Bathroom renovation

The fact that for several years now a fungus has settled in our bath prompted us to repair. At first, these were small islands located on the wall slightly higher than the tiles laid out by the builders. “Nonsense, – said the husband, you (my daughter and I) are to blame for this, splashing too actively in such a small volume, so I will clean it up and everything will be fine”.

Observing the victorious procession of the fungus along the wall, I began to think more and more about a radical solution to the problem, which, in the end, comes down to repair. A point in thought was put by a hole, which was corroded by a fungus, with a diameter of 6 centimeters, completely destroying the entire thickness of the wall. “Nothing, nothing,” said the husband, “I will block this hole with an additional row of tiles, and I strongly recommend that you use the shower exclusively while squatting in the bathroom.”.

How does the repair begin? From the Internet. It was there that I learned my knowledge about what is considered a good repair and what needs to be done to implement these instructions in a separate bathroom..

And most importantly, it is very important what you want to see at the end of the renovation, clearly in all details and in no case deviate from the decision, of course, without demanding obviously not real things. In a short time, I already had a stack of printed material concerning the change of all communications, the installation of instantaneous water heaters, forced ventilation, a list of plumbing stores, an analysis of the assortment of baths, toilets and sinks.

This was followed by articles on quality and current trends in basin and shower taps. Separately lay the printouts related to the electrician, which included articles on current leakage blocks, circuit breakers, about GOSTs regulating the power of installed circuit breakers.

After we considered ourselves theoretically savvy people, and my husband doomedly accepted the inexorably approaching renovation as a fact, we began to methodically go around shops and markets.

Already after a week of rounds, it became clear in our heads what we like and what we want to see in ourselves. Advice – do not refuse to go to expensive shops, it is there that the collection of plumbing can be seen in the interior, “try on”, because the same firms (or the majority) are also represented in mid-price stores, but due to the economy of space, they were brought down into the “grazing” herds of baths and toilets, from which it is rather difficult to isolate your own.

So, the first price for a set of a wall-hung toilet bowl we liked was 18 thousand rubles.

The final price for which we bought it was 14 thousand rubles. We were pleased with the attitude of the master who was to establish our acquisition. He felt like a pioneer, in the store, before making a purchase, he studied its structure and the principle of fasteners for a long time and delivered a verdict, he will stand up to us, and he will install it. In another hardware store, we used the service of a designer who helped us with the layout of the tiles. Having chosen a collection, we had a poor idea of ​​how to lay out the tiles, which border to choose, how not to overdo it with decor in our small rooms. Having expressed our doubts to the designer and left the dimensions, we left in the hope of getting qualified advice. And, lo and behold, we got it. We were offered three !!!! and finally they said that if you don’t like any of them at the family council, come and think further. This was enough for us, a starting point was given, in the sketches the tiles were laid out around the entire perimeter, which made it easier to choose the final solution and calculate the volume for the purchase.

So we got to the choice of the team, which would be entrusted with their repair. I went online, found the website of the repair organizations with photographs of all stages of the repair and chose a company, the photographs of whose repair made a deep impression on me. It turned out that the company is only engaged in the repair of bathrooms and the master who will work for us is the same in all persons.

The repair period was set at 21 working days, we signed a contract, made an advance payment, and the repair began.

At the first stage, when the walls broke, a sewer pipe started flowing, a hot water pipe burst. The plumber from the housing office explained to us, pretty frightened, that if we hadn’t touched the pipes at all, they would have stood for another twenty years, and as soon as we touched them, they began to collapse before our eyes.

One evening, I made a discovery, it turns out that for so many years our toilet was combined with the kitchen – we found such a number of cracks and holes in the wall that separated these two rooms. And the master found the reason for the formation of the fungus in the bathroom – the wall separating the bath from the staircase had solid slits, slightly plastered, through which cold air constantly penetrated to us. So our repair also affected the staircase wall and the restoration of the wall between the kitchen and the toilet with the subsequent replacement of communications in the kitchen, because it made no sense to close up the wall without changing the old pipes. And time passed and the schedule of work was clearly violated, the only consolation was that additional work was being done to improve our repair. By the way, the contract provided for a clause according to which minor works, to which ours were attributed, do not increase the cost of repairs, which was nice.

And then the problems that the owners of tiny bathtubs and toilets face began..

There was no room for a flow-through water heater in the bathroom, it had to be installed in a sanitary cabinet with a separate connection, forced ventilation was not installed in the classical way (to the ceiling), because ate a significant part of the ceiling height and had to be embedded in the wall.

Separately, I would like to note the problems with the electrics, tk. additional circuit breakers had to be installed in the electrical cabinet. We had on hand a list of the required switches, compiled by the company that sells them. The firm proudly displayed its license, allowing them to calculate and recommend the power of the equipment in order to protect us from the ingress of electricity into the water. And the firm’s electrician, summoned to help the foreman, strongly disagreed with the firm’s conclusions and demanded the purchase of equipment of a different capacity. Throwing from side to side, we decided to install both sets, but to contrive to put it in a very small space of the electrical cabinet was offered to the electrician for separate money, which was successfully done.

In addition to everything, our foreman fell ill and we had to live in ruins for almost two additional weeks, stoically enduring the inconveniences associated with the unexpectedly terminated repairs. we didn’t go anywhere and every day returned to the epicenter of our transformations. The renovation was completed almost three months after the start. And if they asked me: knowing what awaits me, I would start it, then I would firmly answer – YES!

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