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It’s amazing how quickly you get used to good things. It would seem that until quite recently our parents considered it a great success if they managed to get a color TV or a hefty radio tape recorder with controls the size of a hockey puck. Today these bulky monsters are quietly living out their “semiconductor” age at the dachas … And we cannot imagine a TV or tape recorder without a remote control. But what to say, if suddenly the remote control disappeared somewhere, we rush about without it, as if without hands…

No, though. You won’t surprise anyone with the remote control. Today there are such miracles of technology, which a couple of decades ago did not even suspect: the latest wiring devices, about which we can safely say – “technology on the verge of fantasy.” Believe me, this is not an exaggeration.

Let’s start with the simplest. It would seem, how else can you upgrade such simple things as a socket or a switch? It turns out you can. For example, there is such a system: after entering a long corridor, turn on the light with a switch located next to the entrance, and turn it off with another, at the other end of the corridor. When leaving, do this procedure in reverse order. Very comfortably. Firstly, you don’t need to go back and forth, and secondly, you don’t need to walk in a dark corridor (this is especially true when it comes to office space).

Another very useful invention: instead of ordinary sockets that attract babies like a magnet, it is better to install sockets with protective curtains in the nursery. The safety shutters can only be unlocked by the plug. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to unplug the plug. These problems will not be if you install an outlet with an “ear”. Click on the “ear” – and the plug itself jumps out of the socket.

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A socket with an “eyelet” allows you to effortlessly pull out the tightest plug

In addition, it makes sense to install overvoltage-protected sockets at home or in the office, which will reliably protect your expensive and complex equipment from unpleasant surprises. I also really liked the wonderful gadgets that dim the light in the room: from a muted night light to a festive glow. Remember: this device is called a dimmer (dimmer).

But the wonders of electrical engineering do not end there. Today there is another simple device – a timer, which will save you from the need to control the blinds or roller shutters with your own hands. You just need to ask him the “opening-closing” time, and he will take care of the rest himself. Moreover, there is even a timer with an “astroprogram”. He “knows” the exact times of sunrise and sunset for each day of the year. If you are going on vacation or business trip, the timer will simulate your presence. He will regularly turn on and off the light, and every day at different times.

All electrics in the house can be switched on using the remote control

Or, for example, after a hard day’s work, when there is no strength even to press the switch, room motion sensors will “work” for you. They operate simply: as soon as you enter a room, hallway, hallway, bathroom or toilet, the light automatically turns on. Exit – also automatically turns off. In addition, there is an outdoor motion sensor. As soon as you enter the site next to the summer cottage or country house, the light turns on. And at night, the motion sensor will detect a “stranger” in the garden and give a danger signal, working in the alarm mode.

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But perhaps the most remarkable thing is that all these wisdom can be controlled like a TV from the remote control. There are two systems. One – on infrared rays, works indoors within sight. The other – radio-controlled – expands the coverage area up to 300 m.It is enough to press the remote control button and, without leaving the room, open the garage door or turn on the lighting around the house.

Now, perhaps the most important question remains: who invented all this so wonderfully and where to buy it? These and other miraculous devices are made by Busch-Jaeger, Germany, which is part of ABB. In our country, these products are represented by TFS Holding, which includes a central management company, a network of salons in Moscow and regional offices. By the way, we learned that the buildings of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council and the Moscow City Hall are equipped with electrical equipment from the TFS Group..

Switch of the “Impulse” series will not go unnoticed in the dark

An important point: the electrical products of the ABB concern and, in particular, the Bush-Yeger firm are designed for people of different incomes. The products are produced in several series of various styles and designs. For example, the Reflex SI series – bright saturated colors with a shiny surface. Switches of the Alpha nea series are so elegant that they can be considered as a separate element of the interior. They are sure to emphasize the elegant style of your home or the severity and formality of your office. The Impuls series is the most modern and high-class product in the Bush-Yeger collection. The switch of this series performs the function of a continuously glowing night light due to the soft illumination around the button.

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Moreover, all switches and sockets are made of a material that is very resistant to impacts and scratches – polycarbonate. In addition, the switches of each series are prefabricated. They consist of a mechanism, a key and a frame. This is very convenient: if you have changed the interior of the house, you do not need to completely change all the devices – replace only the outer part by choosing the appropriate color for the key and frame. All switches are rated for at least 40,000 on and off operations. And this, by the way, is 25 years of shock work! All products of the “Busch-Yeger” company comply with the world standard ISO 9001, and are also certified in Russia.

Natalia Ilyinskaya

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