster, the redevelopment (that is, the demolition of the bathroom) will not hurt at all. The fact is that there is a gap between the wall of the bathroom and the wall of the house itself. So after all the finishing work is finished, 5-10 cm is released. Which is not bad at all for a small bathroom.

    Bathroom redevelopment schemes

    Standard bathroom in a typical building

    Redevelopment option with bath relocation

    Redevelopment option, in which a combined bathroom is made from a separate bathroom

    Redevelopment option with “cutting” the corridor


    It is best if all the plumbing is purchased before the start of construction work. After all, for example, in the process of installing pipes, you need to know exactly the size of the bath or, say, at what height the sink will hang. In this case, a bathtub (regardless of whether it is simple or hydromassage) should be purchased first. The fact is that when installing a simple cast-iron bath, the bath itself is first put in place, and then the walls are tiled. In the case of the spa bath, the opposite is true: it is put in place last..

    But! The model you like is not always in stock. Sometimes she has to wait for several weeks, and sometimes months. So, in order not to have to suspend the repair, such nuances must be taken into account in advance.

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