SROs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region issue a permit for the work of a general contractor

Building permit and paperwork

The measure of responsibility of the general contractor for the quality of work is so high that several St. Petersburg construction organizations, united in SRO this year, decided to issue permits to carry out these functions.

It would seem that there is no special need for this – the legislator in none of his orders regulating the activities of SROs in construction does not insist that the general contractor has this kind of admission. However, construction organizations, investors, and even an ordinary consumer turned out to be vitally interested in the fact that the activities of the general contractor were regulated, and that very specific requirements could be presented to him..

Thus, St. Petersburg SROs insist that an organization applying for general contracting work first receive an admission to perform the entire cycle of construction and installation work. It is clear that a construction company will be able to obtain such approvals, a permit for the use of special equipment and a Rostekhnadzor license in St. Petersburg only if it is able to prove that it can perform most of the work on its own. The residents of St. Petersburg were able to convincingly argue their decision, and there were no objections from Rostekhnadzor.

Rostekhnadzor licenses in St. Petersburg

The urgency of this decision is confirmed by life itself. In hundreds of cities across Russia, work is now underway as part of the federal program for the overhaul of residential buildings. Dozens of management companies and homeowners’ associations, participating in the selection of a general contractor for the overhaul of the house, found themselves in a very difficult situation. Often, organizations were admitted to the tender for the conclusion of a general contract with only 2-3 people in the staff, including the head himself.

Naturally, such “companies” did not appeal to much confidence, but since the deadlines were tight (“decide faster, otherwise the funding will be removed!”), They did not have to be particularly picky. As a result, for each separate type of work, the general contractor had to look for both equipment and performers; funds were spent irrationally, deadlines were missed.

It is gratifying that construction SROs in the northern capital approached the organization of their work with full awareness of their responsibility to partners and consumers..

I would like to hope that other regions will follow their example – after all, this is precisely why the reorganization of the construction industry was undertaken..


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