5 materials for a wood-effect kitchen apron

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Many people love natural wood in decoration. Its texture and colors are really very beautiful, they look noble. The problem is that a tree is worth a lot! Therefore, it is often imitated. Our tips site will tell you what materials you can use to design a wood-look kitchen apron.

5 materials for a wood-effect kitchen apron


Yes, ordinary plastic can also quite successfully imitate the texture and shade of natural wood. In his article about interesting ideas for decorating a kitchen apron, Our website sovetov.ru did not write about PVC panels. We admit that this option, albeit cheap, affordable, easy to install, is unpopular..

There are several reasons for this: the plastic should not be installed directly on the hob or stove, it will get very hot and may begin to emit an unpleasant odor. In addition, PVC panels can be easily damaged, for example, with a knife, or other hard objects, of which there are many in the kitchen. But plastic is absolutely not afraid of moisture.

Kitchen apron made of PVC panels

Kitchen apron made of PVC panels


The flooring can also be easily moved to the wall, decorating the work area in the kitchen. Laminate is easy to clean, lasts long enough, there is a large selection of textures and shades of natural wood, is mounted quickly, you can handle it yourself. However, high temperatures and moisture can negatively affect the condition of the laminate, so it can hardly be called the ideal choice for a kitchen apron..

Laminate kitchen apron

Laminate kitchen apron

Laminate on a cochon apron


Perfectly imitates natural wood, is easy to install, withstands moisture, does not swell. Laminated MDF boards are easy to wash from grease and dirt, the apron will look beautiful, but still will not last for many years, after 5-7 years you will have to change.

Kitchen apron made of MDF

Kitchen apron made of MDF

Ceramic tile

Classic, the most popular and demanded material for kitchen aprons. Resistant, durable, easy to clean, tiles can look like natural wood. By the way, in general, imitation tiles, for example, brickwork, metal or leather, are in trend today. The only drawback of ceramic tiles is a rather complicated installation process. As for the price, wood imitation tiles will cost a little more than simple budget options..

Wood effect ceramic tiles

Kitchen apron made of ceramic tiles for wood


Siding made of galvanized steel can faithfully imitate wood. Of course, upon closer examination, it will become clear that this is not a bar, a log or a cut of a trunk at all, but metal. But the same can be said about all the imitations we have listed. Metal is perfect for a kitchen apron due to its strength, durability, resistance to damage, moisture, high temperatures. And if the metal surface is also masked, turning it into a semblance of natural wood, then the effect will be excellent.

Metal siding for wood

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