In the wake of the furniture exhibition Salone Internazionale del Mobile-2014. Part 3. Poetry of light in action

In previous articles on the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, we touched on the design of sofas and armchairs, and also did a concise overview of the tables, chairs and cabinet furniture that debuted in 2014 in Milan. Despite the fact that the Milan Salon is more of a furniture exhibition, there are always companies specializing in the production of lighting fixtures among its exhibitors. They also set the tone for luminaire fashion, showcasing cutting-edge design and innovative engineering. An unusual trend can be traced in the “lighting business” of this century, which can be described as a return to manual methods of making chandeliers. This, of course, will not make the lamps cheaper in any way, but in mass production of faceless “stampings” it will put a fat point.

A special find of the Milan Furniture Salon in 2014 was the hitherto little-known Czech company Lasvit, which amazed the sophisticated audience with its Emotions exposition – an emotional installation of lamps. The faceted shapes of chandeliers resembling snow crystals, rock crystals and fantastic flowers came to life right before our eyes – water flowed down the sparkling glass surfaces, creating the effect of melting frozen substance. Spectators approached and touched the lamps, not understanding what they were made of – ice or glass.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Design studio Resident from New Zealand showcased its new collection of lamps in Milan, for the production of which both new technologies and handiwork were used. The Parison Pendant, a combination of clear and dark glass, was designed by Nat Cheshire

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Crystal Rock chandelier by Arik Levy for Lasvit is a hand-blown, multi-colored glass crystal molded using a metal mold. The Kura chandelier, designed by Jakub Nepras, features a tree-like configuration and the ability to display projected images

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Clover pendant chandelier was designed for Lasvit by Michael Young and the Wood-based Molds by the Plechac design duo&Wielgus

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The American architect Daniel Libeskind has generated for the Czech company Lasvit the concept of a chandelier resembling a shard of crystal or ice. The design of the luminaire allows you to change the location of individual modules, randomly placing them in a cluster

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps For Lasvit, Dutchman Maarten Baas made the Das Pop chandelier using his proprietary method of modeling a shape from synthetic clay that is applied to a metal frame. Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky, who is also the art director of the Czech company Lasvit, created a series of Frozen lamps, which are molded by pouring molten glass into a dome shape

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Bernotat Radiolaria luminaire series&Co, resembling the structure of microscopic organisms, was created under the influence of the work of the German biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel (Ernst Haeckel)

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Magnetic chandelier by Libor Sostak is a kinematic sculpture that creates waves of various configurations. Design chandelier Alice by Petra Krausova for Lasvit brand is a stylized lotus flower that is controlled by a smartphone, opening to music

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Dutch studio Bernotat&Co has developed the Radiolaria collection of 11 luminaires with shades made from 3D polyester textiles used for technical purposes. The texture of the fabric was thought out in such a way as to maximize the molecular structure of the organisms that served as the prototype for the creation of the concept of the series.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Fiber Light Bottle and Fiber Light Funnel, made from thin strips of carbon fiber formed around an acrylic diffuser, invented by designer Jamie McLellan

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The unusual effect of the play of light and shadow is formed by rotating a smaller glass bulb inside a larger one, and the hand-blown shades have an irregular, one-of-a-kind surface

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Design studio YOY from Japan demonstrated a table lamp and a floor lamp at the Milan exhibition – lamps that project a light spot in the shape of a lampshade onto the wall

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Austrian company J&L. Lobmeyr brought to Milan a unique line of Ripple fixtures that simulate the movement of light on the surface of water. The series was developed by London-based design studio Poetic Lab

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The LED lamp, tucked into the cylindrical holder of the YOY luminaire, creates a beam of light passing through a slot of a certain configuration – due to this, a clearly outlined figure appears on the wall

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Prop chandelier, designed by Bertjan Pot for the Dutch brand Moooi and composed of many transparent bubbles, is available in ceiling, wall and floor versions

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The ornate frame of the Inkborn table lamp, designed by Marcel Wanders, is set on a cylindrical marble base, while the metal curls of the lamp are decorated with faceted crystal shades. The Valentine’s table lamp in his own design combines the magic of a tinted dark mirror and sparkling crystals

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Color Globe by Scholten&Baijings for the Moooi brand consists of two glass bulbs, the smaller of which is covered with a graphic pattern, while the lamp holder stands out against the background of the laconic ball in both color and shape

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps German brand e15 is planning to launch a series of luminaires made of copper discs and extruded aluminum – prototypes of this line were unveiled at the Milan Furniture Show 2014

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Swedish team at Note Design Studio has developed MCE luminaires for the Belgian brand Per / Use, which are randomly mounted on a wooden oak stand

Exhibition in Milan 2014. LampsThrough the use of papier-mâché techniques and hot paper processing, the Salago pendant lamp by Danny Fang for the Dutch brand Moooi has a shade with minimal weight, while creating the appearance of a solid lamp made of stone chips. Scarabee vase designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez is made of glazed ceramic and completely imitates the petrol color of the scarab beetle

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Ceiling lamp North was designed by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, inspired by the mystery of the moon. Floor lamp made of two plates of colored glass – Color floor, created by designer tandem Daniel Rybakken&Andreas Engesvik

Exhibition in Milan 2014. LampsThanks to the luminous flux filtration system, the Aurore lamp by designer Ferreol Babin, designed for the Mustache brand, creates colored light effects on the wall plane, similar to those that occur in nature at dawn or when a rainbow appears.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Inspired by the shapes of traditional Indian vases, Tom Dixon created the Beat line of fixtures for British members’ clubs. For the production of these lighting fixtures, cast polymers used in the automotive industry will be used

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps New York-based designer Lindsey Adelman created the lamp from multiple layers of bright stripes of Divina textiles from Danish brand Kvadrat

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Chilean designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon suggested an idea of ​​how to make a Chimbarongo lamp from an old plastic bottle, decorating it with wicker

Exhibition in Milan 2014. LampsSlovenian designer Nika Zupanc designed a collection of accessories for London brand Se, including table lamps with a touch of futurism

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Eindhoven Academy graduates – Wassink and Pesach glued expressive lamps from used glassware found at a flea market. By filling the space between layers of glass with colored resin, they created lampshades that emit soft colored light.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Tom Dixon presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan the Plane series of luminaires, combining shiny geometric brass planes with spherical shades

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Chimbarongo Lamps project was developed by artisans from Colombia who made lamps by interweaving plastic strips with natural rods in a natural sand color.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Italian design duo Formafantasma has created a collection of interior accessories, decorating them with fragments of lava mined at the foot of Mount Etna

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The lamps from the Finnish brand Iittala – the spherical Kuukuna, designed by Oiva Toikka, and the egg-yellow Nappula Candelabra from Matti Klenell are distinguished by their conciseness and simplicity.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop invented paper lamps and leather vases, creating a project that now provides 80 Indian families with jobs – they glue products together, receiving leather and paper from Amsterdam in a regular envelope

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The shape of the Leimu table lamp by Norwegian designer Magnus Pettersen is simple, recognizable and reminiscent of a glass

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps The Dutch graphic artist Escher, in particular, his work with optical illusions, prompted the creation of a similar design for the lamps of the Studio Note artists.

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps For the Danish brand Georg Jensen, Dutch designer Aldo Bakker has created a set of stainless steel cookware reminiscent of mercury drops

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created a series of tableware inspired by ancient Roman architecture and antique pottery

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Tokyo designer Jun Murakoshi brought a collection of vases called Bloom to Milan. Multicolored threads, fixed in incisions along the upper edge of the glassware, create a delicate geometric pattern in the center of the vessel, which decorates the vase and serves to fix the flower stems

Exhibition in Milan 2014. Lamps Dutch studio Thier&VanDaalen and glassblower Marc Barreda wowed audiences at the 2014 Milan furniture fair with a strange glass vase that adapted its teardrop shape to fit a wooden frame

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