Guaranteed reliability of household appliances


It is very difficult for a modern person to imagine everyday life without various techniques. It makes life, work, and rest much easier for us. But if the majority of citizens buy “useful little things” like a mobile phone, a player or a coffee maker almost in passing – they are relatively inexpensive, are highly susceptible to fashion trends and change quite often – then the choice of large household helpers, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen stove, people are much more responsible. This is understandable: such things are purchased for several years, and therefore the search for a suitable model is carried out very carefully..


The first thing a potential buyer usually pays attention to is the price. And here there are a lot of options – from the most affordable equipment to the most expensive, when a washing machine or refrigerator costs like a pretty decent used car.

Having decided how much you are ready to pay for home appliances, you should decide what, in fact, this device will have to do and what qualities it will have, that is, study the set of functions that can be purchased for this money and set your own priorities. An important role is played by the appearance of the required equipment, its dimensions, ergonomics.

And nevertheless, even when all the listed stages of selection have been passed, the range of suitable models remains impressive. Indeed, in each price niche, at least two or three manufacturers are represented, and the set of characteristics for all modern technical products is, in principle, the same.


And here the decisive factor comes into play: trust in the brand, confidence in the performance of the future “assistant”. The warranty period can be one of the indicators of such performance. Most manufacturers on the Russian market give only 1-2 years of full warranty for their products. However, some companies are so confident in the quality of their products that they are ready to significantly extend this period. For example, the well-known Italian company Antonio Merloni S.p.a., which produces home appliances ARDO, has added another 24 (that is, 2 years) to the previous 12 months warranty period for its products. “Taking this step towards the consumer, we are not afraid to take on additional obligations, because we are absolutely confident in the quality of our products,” said Antonio Merloni S.p.a. Andrea Palossi.

This innovation came into force on January 1, 2006. During the three-year warranty period, ARDO equipment owners receive free service, as well as the ability to replace washing machine motors and compressors for refrigerators and freezers. Since these are the main and most expensive components for these types of equipment, the possibility of replacing them without additional financial investments is primarily of interest to consumers. Other parts are charged separately, but replacement work during the warranty period is also free. At the moment, there are more than 200 authorized service centers in Russia that provide warranty service for ARDO equipment.

Antonio Merloni S.P.A believes that the extended warranty for durable goods will make ARDO appliances even more attractive to consumers. True, it is worth noting that the following opinion is quite widespread among the owners of household appliances: a possible factory defect is revealed in the first months of using new equipment, and if it has not broken down within a year, then it will continue to serve without interruptions. However, as the experience of workshops that had to repair ARDO products during the warranty period shows, the main causes of breakdowns are not production defects at all, but disruptions in the operation of electrical networks, water supply, as well as non-observance of operating rules by consumers themselves, for example, improper use of detergents. And if the second problem is easy to solve with the help of a thorough study of the instructions, then it is impossible to insure against sudden power surges, water and electricity cuts, and frosty winter generally endangers the entire energy system of Russia. Therefore, two additional years of warranty are unlikely to seem unnecessary to any buyer.

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