Outdoor pool conservation

Conservation of an outdoor pool is a set of technical measures to protect the pool structure from mechanical stress during a long winter inactivity.

General remarks:

1) it is necessary to mothball the outdoor pool until the first severe frost;
2) do not leave the pool empty for the winter, because freezing and thawing soil near the pool dramatically increases the loads on the walls, which can lead to the destruction of concrete and metal elements of the body.

The process of winter conservation of an outdoor pool includes several stages.

The first. It is necessary to drain the water that was used for bathing, then thoroughly clean the bottom and walls of the pool using special means, as well as metal parts in contact with water (stairs, handrails, etc.).

Second. Fill with conservation water to the previous level and proceed with measures to preserve the filter system. To do this, the filter is switched to backwash mode. After the end of flushing, the filter is put into compaction mode, then into normal filtration mode. A special agent is added to the water that prevents the development of algae. It will keep the water clean if expected frosts are delayed. After that, part of the water is drained until the level drops 10 cm below the side nozzles.

Third. Installation of freezing water volumetric expansion joints. In this capacity, objects are used that can shrink with an increase in external pressure (plastic canisters filled with air, car tires, foam, etc.). Expansion joints are sunk under water using weights in the form of tied sandbags (it is not recommended to use metal wire for this purpose, ideal is a twine made of synthetic material).

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Fourth. In the piping of the pool, all parts of the hydraulic system, the counter-flow device, the filtering unit, the heating system, etc. are dismantled. Those parts that cannot be removed are freed from water, the free ends of the pipes are insulated with plugs. The filter is disconnected from the hydraulic system, cleaned and put away for winter storage.

Fifth. Closing the water mirror. For this purpose, special coatings are used. It is not recommended to use wooden shields and metal structures resting on the sides of the pool. De-preservation of the pool is carried out after the ice finally melts itself in the spring.

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