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There are many requirements for automatic systems for home, office and production. Reliability. Quality. Functionality. Design … Automation of the international company NICE, one of the three leading global manufacturers of automatic systems, meets all the above requirements. Those who have been working with NICE for a long time are ready to confirm this..

What are the advantages of NICE automation?

Vladimir Chemakin (Master-SV, Moscow):

– We have been working with NICE for a long time, and among the main advantages of automation we can mention reliability and manufacturability. The durability of the systems is due to the fact that the mechanisms are made of high-quality materials using advanced technologies.

Konstantin Volfovsky (Rollstandard, St. Petersburg):

“The technologies used by NICE significantly reduce installation time and virtually eliminate errors. So, thanks to the BlueBus system, all the photocells can be connected using just two wires, while observing the polarity is not necessary at all.

Alexey Laguta (Toristroy, Moscow):

“The new NICE systems are easy to program with a simple algorithm in just a few steps. It is also not difficult to change the settings. The client always gets exactly what he needs.

Dmitry Khromtsov (Correct Plus, Arkhangelsk):

– New NICE control units independently indicate possible malfunctions in the automation. We do not waste time on troubleshooting – we fix it immediately.

Potential power outages are no longer a problem for NICE automation – a number of models provide for the use of batteries.

Sergey Nazarov (IE Nazarov S.V., Slavyansk-on-Kuban):

– We like the look of the systems. Not only motors and barriers, but also all accessories from NICE are distinguished by a beautiful and modern design. .

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Do systems differ from NICE in “endurance”?

Alexander Lyubimov (Dorservice, Surgut):

– NICE automation is ideal for our region. Systems adapt to harsh climates and operate flawlessly at low temperatures. The barriers and other NICE automatics installed by us work in all weather conditions.

How convenient is cooperation with the exclusive supplier and distributor of NICE – the Alutech company?

Ilya Sukhoparov (OOO Aluminum Systems, Krasnodar):

– Alutech is the market leader in roller shutter systems and one of the leading manufacturers of sectional doors and extruded aluminum profiles. Collaborating with a market leader is not only a matter of prestige. This is the real benefit from better working conditions..

Impressive efficiency of deliveries, constant availability of finished products and spare parts in stock, impeccable warranty and post-warranty service. Sometimes the company even provides us with new equipment for a while to replace the broken one. Alutech has excellent service.

Vladimir Dolbnya (Pacific Window Company, Vladivostok):

– With Alutech, you can clearly plan your work. This is a very reliable and responsible partner. Despite the fact that our region is one of the most remote from the center of Russia, Alutech always promptly and on time supplies products and spare parts. This allows us, in turn, to clearly fulfill our obligations to other partners and end users..

Denis Zubko (Roltech, Murmansk):

– The Alutech company actively supports its partners. My employees attend training seminars that Alutech regularly conducts for them, and I am confident in the level of their training.

We know that we can always contact Alutech for help, and the specialists of this company will provide the necessary support.

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What new products from NICE can you note and what are the prospects for the automation market?

Denis Prokopenko (Euroosnaschenie LLC, St. Petersburg):

– The market of automatic systems is one of the most dynamically growing ones. I am sure that NICE is a success and takes a leading position among competitors, first of all, due to extraordinary technological and design solutions. With NICE we develop, we get PROFIT, we have PROSPECTS, we maintain our PRESTIGE. What else is needed for effective business?

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