Stainless steel drainage systems

imageVarious human waste products have been disposed of in a variety of ways over the centuries. Since ancient times, the most simple and effective method of hydro removal has become – the removal of waste with a stream of water. However, the content of organic substances in domestic and industrial wastewater, which serves as a favorable environment for the development of various microorganisms, necessitates their removal outside buildings and settlements. And this problem is solved by organizing high-quality drainage systems.

Removal of water waste is especially important for food industry, catering and consumer services. Reliable drainage systems help ensure working conditions that meet all sanitary and hygienic standards developed specifically for such enterprises.

Considering the high demand for products for drainage systems, the company “HydroGroup” has expanded its activities, setting up production of a wide range <products from stainless steel. An important role is given to the production of trays and ladders for transporting wastewater to the sewer.

Stainless steel drainage trays

imageStainless steel drainage trays are widely used both in food industry and public catering enterprises, as well as in swimming pools, saunas, parking lots and gas stations. Products intended for drainage of wastewater to ladders, and sometimes directly to the sewer, are installed in the floor of the premises. The presence of such a system helps to maintain cleanliness during the production process and simplifies cleaning after its completion..

Externally, stainless steel drainage trays look like channels of various widths and depths. The bottom is made in such a way that its two halves converge at an angle in the center. This design solution prevents trays from clogging and the formation of bacterial plaque. In addition, the trays are sloped to increase the drainage rate and the efficiency of the entire system. The initial depth of products varies from 60 to 90 mm, the final depth – from 100 to 300 mm with a maximum section length of 2.5 m.The trays can be from 100 to 400 mm wide..

The installation of the system is carried out only by specialists – by welding stainless steel products in protective gases with a non-consumable electrode. The seams obtained in the process are etched and cleaned. To protect against clogging, the drainage system is equipped with units for trapping mechanical impurities, which, if necessary, are cleaned manually. The safety of people working in production is achieved by installing covering grates over the trays with locking devices against displacement and theft.

Depending on the operating conditions, the products are made of two grades of steel – AISI 304 and AISI 316L. The former provides durability and reliability in conventional plants, while the latter is used to produce acid-resistant products. The thickness of the metal of 2 mm allows it to withstand serious mechanical loads and temperature changes, and the embedded “whiskers” placed on the trays every meter increase the rigidity of the entire structure. However, if necessary, it is possible to additionally strengthen the system – for this the company “HydroGroup” offers special metal corners.

Stainless steel slotted trays

imageIn places where it is impossible or inconvenient to carry out the system of drainage trays, slotted trays made of stainless steel are used. They are less wide and do not require the installation of special grids, but their efficiency is no less than when organizing conventional drainage systems. Stainless steel slotted trays are available in two types of steel, which allows them to be used in any enterprise. The open design of the tray is convenient for constant control over its contents: all contaminants that impede the rapid removal of wastewater are easily removed as needed.

Installation of such products is carried out without the use of welding in shielded gases: for this, there are flange connections with silicone gaskets. This installation system significantly reduces labor costs and installation time, which is especially important when there are time constraints..

Stainless steel drains

imageWastewater is transported along the gutters of the trays to the ladders – products connected directly to the sewerage system. However, stainless steel drains can be used separately from trays and installed in places where water is collected. These products are containers with elements for connecting to drain pipes – outlets.
Stainless steel drains are produced in two versions – with horizontal and vertical outlet, so they are suitable for installation in any enterprise, including those with an existing sewer system.

Like the trays, the drains are made of two types of steel – regular AISI 304 and acid-resistant AISI 316L. From above, the ladders are closed with special grids with locking devices that prevent foreign objects from entering the container and prevent industrial injuries. However, due to their convenient design, they do not impede access for periodic cleaning of products from small contaminants..

Additional devices

To improve the efficiency of wastewater intake and drainage systems, the HydroGroup company produces additional devices, such as devices for capturing mechanical impurities and water locks.

The first, as the name implies, prevent large particles of household waste and foreign objects from entering the sewer system. These metal products come in the form of a sieve that can be easily removed from the drain and cleaned by hand.

Water traps are designed to keep unpleasant odors inside the sewer and prevent them from spreading directly around the room. The use of these devices is relevant everywhere, but they are especially important in food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries. The hydraulic locks produced by the HydroGroup company are suitable not only for the ladders of its production, but also for many others, including those already installed at the enterprises.

Systems for receiving and discharging wastewater made of stainless steel are a convenient and reliable solution for hydraulic waste disposal. High strength, resistance to aggressive media and reliability allow you to quickly and efficiently solve the problem of waste disposal. High-quality stainless steel products can be used for a long time – their service life, if properly used, reaches 50 years, and this is a very good indicator! The problem of wastewater disposal was solved a long time ago, and now this solution has been improved by the HydroGroup company. By installing drainage systems for its production, you will get an excellent result!

In addition to systems for receiving and discharging wastewater, the company also produces other stainless steel equipment: hygienic access systems, contactless washing systems, aprons and shoes washing systems, outdoor disinfection baths, grease traps. The use of these products at the enterprise will allow it to comply with all sanitary and hygienic standards, and in addition, will increase the comfort and safety of its employees..

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